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Money Strategies with Debbie
Mortgage Market and Increasing Your Credit Score
July 30, 2018 Debbie Bloyd
Is your personal financial life in balance? When's the last time you took a look at your mortgage, health insurance, life insurance, retirement plans and estate plans as a whole picture? Host Jordan Goodman talks with financial advisor and Radio show host Debbie Bloyd about what she sees as the hot topics for sound personal finance. Bloyd and Goodman discuss tips for first time home buyers for getting a mortgage and buying a house in a seller's market, getting the right life insurance coverage with a mix of term and cash value policies, getting the right kind of health insurance and how to cut premiums and expand coverage through medical sharing programs, why you still need to do estate planning, why flipping houses for profit is not as easy as TV makes it look, when it makes sense to take out a reverse mortgage, and how to plan for retirement using Debbie's three bucket system.
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