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Jim Baker

"Unity 101 Conversations. Where Community becomes Unity.Bollywood, Soul, RnB, Health, History, Celebrities, Artists, Neighbours, Friends. Listen and understand Asian, Black and Ethnic community. TAKE THE STEP BE UNITY."This site is developing, all of the material about 1919 remains available but Unity 101 Radio Station in Southampton, UK is going to give you a magazine that brings together: CULTURE: with conversations with Soul and RnB artists, Bollywood singers and actors, authors and artists from our Black, Asian and Ethnic Minority communities.HISTORY: Already the 1919 material has been a real success but now we will widen that to include short stories acknowledging those that are and those that should be recognised for their achievements. Conversations about moments and movements that our part of our history, coming from experts and from community members that simply want to say why someone matters to them.HEALTH: Not just the facts but how health affects people. Testimony from individuals, families and friends of those affected.BOUNDARIES; There are none. Except we are not intentionally political nor is religion part of the story we want to share about our communities. We know that in this world today almost everything is affected by politics and religion but we will not tell you how to think.EQUALITIES: We have a very clear position about discrimination, whether it is racism, sexism or any other form. We will not tolerate it.