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SP 14 Benchracing 2021 U4 Area BFE Beatdown

April 01, 2021 Clubhouse Panel Episode 54
The Talent Tank
SP 14 Benchracing 2021 U4 Area BFE Beatdown
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A play on the triumph and losses in performance and life.  The Talent Tank podcast will navigate the inner workings of lifestyle, lives, family, teams, careers, programs, and technology in and around the offroad motorsports industry.  What breeds success with your Talent Tank on full, failures when its on empty.  From the journey to the Starting Line to take that Green Flag, on to exploring trials and tribulations on and off the track in pursuit of victorious achievement and the Checkered Flag.

The Talent Tank presents Benchracing 2021 ULTRA4 Racing  Area BFE Beatdown.  Host Wyatt Pemberton @555race is joined by Associate Producer and Clubhouse Moderator Shannon Welch @theshannonwelch and an Offroad Racing Panel of racers and enthusiast.   

On this Special Episode:
We head to Clubhouse for a new format, and benchracing this upcoming Ultra4 Racing event at Area BFE in Moab, Utah.  the 2021 King Shocks Area BFE Beatdown.  From insider course info, to the panelists picks by class. 

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Let's drop the green flag on this episode of the talent tank podcast with your host Wyatt Pemberton bringing you the best, fastest, most knowledgeable personalities and ultra for and off road racing. I guess that means it's the witching hour as I seen some clicking some some clocking. And my clock over here hit eight o'clock on the Central Coast, third coast and on the Gulf Coast. Hey, this is why this is something new. We're on clubhouse. This is the talent tank. We're gonna do a little pre show on the king shocks beat down at Airbnb in Moab. This is the ultra for 2021 race that is gonna kick off tomorrow with a pre running and registration and practice and all that that is right off the bat. We've got some stuff to talk about, but uh, Shannon well, Shannon, thank you very much for setting up this whole clubhouse thing and, and allowing me to run the talent tank across your offering platform here on clubhouse. I'm really excited about this. I don't know what do you call it a new platform? What would you call it? Definitely a new platform clubhouse is a new social media platform. Yeah, it's still in its beta. It's in its infancy iPhone only at this point. But yeah, that's what we're working with right now. It's kind of like WebEx, but without the video. That's, that's what it feels like to me, especially when everyone can raise their hand. So yeah, to launch into it, man. Here we go. So we're gonna start talking about the 2021 King shocks beat down a dairy bfhi put on by, you know, ultra force race this weekend. But yeah, I got a little bit of housekeeping to knock out of the park really, really fast. I think Shannon right off the bat, everyone, thank you for trying out this new platform. I'm just like you I'm learning it. Just FYI. Everyone needs to hear this. We are recording. This is this is a recorded plot. Well, I'm recording for the platform. And tomorrow in the morning when you guys wake up, you guys will be able to check the talent tank feed where you guys don't only get your streaming podcast and this will all be loaded back up there and you'll hear all the information then everyone that missed tonight will also have the opportunity to check it out and see what they missed. And we're gonna see if it's anything good. I don't know if Yeah, I don't know that. It's gonna be good. I mean, it's gonna be a blessing. I mean, we've got chip mcglothlin in the crowd, so I mean, it can't be all bad. I see Nate Jesse's in the crowd. Man we got Jonathan to whom we've got Aaron Peters we got branner one man I'm just rolling through it just like right off the top of my head. God there's a whole bunch of y'all here. Well, Shannon, thank you. So going from there. I'm gonna launch into kind of the the information that I have kind of out of ultra ultra for you know, I'm I'm not ultra for I don't represent ultra for more or less I'm media I'm media that percolates issues around ultra for and try to cover it as best as I can. for you guys. I mean, it's a love. It's a love. It's a hobby. So that's what it is. So this is the first race back after King of the hammers that we had a few months ago. What an amazing event that was, I can't believe just hats off to those guys for pulling off just an amazing event. During COVID in California, mask weren't that big of a thing. Definitely. You didn't have to wear him in the you know, in the big tents, but out and about, wouldn't it be prom? To be awesome. I had the worst hammer long I've ever had in all my years going to the hammers this year. And I almost blame it on how many hours I wore my mask. I don't know. I mean, it was pretty bad. I missed a multiple days of work once I got back was not was not bueno. Talking about the race, the race, the race itself, this weekend, getting in 30 bucks for adults. 