Armstrong "In The Loop Podcast"

Family Guidance

March 18, 2022 Armstrong Season 4 Episode 8
Armstrong "In The Loop Podcast"
Family Guidance
Show Notes

This week's episode features an organization that may seem new or unheard of to many but has been around for several years, Family Guidance. Sami Bartek, Director of Communications and Strategic Partnerships, joins us to share the full story of Family Guidance and what they do in the community.

We start off with getting to know Sami and the backstory of Family Guidance. We learn about the One2One Mentoring program and their Promise Camp held each summer in Clinton, PA. Sami explains the One2One Mentoring program and how successful their program is for children in this region. Their success stories are quite amazing and just shows that if people are willing to help & volunteer their time, this program can help those in need. We spend time learning about the 6 week Promise Camp that helps to give children an opportunity that they wouldn't receive if it wasn't for Family Guidance. We go thru a typical day/week for the kids and learn that the camp is available to rent during the offseason.

How can people get involved:
-Be a Mentor
-Work at camp in the summer
-Renting Promise Camp
-Done in a day projects- Volunteer opportunities for groups and organizations to help with projects at the camp. Examples are beautification projects by planting flowers and landscaping or painting/cleaning up the camp sites
-Promise Camp collection drive- Every spring Family Guidance starts to collect items that children might not have or bring to camp such as shoes, shirts, towels, etc. Full list is available on the Family Guidance website

For more information on Family Guidance:
- Website:
-Promise Camp Instagram:
-Or email Sami Bartek: