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A Taste of General Mills
19 - Let's celebrate cereal!
March 06, 2017 General Mills
Another National Cereal Day is here, so it's a perfect time to dedicate an episode of our show to one of the world's favorite foods. Meet Adam Naide, who says he typically has at least 35 cereal boxes in his kitchen (:00). Cereal also can be a great backdrop for a party, so we'll have some ideas from a creative party planner (3:55). Cereal is big at breakfast and throughout the day, find out why from an analyst with The NPD Group (6:50). Also, the invention that changed cereal production forever (13:15). Plus, we tap into the expertise of two people who play a big role in making cereal at General Mills, and also talk with them about cereal shapes (14:20). And there are many ways to eat cereal - some like it crunchy, some prefer soggy - but is there a right way? (23:50). For more information, visit us at blog.generalmills.com.
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