20 bucks for kids. It's a private event. So that's, you know, I just mentioned COVID there's kind of no protocols around private events in the state of Utah. So you're all good there, the parking is going to be pretty tricky is what I've been told. So if you're going out there, see if you can you know hitchhiker ride or carpool and you don't take every vehicle that you own your fleet out there. They think they're going to have around 100 cars total which is very similar to the numbers last year. We're going to see what that you know if that ends up shaking out I've got the registration list of man there's some some awesome names on there. There's also some awesome names that aren't there which is kind of disappointing, but I get it from what I have in my hands as far as course last year five mile loop this year, six mile loop. Apparently it's super rocky super technical, not a lot of passing. But that said there is a plethora of either oars on this course. So passing in the either wars and a lot of them are very similar. So the there should be some really cool passing attempts made. Hopefully we'll catch that on the ultra for live show. Hopefully we'll catch a Myles and Pam tell us what for on there and then in covering for us. I'm being told that all the classes are between three to five laps. They haven't worked that out yet except for 40 440 400 they're expecting that to be eight laps i don't know about y'all but i definitely heard from jp gomez last year after he won the 4400 event last year that he'd never had his ass kicked so hard and felt so bad that way worse than than kena hammers itself did to him then the mo ap course did so according to someone putting words in the words and the words in the jts mouth jt says he's putting the four back into ultra four so this should be pretty interesting i i know they cut a new trail out there called i'm gonna mess this up hota tae i don't know that stands for but it's spanish but it's supposed to according to what i've heard jt say to people is is putting the upper four back in putting the four back in ultra for somebody that's pretty exciting i can't wait to see that trail on course and see it on the live feed very bfhi man that's an amazing place out in moab private private property was about 625 acres take that back is about 325 acres and they have added another 300 acres to the property so i've been told man you can't you just absolutely can't beat that what else do i have out there roxy roxy roxy has big march out i'm told that they're gonna have a you know similar to what they had a year ago out there they had a discount code for all of us online last year was beat down 20 i've been told just listen to the live show and they will throw that out there for your opportunity to grab some a or a bf t merchant for ultra for and man that's kind of all i've got from from from these guys about this race i know we've got after that we got rush you know kentucky coming up a few more weeks another two weeks away april 16 that's gonna be that's gonna be pretty fun if you haven't bought your tickets for that jump online to the ultra for website and get your tickets i've been told that that is always an event that sells out because it's also a bouncer event and so people there's you know a good secondary scalper market but you don't want to pay scalper prices even though i've seen that the prices up front pretty high dollar out of that i don't know if anyone had seen yet seen the news but that sturgis got added for the short course at the buffalo chip during bike week that's gonna be pretty fun i think i'm actually think about flying the whole family up there i think we're gonna do that and then run over to rushmore and then get out of bike week before bike week actually starts anyway down to it alright shannon here we go we talked about the classes and who showing up in what the course looks like and who won last year 4600 has its they have their own race how cool is that how cool is that on the schedule josh atterbury won it last year is josh atterbury on today i didn't even see him registered no i don't see him registered at this point i see 10 drivers registered at least online i don't know if you're looking at the same thing that's online or if you got a sneak peek but no i'm not the same one you know i saw alan reference the registered list that was online as the official list so that's what i'm looking at i did see brian mamre he his i thought he was calling for josh atterbury on the win if not our controller so i'm assuming josh atterbury is going to be there the guy that when king the hammers 4600 he's going to be there justin reese in the 4619 that's gonna be fun what was it that jp said kicked his butt so bad at that course last year just out of curiosity said it was rough as hell said it was super he said it was super rough is way rougher than he was prepared for interesting that's fun right yeah no i mean having wheeled moab right like your tires will make commitments that you are quite prepared to cash in so i can see how that can be a rough course i also know that it's a tight course but it's interesting to hear him say it was harder on him than king of the hammers though that's kind of hard to believe but hey and by the way how does one start hota tae exactly i've got it written down amazing you should ask h o t ATAY hota hey i just got to figure out what this word means to jt so anyway but yeah i turned 10 in the 4600 class that's pretty crazy but they're getting their own race it makes sense though right so that's always the challenge because with the 4600s those guys i love those guys 35 inch tires it's it's not easy but they're not as fast as the 45 and 48 for the most part they're just not and then i will never forget the year we mixed it up with them in the utvs because we thought oh that might work that was terrible everybody hated that it was cool at king of the hammers this year to see more 4600s of different shapes and sizes than i'd ever seen before did you notice that as well yeah that's what i thought too you know i mean there was some there was some cool stuff going on plus you know you add in calcite Then who's basically in my book? 4600. But