Wonder Outside

The Blues as Lens to the Outdoors with Mike Mattison

November 10, 2021 Ted Mattison Season 2 Episode 16
Wonder Outside
The Blues as Lens to the Outdoors with Mike Mattison
Show Notes

Anything you see. Anything you hear.

Mike Mattison, the two-time Grammy award winning singer, songwriter for the Tedeschi Trucks Band and the Derek Trucks Band knows the blues.  As a singer, composer, author and student of blues music Mike guides us along the many routes in which the blues meets the outdoors. 

The effect of the blues and how it's been impacted by the landscape has been profound. Mike says that the honesty of the blues is what makes us ourselves. And that anyone with an understanding of that, with humility, can come to the blues. Mike talks about growing up in the extreme seasons of Minnesota. He remembers playing hockey where games weren't cancelled until the temps reached 15 below zero. But he appreciates it and how our parents and friends were simply in it, even embraced it, without much complaint.

The Lake Was Our Playground. Michael also remembers how our time outdoors, especially on Lake Vermilion in northern Minnesota was foundational in his childhood. From exploring the lake in the motor boat as a child to seeing bald eagles and osprety to this day, he continues to share the extraordinary experiences of this landscape today with his family.
Finally, Micheal and Eric Suarez have written a book that comes out in mid-November. It's called Poetic Song Verse, Blues Based Popular Music and Poetry.


This new segment is designed to inspire YOU to get out there and try one new thing in the outdoors. This episode I talk with Larry Clark about health, hiking, biking and his one new thing. Larry is a talented actor, writer and director and his show Bitter Homes and Gardens created by he and his wife Fielding Edlow is available on YouTube.

In Greenwood, on Main Street are two wonderful restaurants, Fan and Johnny's and Tasty Sipz where you can eat anything from hot wings to Fried Alligator Comeback. 3 minutes from there is an unnamed park along the Yalobusha River which is part of the greater Yazoo and Mississippi River Delta. 31 miles away is the Tallatchie National Wildlife Refuge, a critical stopping point for migratory birds.  Less than 3 hours away, 116 miles is the Bienville National Forest with large expansive woods and waterways for boating, fishing and camping.

DJ Shark is back and we discuss the song Nutbush City Limits by Ike and Tina Turner. This little town in Tennessee is where Tina Turner grew up and this song dovetails perfectly with our wonder guide's reflections on the blues and the history of the south. 

There's No Planet B. Steven Donziger is a federal prison as we speak. This gross miscarriage of justice must be overturned. Please go to the Free Donziger website to learn about this case and take action.