It Can Happen 2 U

Sheila Preston Fitzgerald

April 08, 2020 Reid & Beth Season 2 Episode 5
It Can Happen 2 U
Sheila Preston Fitzgerald
Show Notes

The Ridge - 333 54th Ave North, Nashville TN 37029
Catering: 615-385-7800

Beth Besch EXP Realty - 615-533-3876

Kim Tomkins Hair and Color Salon- 615-967-7852
 Robinson Drive, Smyrna Tennessee

CYEC- Creative Youth Enrichment Center
  Owners: Cynthia Gale and Tonya Bryson
7301 Old Harding Pike, Nashville TN 37221

An inspiring woman, Sheila Preston Fitzgerald has shown Grace and Strength in hard times. She had a motorcycle accident 8 and half years ago, and lives to tell the miraculous story. Sheila shares her story about her motorcycle accident, the recovery she went through and how she faced the challenge head on. We thank Ms. Sheila for coming on and sharing her story, it is truly a blessing to have had her on!

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