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Adventures in Training with a Purpose

January 10, 2022 Armstrong Season 4 Episode 1
Armstrong "In The Loop Podcast"
Adventures in Training with a Purpose
Show Notes

Welcome to our 4th Season of Armstrong In The Loop Podcast. After a few weeks off to end 2021, we have a fantastic episode to kick-off 2022.

This week's episode features Adventures in Training with a Purpose and we're honored to have Caleb & Sarah Kolb as our guests. We start off in the episode to learn about what is ATP, how ATP was started, the different programs offered, and much more.

Adventures in Training with a Purpose has a wonderful mission.  Adventures in Training with a Purpose (ATP) was created to confront health and movement-related issues in vulnerable populations who no longer have the benefit of paid rehabilitation.  ATP is a nonprofit 501c(3) organization with the stated mission of working towards a world where no one is held prisoner to his/her health-related limitations. The first word - Adventure, is intended to encourage participants to embark on an adventure that has no guarantees, but holds the promise that it will be challenging and meaningful. Training is the vessel builds an individual's armor and moves them towards the goal that will combine to create a fulfilling Purpose in life.

We spend a long portion of the show learning about the programs offered for Veterans and first responders. Aurelius, a specialized division of ATP, helps to train Veterans, First Responders, and Active Duty Military to overcome psychological & physical obstacles as well as strengthen their resiliency; while gorging their path to peak performance. Hear all about the amazing things ATP is doing for those that have risked their lives for all of us.

We end the episode by learning more about Caleb & Sarah's story as ATP brought them together and they were married in a spectacular fashion. Hear all about how & where they got married!

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Special Thanks to Caleb, Sarah and the rest of the staff at Adventures in Training with a Purpose!