Wonder Outside

The Paradigm of Survival and Ghosts with Enrico Colantoni

June 03, 2020 Season 1 Episode 5
Wonder Outside
The Paradigm of Survival and Ghosts with Enrico Colantoni
Show Notes

Enrico Colantoni is back for the second half of our conversation in episode five. If you like ghost stories then look no further! We'll touch on some of the rather spooky and unexplainable events that occurred in the mountains in the Lake Arrowhead area of Southern California.

But since I get scared easily by ghost stories we'll turn our attention to other topics including Canada, hockey and planting potatoes based on the cycles of the moon. One of the more poignant moments comes when Rico talks about his father and that his father had a connection to the earth and the moon - the environment. Rico's father didn't realize this dormant urge to be part of his surroundings again until he retired from his work in Toronto and moved back his native Italy.

This contributes to one of the dominant themes of my conversation with Rico: how we can get trapped in a paradigm of survival. How we become sucked into a vortex that limits our ability to see more important things such as meditating under a tree or appreciating the outdoors as real and necessary.

Finally, we'll have some fun with the 'Where in the World are You?' and 'What in the World Would You Do?' games.

In our 3x3 Main Street Challenge we'll head to Flagstaff, Arizona and visit the good people at the Wanderlust Brewery and Flagstaff Climbing right there on Main Street in Flagstaff.

 Just 15 minutes from there is Walnut Canyon National Monument and a short 84 miles away is one of the seven wonders of the world also known as the Grand Canyon.

 In Where Art Meets Nature with DJ Shark we'll talk about one of the most important songs I've ever heard or will ever hear about our environment. It's time to look at Joni Mitchell's, Big Yellow Taxi. Here are the lyrics and a concert video to one of the most iconic and brilliant songs of the last 50 years by a true genius.

 In There's No Planet B we re-visit the Amazon rainforest in both Brazil and Peru. 
Chevron lost a major court case more than once BUT STILL HASN'T PAID THEIR FINES OR CLEANED UP THEIR MESS. Attorney Steven Donzinger is currently under a house arrest on a charge so ludicrous that any rational human would throw it out of court. But since it was manufactured by Chevron who has a oil-friendly judge in New York city, Donzinger continues to be unjustly restricted. The President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro is doing everything in his power to intimidate, invade and otherwise destroy the Amazon rainforest and the indigenous peoples who live there and have a guaranteed right to that land.

There is a lot of fascinating evidence here and I encourage you to dive in. Steven Donzinger's story is here: https://theintercept.com/2020/01/29/chevron-ecuador-lawsuit-steven-donziger/

His website and legal defense fund that could use your attention is here: https://www.donzigerdefense.com/

 A great summary of just how obscene a crime Chevron has gotten away with so far to the detriment of both the rainforest and the lives of real people who live there and continue to suffer from their crimes of which they were convicted.https://www.makechevroncleanup.com/

A long record of President Bolsonaro's violations exists. 


And much more is here for you on the only variety show for nature and adventure.