Excuse My ADHD


April 07, 2020 Jeanette Season 1 Episode 18
Excuse My ADHD
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Show Notes

Don't get too excited I only marked it explicit because I got just a little free with my cursing I just didn't want to get in trouble with anyone.  

I just want to start and say that I am sorry I flaked on you guys for the last episode but I am making it up to you now.  I am posting this episode tonight and another one in 2 days so Wednesday night.  

I wasn't going to and didn't really want to make an episode about COVID-19 aka: Corona Virus but how could I not? It is affecting every aspect of our lives right now. You can't turn on the tv, radio, internet, without seeing or hearing a story about it. Most conversations we have are consumed with how our lives are and will be changed because of this. that I want to talk about is how we are coping and how everything that is going on affects us well at least how it is affecting me. This is a strange new world for all of us and for those of us with ADHD, how the hell are we managing our symptoms right now??  

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