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189: Connect Students From School Campuses To Student Ministry: Matt Swifty Perry

October 31, 2019 Episode 189
Youth Ministry Booster Podcast
189: Connect Students From School Campuses To Student Ministry: Matt Swifty Perry
Youth Ministry Booster Podcast
189: Connect Students From School Campuses To Student Ministry: Matt Swifty Perry
Oct 31, 2019 Episode 189
Youth Ministry Booster
Learn how to connect students at schools with your church youth ministry from a leading expert
Show Notes

Hey-oh! It's time to talk about the important work of connecting with students just outside your door!

At Youth Ministry Booster, we believe that there is really important student ministry work to be done just outside the walls of the church. Campus ministry in multiple forms is an invaluable asset to the ways in which students can become connected into the life of a church community. It will always look a little different everywhere, but one thing is always true, schools are full of students who need the gospel of Jesus! 

Learn more how you can connect and collaborate with youth ministers nationwide and in your neighborhood.

We wanted to talk with someone who is leading out and has learned a lot about it.

Meet Matthew Swifty Perry

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Show Notes:
The Story behind “Swifty” 
He really likes Taylor Swift, like he is a “fearless” Taylor Swift fan!

“You’ve known about God, but now know about me!” - Jesus

“I knew that God had called to me to church plant one, so I knew I needed to leave home to go learn what I didn’t know.”

“Sometimes you get interns because you go out and recruit them, other times you get them because they recruited themselves.”

“Don’t wait around to get asked, go and invite yourself to see how you can help and learn.” 

"What did you learn in the first 6 years. Serving."

Your chance to lead is when you pick a vacuum after the service. 

Learn how to serve without being asked. 

Leadership 101: taking the initiative to start serving. 

My job as a leader is to learn. I don’t want to be the smartest person in the room.

“Everyone has something to teach us.”

‘There is nothing I can plan that will have better production than what students can see on TV or game on their phone.” 

“My competition wasn’t another church but it was all of the activities of downtown San Diego: food, concerts, and bands.” 

“It has to be student-led.” 

“Campus ministry is encouraging and empowering students”

“We have 15,000 students within a 15 mile radius of our church.” 
“I don’t want to reach 10% of my church, I want to reach 10% of my schools.” 

“I don’t want to just reach my church people, I want to reach the people of my city.” 

3 Roadblocks To Developing On Campus Ministry: 

Roadblock 1: Staffing and Resources: 
Have a prayerful, written plan for your senior leaders.

Communicating the Vision of Campus Ministry To Senior Leadership 

Finding fresh volunteers Recruiting moms, college students without Wednesday classes

“School campus time of 30 minutes is the best way to connect with new students.” 

“We moved everything to Wednesdays. AM into PM, 8am-9pm on Wednesdays.” 

“When it comes to spending your time and their finances, have clear communication on the front end and not the back end.” 

Roadblock 2: Mobilizing The Students: What Comes Next? 
“How do you get the students excited?” 

“It was more important to have a club and a presence and be on campus 

“We have 7 churches that are ready to be a part of this thing together.” 

“Campus ministry can be good for the hype, how do we make it good for the church?” 

Roadblock 3: What Has This Done For The Student Ministry of Your Local Church?

“Don’t be afraid to partner with what they are doing!” 

4 Things We Want To Happen For Every St

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