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WS1938 Marketing Basics For Commercial Real Estate Firms | Highlights Kimberly Zar Bloorian

February 10, 2024 Whitney Sewell Episode 1938
The Real Estate Syndication Show
WS1938 Marketing Basics For Commercial Real Estate Firms | Highlights Kimberly Zar Bloorian
Show Notes

In today's episode, we've compiled some insightful highlights on marketing strategies in the commercial real estate space.

Our guest today is Kimberly Zar Bloorian, a marketing expert who delves into why commercial real estate companies are often slow to adopt new marketing strategies and emphasizes the importance of building visibility in the digital age. We discuss the significance of relationships in the industry and how digital marketing can complement and enhance these connections.

We also explore the concept of untapped business potential and the importance of consistent marketing efforts, even when direct results aren't immediately apparent. Our guest advises on maintaining marketing momentum during economic downturns and the importance of adapting strategies to current market conditions.

For those looking to enhance their marketing efforts, we cover practical tips on building a robust email list, establishing a social media presence, and the value of personal branding on platforms like LinkedIn and Instagram. We discuss the nuances of content creation, including the ideal length for videos on different platforms and the importance of a call to action in every post.

She also shares insights on how to effectively represent a company's brand through individual team members and the benefits of working with a marketing agency versus hiring an in-house marketing manager.

To wrap up, we touch on the importance of attending conferences, not just for networking but also for content creation and follow-up strategies to maximize the impact of your presence at these events.

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