Shutter Stories: A Canon Podcast on Photography, Filmmaking and Print
Venturing into VR: a 180º view into Canon’s newest lens
Venturing into VR: a 180º view into Canon’s newest lens 1:12:52 10 Years of Cinema EOS with Jimmy Chin and Meena Singh 1:29:21 The ethics of portrait photography, with Laura Bisgaard Krogh 56:15 International Print Day Special: the future of print 1:04:48 Revisiting an archive, with Chris Steele-Perkins 39:59 Canon EOS R3 - Your questions answered 1:03:27 New kit special: Canon EOS R3 & RF lenses 1:16:27 A Perfect Planet: behind the scenes with Sophie Darlington and Matt Aeberhard 48:21 Student special: Essential insights from photo industry pros 1:25:22 Fireworks! The music photography of Christie Goodwin 56:19 World Photography Day special: The origins of photography 1:22:29 Inside the mind of a picture editor, with Dagmar Seeland 57:06 Changing pace: The challenges of modern sports photography 1:01:23 “Nature at its most charged” - Storm chasing with Camille Seaman 55:22 The ethics of wildlife photography 1:03:32 World vs Camera - Photographers pushing their cameras to the limits 1:03:52 Trends in visual storytelling 1:00:38 Photographing a connected world with Jerome Gence: portraits of online life 1:03:11 Shooting guns: Gabriele Galimberti on photographing controversy 47:16 Has Covid-19 changed video production forever? 1:07:31 How pro photographers use competitions to get ahead 46:51 Streaming with Clive Booth 56:12 A changing landscape: the rise of climate-focused photography 55:18 Telling women’s stories through photography 44:38 Fashion Week: Access all areas with Paul Cunningham 42:11