Teaching Science In 3D

1 How We Got Started With The NGSS

August 14, 2019 Season 1 Episode 1
Teaching Science In 3D
1 How We Got Started With The NGSS
Show Notes

In the first episode of the Teaching Science in 3D podcast, Erin and Nicole discuss how they got started working with the NGSS as well as how they began collaborating.   They discuss some of the challenges that they experienced when they started working with the Next Generation Science Standards.   

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>> Enroll in the free, 5-day mini-course that will help you get a grip on the new standards - Intro To The NGSS!
>> Looking for a full, step-by-step guide to "NGSSing" your science class? Check out the Science Teacher Tribe Course + Community professional development program!

You're invited to check out Bring Wonder Back, an on-demand video series designed to help you take your first steps to transforming your students into scientists with 3D teaching practices — what the NGSS is all about! Access this video series at iexplorescience.com/wonder and get ready to bring wonder, engagement, and a love for learning back to your science class.

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