Sloanies Talking with Sloanies

A conversation with Ohad Tzur, MBA ‘12

November 10, 2022 Sloanies Talking with Sloanies - Ohad Tzur
Sloanies Talking with Sloanies
A conversation with Ohad Tzur, MBA ‘12
Show Notes

Ohad Tzur, MBA ’12, joins Christopher Reichert, MOT ’04, to talk about his startup Kahoona ( which is dedicated to helping individuals and companies traverse the disruptive online changes for online privacy and data mining.

Ohad talks about growing up in Israel, the transformational experiences of serving in the Israeli Defense Force, working at Google and learning to manage and embrace the sometimes-overwhelming opportunities at Sloan, in particular Action Learning.

Ohad closes with some great tips for prospective students on the power of the community of your classmates, and how to prioritize your experience while at Sloan.

Ohad can be reached on LinkedIn ( and welcomes talking with alumni, prospective students, and anyone interested in online privacy and the new economic models being created that will reshape the Internet as we know it.

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