There is Still Hope for Nigeria

February 10, 2019
There is Still Hope for Nigeria
There is Still Hope for Nigeria
Feb 10, 2019
Rev. Dr. Olusegun Adeleke
Sermon preached during the Worship Service
Show Notes

There is no doubt that God loves Nigeria. Events over the years can attest to this truth. God has always showed up every time Nigeria gets to a critical junction as we are in this season of election. I do believe God that He will show up for us again this time around.

May the Lord rend the heavens and come down to Nigeria before, during and after the February and March elections. May the counsel of the Lord prevail again in our land. May we rejoice at the end of it all.


For us to experience divine intervention in our Nation, we need to pay attention to the following imperatives:

1.    We Must Return To God - Zech. 1:1-6; 2 Chr.7:14.

As a nation, we have wandered away from God.

The challenge of corruption, kidnapping, assassination, and all forms of decay in our land attests to this.

The way out is for us to return to the Lord.

Once we do this, God has promised that He would return to us - V.3.

May the Lord return to Nigeria.

May the Lord return to the church in Nigeria.

Interestingly, God is not waiting for the unbelievers to lead the way in our returning to Him. Rather, He has placed that responsibility on the church

 - 2 Chr.7:13-14.


2.           We Must Intercede For Our Land - Zech. 1: 12 – 

       13; Ezek.  22:30; 36:37.

Appropriate intercession is required for all God’s promises to become performance.

In other words, whenever God gives you a promise, you must engage in serious prayers for you to see the promise come to fruition.

Put differently, God’s promise in your life would not come to pass until you consistently pray for its fulfilment - 1 Kg. 18:1, 41-45; 1:18.

This is the time for us to earnestly pray for our Nation.

This is not the time to be partisan; neither is it a time to complaint and murmur but to avoid all untoward attitudes.

3.          We Must Believe The Word Of The Lord - Zech. 1:14-17.

God’s word will never return without accomplishing the purpose to which God sent it. Once has God spoken and twice we have heard that power belongs to God.

It is not over yet for Nigeria. God has promised to return to Nigeria.

He promised to return to Nigeria with mercy and His house would be built - V.16.

He promised that His “towns will again overflow with prosperity, and He will again comfort Zion - Zech. 1:17.

4.          We Must Trust The Lord To Deal With The Troublers Of Nigeria -    

     Zech. 1:18-21; 1 Thess. 1:6-7.

There is no doubt that apart from Satan, there are some powers that are troubling Nigeria - V.

Until these powers are dismantled and disabled, Nigeria may not move forward and enjoy all that God has freely given to her.


May the Lord terrify and throw down every horn troubling Nigeria in Jesus Name - V.18-21.


5.       We Must Trust God To Help Us Choose The Right People -

            Psa. 32:8; Zech. 1: 18-21b.

There are some powers troubling our Nation, and such powers are the ones terrorizing Nigeria and not allowing us lift up our heads - V21.

These powers are not just spiritual, they have their human channels through whom they carry out their evil work in the land.

It is my prayer that Nigerians would be wise and discerning as we go to the polls this Saturday and in subsequent elections.

May none of us vote for the “horns that scatter” Nigeria and that would not allow people to raise their heads - V.21.


We are all encouraged to go out and cast our votes this weekend.

We should all go out and vote peacefully and objectively.

Let us go and


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