Not Well

Sprained Ankles and Anti-Sodomy Laws: A Hilarious Night Out with Bobby and Jim

January 25, 2023 Bobby, Jim & Friends Episode 183
Not Well
Sprained Ankles and Anti-Sodomy Laws: A Hilarious Night Out with Bobby and Jim
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Show Notes

In this episode of "Not Well" with Bobby & Jim, Jim brings up the topic of judging others and feeling uncomfortable with certain things. He mentions feeling judgey about circuit gays, but also recognizes that he is exhausted and fed up with them. He also shares his concern about people who are in their late 20s and still living with roommates. He wonders at what age they will be able to afford to live alone and if their roommates will end up becoming their life partners. Bobby reminds the listeners and Jim that not everyone can afford to live alone and they should be considerate of that. Bobby also brings up a topic of a recent death of a friend and how it has affected him, he also mentions that he is dedicating his life to this friend. He also brings up the topic of edibles and how they are kicking in and making it hard for him to speak.

They also talk  about the issue of anti-sodomy laws and how lawmakers are trying to bring them back. He finds it funny that straight people are so obsessed with gay people's sex lives and wants to make it illegal, but also wants to know what goes on in their bedrooms. He points out that being gay doesn't always mean that one likes anal sex. He also mentions the situation where his mother sprained her ankle on the first night of her visit and how it changed their plans for the night. They ended up ordering Shake Shack and Ben and Jerry's from CVS, and Bobby made her watch Drag Race, but she was not impressed. Bobby also mentions that he finds the current season of Drag Race to be rushed and not as good as it started off.

Additionally, Bobby mentions an incident at a restaurant where he and jim were checking out their waiter and Bobby's mother asked if Bobby ever notice hot girls. Bobby and Jim admitted that they don't really look at hot girls, which led to an interesting conversation about attraction and dating preferences. Bobby also mentions that he used to date girls in the past, but he is fully gay now. He recalls an awkward prom photo pose and how uncomfortable he felt during dances in high school. He also mentions his grandfather asking him if he likes girls and if he's ever had a girlfriend before. Bobby also talks about how he's a math business lesbian and how he looks like a lesbian math teacher and completely owns it. 

Instead of using a middleman to communicate, Jim also encourages individuals to speak directly with their friends or coworkers. Bobby emphasizes the need for authenticity and honesty in both your friends and foes. Don't even get them started on the weather and forecasts, that's such a waste of time.

 This episode is a relatable and thought-provoking conversation that will make you laugh and think. You will also probably look at your life choices and think, what have i just done with the last hour of my life. You're Welcome. 

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