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May 09, 2018 Rev. Mrs Bosun Adegoyega
TOPIC: REBUILDING THE BROKEN WALL IS EVERYBODY’S BUSINESS TEXT: NEHEMIAH 3: 5 The third chapter of the book of Nehemiah is very important because it gives a record of the builders of the wall and the roles played by each of them. Verse 5 stands out and it is worth paying attention to as it points out a group of people who refused to work. It is important for us to remember that God is keeping record of all we do or fail to do in His Vineyard. Everyone has a role to play in the house of God and one can afford to be idle. 1. Who are the nobles either by Bible standard or today’s standard? 2. What could possibly be the reasons for these nobles’ refusal to work? 3. Why do some people shy away from getting involved in serving in the church? 4. How can we encourage such people to join? 1 Thessalonians 5:11,14; Hebrews 10:24; 5. What are the specific names you can call the problem in Nehemiah 3:5? 6. What are the benefits of serving in the Lord’s vineyard? 1 Corinthian15:58, Proverbs 11:25; 7. What should be our response to those who do not serve? 1 Samuel 14:6; Colossians 3:23, Ecclesiastes 9:10, Galatians 6:9 Read the following passages- 2 Timothy 2:15; Romans 12:11; Conclusion- In any group or organization, there are bound to be dissenting voices. No matter their status or level of influence, you should not allow them to discourage you from working for the lord. Remember, ‘’your labour in the Lord is not in vain.’’
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