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Human Rights through Art and Questioning Everything with Sandy AbdelRahman

November 04, 2020 Heidi Fisher Season 3 Episode 9
Make An Impact Podcast
Human Rights through Art and Questioning Everything with Sandy AbdelRahman
Show Notes

There's a lot of anger about asking questions or fear of being 'cancelled' nowadays. Yet how are you going to educate an 11 or 15 year old about their human rights if they can't or don't ask searching questions?

Sandy AbdelRahman is the co-founder of Skaped, a platform which encourages young people to engage with their human rights through the creative arts including drama, writing and more.  An activist since the age of 19, Sandy describes why art is such an effective tool for engagement and why it's vital our young people are taught to question everything.

She also covers the pros and cons of creating its impact as a charity or social enterprise, how talking about lived and personal experiences helps young people to open up,  how Black Lives Matter impacts on Skaped's work, and addressing discrimination and expectations.


  • 1:00 What is Skaped and how does it run in practice?
  • 2:31 Skaped's sessions are fun, creative and don't use impenetrable legal language
  • 3:00 Sandy's background and how it gave her the idea for Skaped
  • 4:35 Why art is so effective
  • 5:09 Skaped is registering as a charity and Sandy describes this process
  • 7:15 Its programmes include gender equality and cancelling culture, delivered online and available globally
  • 10:00 Young people do care
  • 12:45 Will Skaped extend the age-range of people it works with?
  • 13:55 How Black Lives Matter impacts on the work Skaped does
  • 15:50 Activism and campaigning: priorities and dealing with loneliness
  • 18:15 What's been the hardest part of Sandy's journey?
  • 20:50 Finding out more about Skaped's work

What next?

  • Skaped
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