Armstrong "In The Loop Podcast"

Parents In Toto "Toto-Thon 2022"

September 09, 2022 Armstrong Season 4 Episode 17
Armstrong "In The Loop Podcast"
Parents In Toto "Toto-Thon 2022"
Show Notes

This week's episode features one of our favorite local organizations, Parents In Toto Community Resource Center. We were honored to be joined by Megan Shane, Outreach Manager and Program Manager for the Empowering Moms program.

Megan spent time giving a brief overview of Parents In Toto since we haven't had them on in over two years. We then moved onto talking about their biggest fundraising event, Toto-Thon 2022. Their theme this year is "Won't You Be Our Neighbor?" 
Stay tuned after this episode to hear KDKA-TV Meteorologist, Ray Petelin, talk more about the event and join him at Toto-Thon on Friday, October 7th, at the Discovery Christian Church in Mars, PA from 6:30 PM- 9:30 PM.
For more information or to purchase tickets:

We talk to Megan to learn more about the more recent program that has been offered at Parents In Toto, Empowering Moms Program. This program has been Megan's passion project and you can hear all about what this program is doing for mothers across the region. If you or anyone you know might be able to take advantage of the Empowering Moms Program, please check out this website for more information:

We finish with talking about all the exciting projects and programs the organization has been working on for 2022 & soon to be 2023! 

For more information on Parents In Toto:
Phone: 724-473-0990

Special Thanks to Megan Shane for joining us and also for providing the fun promotional clip at the end of the show!