he was electric. Sure, that was, that was cool. But there's, there's 10 of them listed here. And of those 10 only one finished kayo Ah, this year from what my homework says. And only in that one was Justin Reese, and he finished first and I need to talk to Justin. I mean, I I'm sure someone knows the story behind his, you know, the hammer down a hammer Towner the the the documentary that they put together. Seems pretty cool. I just haven't had an opportunity to check it out. You know, anything. I haven't actually had a chance to check that one out either. But when I do look at the list, I see Albert Contreras who he's consistent and just been in it for so long. And I see. It's cool to see the magnet. I can't get it right today. McNamara boys. The poor boys racing boys are racing together again this season. They can't ever be ruled out. They're just solid and actually they picked up a four wheel part sponsorship this year. I have no idea who twitchy McGee is. But that one makes me laugh a little bit. I'm pulling for him just on the name. But that is a racecar driver name. There's another there's another one that we've got an ultra for we've got cold Johnson. Cole Johnson. I don't know you called Johnson. But I'd like to meet you just sound like you're like Dick Trickle. I mean, you just have this racer name. Hunter Sparrow is still probably one of my favorite names that raised with us. I just I think that's a hilarious name. There's been a few that are pretty good. We do have two people that have raised their hands. Do you want to bring them on? chip in? Chip and neat have? Have Nate's had his hand up for forever? Just so you know. But I wanted to let you get through your opening. So let me invite chip. And now I'm inviting Nate. Wonderful. Yeah, there we go. I hear background noise. So that must be chip you there chip. Y'all made a mistake by bringing me in. Oh, absolutely. So I saw you wish JT Happy birthday. That's wonderful. It's a good birthday for him. I did he almost killed me. Oh, yeah, absolutely. Which you should so I got a question for you chip. So So Rufus racing Rufus. I didn't see Rufus on the list. I know zinc you know zandy as into everything you get in then I see that on Facebook. I see you and your wife Ed, you're out there celebrating something. So tell me about the reasoning behind Rufus not taking the entire stable out there and you guys doing and doing the spectator thing. So he and I, fourth years anniversary is tomorrow, and she wants to go wheeling, we have been we've been racing too much. And so I decided to come she never been to Moab. So I said, hey, let's go to my butt. wheelin maybe watch a race. And the rest of the teams at home. We're getting ready for Kentucky. I don't know if you've watched this race before but we're kind of hard on cars. And I didn't. We didn't think we could get the cars flip the from Moab which is really hard. I was hearing you talk about JP and them saying the course is brutal. It is brutal. But we couldn't get the car back together in seven days to go to Kentucky in two weeks. So we're just out here wheeling in. gonna have some fun. Got to go. We'll some of the course today and we're sitting in Moab right now. Well, congratulations on for years with Ed now you guys are how many years? cancer free? Is she now and how many years cancer free are you? She's five and I'm three. Well, congratulations on that too. I'm glad y'all y'all are still around. So while I got you on the phone, you raced two classes, you raced UTV, and you raised 4400 handicap for me who you think wins the UTV race. I don't even know who's racing. I haven't even looked. I mean, it's weird. I'm out here with no race car and I haven't even looked who's entered. But I know that they added about a mile and a half to the course. When we're here last year, we I think the top speed was like in the 40s they added some high speed stuff so there's gonna probably be at 90 mile an hour sections. And it should be pretty interesting race from what JT told me earlier. There's about 90 Entry 90 cars and all the classes but man I couldn't. I couldn't tell you who's gonna win. All right, that's fair. I will before we talk to Nate real quick. It there's I've got a note on my thing. As I was going through the UTV course and the entries, I see Jason Berger, and he's racing on the 76 which I haven't talked to Berger I haven't talked to Jason here. And and I should have when I saw that reached out to at least burger but it looks like burger is racing the 76 so I don't know if Jason was the like a substitute driver for hitting the hammers in the 76. Or if burger is a substitute for this of this event for sure. It'd be interesting to see what that is. But it's cool to see Jason burger with a helmet on and in the left seat. See if he's six six, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, successful in the left seat as he has been in the right seat. That's fun, man. so i can probably add a brake runner yes if he breaks he carries his own fuel hunter sparrow is racing by the way i didn't see that but yes yeah add to the love that name so with with jason shear i see the jason cheers the official driver record on the registration so based on past history i'm going to guess that burgers standing in from cashier couldn't be here this weekend for some reason like i saw that i saw share about 15 minutes ago and i'm sitting here looking at his car well no what i'm saying is shear is racing the 4400 race burgers racing the utv race that could be it oh that's right i misunderstood what you were saying i got you yeah oh yeah you're i'm fascinated i got i'm very