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If you're an intuitive introvert—an energy healer, lightworker, space holder, or sensitive such as an empath, psychic, or clairsentient, who struggles with decisiveness, confidence in your vision and yourself, sharing your knowledge, and letting go of perfection and fear, this is the perfect podcast for you. The awakening on earth has begun and those sensitive to energy shifts are feeling it! It's a time of unparalleled transformation which is very exciting but it can also be unnerving. This podcast offers inspired ideas, conversations, and tips on how to keep yourself connected to your Higher Self and the universal energy of love during this pivotal time on earth. We discuss the true nature of consciousness and reality helping you stay grounded during this tumultuous time. You'll get ideas to help you be more decisive, confident in your vision, and ways to pivot around doubt and fear when they show up. This transformation into a more positively focused reality has started and staying connected to one's Source-connected energy body is a must. There are definitely going to be bumps along the way for the next few years and while we can never predict the future, we can gather as a tribe of spiritual seekers, healers, and vibrational space holders creating a matrix of love and unified possibility.

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