Excuse My ADHD

Wellness with Karen Broda

May 22, 2021 Jeanette
Excuse My ADHD
Wellness with Karen Broda
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Show Notes

Listen as I chat with Karen Broda a Certified Personal Trainer & Wellness Coach for women with ADHD.  She helps clients fully become that 'healthy & fit' person they've dreamed of.  Her coaching is rooted in mindfulness and learning to 'get out of your head' so you can begin to master your own mind and physical body. This Canadian gal spends her spare time either camping or teaching & training circus!

Karen and I discuss the 6 fitness habits she lives by as well as discloses what she thinks the top 3 exercises are for women with ADHD.

Karen would love to hear what stuck out to you from the episode (or just send a 'Hello') email her at karenbrodacoaching@gmail.com

She's also on IG albeit taking a hiatus. You can still find her @Karen.Broda

You can also find her on Clubhouse

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