The Talent Tank

SP 05 KOH2020 Ryan Thomas

February 24, 2020 Ryan Thomas Episode 22
The Talent Tank
SP 05 KOH2020 Ryan Thomas
Show Notes

A play on the triumph and losses in performance and life.  The Talent Tank podcast will navigate the inner workings of lifestyle, lives, family, teams, careers, programs, and technology in and around the offroad motorsports industry.  What breeds success with your Talent Tank on full, failures when its on empty.  From the journey to the Starting Line to take that Green Flag, on to exploring trials and tribulations on and off the track in pursuit of victorious achievement and the Checkered Flag.

On this Fifth installment of the ULTRA4 Racings King of the Hammers 2020 The Talent Tank sessions, Executive Produced by Caleb Norman @caleb__norman.

The brand new "El Presidente" of ULTRA4 Racing, Ryan Thomas @iamryanjthomas, steps in and sits down for an abbreviated KOH session.  Who is this guy, where did he appear from, and how did Dave Cole convince him he needed to take over the organization?  Between Chenowth, a family, baja like the back of his hand, a love of surfing, being successful in the face of adversity, and the cruxes and perils of over/under estimating everything including attendance at King of the Hammers.

After the Checked Flag:
Podcasts, Ryan is also a podcast host.  Search out his show which is a product of The Answer is Yes podcast.   His are all of the "Baja Sessions" episodes.  I've been listening, and really finding the information of Baja massively insightful, and insider. 

Location provided by: Cody Waggoner at Lasernut

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