Accidental entrepreneur with Cubicle to CEO’s Ellen Yin

June 08, 2022 Ruby Lee Episode 252
Accidental entrepreneur with Cubicle to CEO’s Ellen Yin
Show Notes

My guest today is self proclaimed “accidental entrepreneur”, Ellen Yin and I know you’re going to LOVE this episode as we dive into her courageous entrepreneurial journey, thinking outside the box, and the power of following your intuition to create your own path in life and business. 

Ellen is the Founder and podcast host of Cubicle to CEO. She is on a powerful mission to make mentoring more accessible to the masses so that all women can pursue what’s possible for them. Having previously focussed largely on course creation, Ellen has recently revamped Cubicle to CEO to become a media company that bridges the gap for entrepreneurs who grew up not having role models for the life they envision for themselves. 

How amazing does that sound?! 

In this episode, we scrape the surface of Ellen’s inspiring journey and she shares the unconventional path she took into entrepreneurship, including leaving a prestigious college and quitting her corporate job without a backup plan. Ellen shares so many beautiful insights and pearls of wisdom from her journey, exemplifying her inherent intuitive connection and spiritual awareness. 

Even though Ellen forged an unconventional path, she also took many considered steps along the way that enabled her to take risks and courageously follow her intuition. Often we look at people who left corporate to pursue their dreams and it seems reckless, so Ellen shares some sage advice in this space. 

We talk about following your heart, and how passion and purpose aren’t something you find, but rather a journey of discovering along the way and eliminating what you don’t like. Ellen shares the importance of refueling your creative energy outside your business and shares her powerful intention of being a good steward of her time, treasure, and talents.

You’re going to get SO much out of this conversation with Ellen Yin. She is an inspiration and a true soul connection. 


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