fascinated by that well uh nate nate jesse mystery nina i want a text that he didn't mean to raise his hand yeah i didn't mean to raise it still learning about this app but i guess i did well so while while we've got nate on here nate you you had a bad cartwheel at kale ah and you're doing your noggin pretty good you're right yeah i'm doing good brent and i took quite a tumble there about race mile 34 kale he ended up knocking us out for obviously the rest of the race but yeah i'm doing good now we're we're taking moab off as well i'm actually going to be out there chip here tomorrow flying out to spectate watch that race hangout and then coming home finishing some race prep and brant shop in indiana and we'll be at rush as well so looking forward to being down there getting back in the car and doing we love to do and let me guess you haven't looked at the entry list either but you could guess who's probably there could you heat it up in the 4400 yeah i think bailey cool i think he's done really really well i think he's had some solid finishes and i think he's gonna pull it off he has had a lot of solid finishes i mean the fourth that cailleach these coming off of was was actually very very good and then aside from his mishap at crandon where he decided to be a submarine he really had a solid season last year yeah i think we'll see him on the podium is not top of the box yeah i can absolutely absolutely see that i did talk to joe thompson about the gomes he was flying out what was he working i let me take that back i was talking to john good b i gotta get him back i got him together i'm not didn't confuse those guys just confuse the conversation the conversation was i believe willie gomez is their car is wrapped in polka dots and you will confirm or deny that that's on site ratio raise your hand i'd love to see one of the go mises in polka dots i don't remember which one but it made me laugh if that's real like jesse cones red and white polka dots or something else poke it up i don't know i didn't get that i didn't get that level of detail we'll see you know i think dawson arlington arlington was gonna jump on i had some questions for dawson but i don't seem in the in the box but i know they're in 4500 dan fresh won this event last year dan fresh one king and hammers this year and then dan fresh is you know lined up you know for this year in the 4500 there area bfhi so in my book dan's the guy to beat right he's hot off the kale ah and he won here a year ago he's kind of the guy dawson dawson's learning a new car he's you know he's got a madhouse old old race car it's not all on me it's a beautiful car so i'm gonna say he's maybe he's still learning that car and then i know you've got john grounds in there you can't count grounds out jesse oliver in the mix and 4500 kids good ol man those guys just put together solid finishes he didn't finish k wage but i i wouldn't put him out of of getting something here and then i'm god the other guy that i want to talk about is sean rantes senior sean rance he he finished cowwege 6/6 you know two months ago and he's showing up out here i think that guy i think that guy also has what is made to put together not not of course not knocking any entry but when you start looking at kind of the list and you're like who's gonna shake up and get there in 4500 i think that's kind of my list i'm gonna say dan goodall and rants kind of my picks there we'll see how those those those age i know we skipped around and you know out of order we were talking about 4600 earlier but albert contreras that guy hits every race right he hits quite a lot of them he definitely hits everything on the west coast and there were a couple of years where he was he was coming all the way to the east coast he picked up some some really cool fans when he came to the east coast shouldn't call the East Coast east of the Rockies. Right? I know that I know the East Eastern racers don't like me calling it the East Coast. But ya know, he Albert's been consistent for a very long time. really solid dude in the jeep. And and regularly finishes on the podium. Yes, that's the key right there. And then the other the other person that's in 4600 that I got to give a shout out to her. It's amber Turner. I fell in love with her story at the hammers this year, her little Samurai and everything they've done to get the samurai ready to compete and then competing in it and then the tribe crew tribe for my for, you know, that's Adam shears crew out of Fort Worth, we're pitting for her key in the hammers. And if I heard right, they they she bent a leaf spring and they put out the call for a Suzuki Samurai leaf spring and they came up with one, like on the lake bed. Like I think someone had to pull that out of there, pull that other Wheeler or something or pull it off a trailer. So yeah, that was literally just a wheeler that was out there who they were right next to where I was camped out for the week. And so this guy came walking up at the end of that race and we're like, can we help you and he's like, I'm just waiting to get my leaf spring back so I can go home. The only vehicle the admin keep racing, I thought that was pretty good. That guy's really brave. That I mean, that's pretty brave for somebody out there with their I mean, maybe not their daily driver, but their only vehicle out there to just take a leaf spring off. I mean, obviously she's broken one. It's a good chance another one's gonna get broken. How do you get home and you wonder who that is? That is Aaron Peters. A beater racing Aaron How you doing, man? It's more a beater off road anymore. The racing thing is a I leave that professionals like chip. That's a loose definition of the word professional. I love it. He's doing better than I ever did. So he absolutely is. and Shannon did the right thing took him off of speaker so chip chip energetic, but I think he bounced out but I don't know what happened with him. I didn't I didn't delete him for the record. So So back to the 4600 conversation as we kind of work the way through the schedule, man. I'm gonna pull for twitchy McGee just because I have no idea to which he is and I love it. Justin Reese is going to be a contender. Albert Contreras is going to be a contender. I want to see amber Turner do well. I love seeing you know, women come into our sport and absolutely turn it on said, speaking of women turn the sport on its head. Is Bailey Campbell in the car. She's, she's, she's had her baby. Does anyone know that answer? You'd think I would have probably followed up and checked on her as well. She's registered and being that Ryan Miller already raised one race for her. I think that unless those then I don't know. So I don't want to speak out of turn on this. Unless there's some consideration medical consideration being made there. Her name is on the list and Ryan Miller already raised for her. So I would think that that means she's getting in the car. I know she's there. I've seen pictures over there. I think it's more than that. Well, is it just one race? I don't know the rule book, you know, in depth on that on that rule. But I know Ryan raced did he only raced nationals for her in 2020. I feel like he raced more than nationals. For her I feel like he raced. He raced in Oklahoma, which was nationals. Yeah, that's it. I guess it depends on what she was racing for. Right. So there's a couple of different things. If you're racing, and I don't know, nationals and setup anymore, I believe that you if you raced the entire east, west everything, I believe that too, could be swapped out if you were just doing west or east. It was one. But there was another reason that I believe Ryan raised more than one for her. And that had to do with sponsor obligations and how many races the car had to be at. So it wasn't necessarily four points was my understanding from talking to her at Keio? Ah, I could have that wrong. But that's my understanding. But at least when I when I was more involved with points, if you were racing, the three West Coast races or western series races, you could only swap one. You're racing the three Eastern series races, you could swap one if you were going for the whole nationals. I believe it. I think it was the only one you could swap actually. So I'm not really sure but I do know that in talking to her about it. Part of it was sponsor obligations of where the car was supposed to be at that she wanted to make sure that she was doing right by her sponsors and they were getting coverage. Gotcha. I've got the rule book open. And I'm not I'm not a fast enough reader. So I just won't. I'll just skip that. Is Jonathan a Believe officially in the rules, you're allowed one substitute driver. But this goes back I call it the KC Gilbert substitute driver rule. Somebody has to throw a red card to make that rule apply. So if there's a reason that a racer can't race, it's up to the rest of the racers to call them out on it. So 4800 we had that happen a few years ago with a broken back situation, and it's kind of just who wants to be the guy to call out the guy with the broken back or the or the pregnant lady. The girl is pregnant. Yeah. I actually do have that. I never heard that color too. But yeah, I'd forgotten that. It happened. Jonathan, great memory on that one. Yeah, I'll take that. Yeah, we'll roll with that. Well, then, moving down. So we talked, we talked 4500 we talked 4600 4800. Paid rod Cade. Rob one last year. And, but chase Cabrera and my money is on chase Chase was on fire at Keio. He qualified, amazing at Keio. Ah, he had a great day. He ended up winning the 4800 class won the EMC race itself. I can't wait two months ago. And but man, you can't you can't you know, not not Kade rod I mean, he's, he's gonna visit as long as the GPS is working. He's he's gonna be a formula contender. Brent Harrell, right. Harold's in the mix. What a great guy. And then, you know, this anyone know, Eric wickel. This guy never heard his name before shows up. cowwege finishes 21st. I was impressed. I know Shannon, you I know. He's a new name. I honestly, he's not a name that I heard before. Before this year, looking at his bio, there's really not much in there. So he's not a name. I'm familiar with either. Finishing. Finishing co h your first year out is always impressive. I don't care who doesn't? He's probably gonna come back and say this wasn't my first year but I didn't see him before. That's why I found it impressive to Shannon, I know you. You like hunter Sparrow but there's a Kimberly Sparrow, and 1400 is that a sister? I'm actually not sure they've got to be related somehow. I really don't know. But that's just the name hunter sparrows always made me laugh. I know he's a Utah guy. I definitely remember seeing him when we used to race into Allah that He would always come out for that one, but he was kind of a co h in one or two races. So I mean, that's his backyard to a certain extent. So definitely could be working in his favor on this. Is that are those jack jack Sparrow's kids? Kim is actually yeah, Kim's Hunter's wife they actually co drive for each other also which is pretty cool. That is they swap out right and left seats each race which is pretty neat. So Nate when when are you gonna get your wife to co drive for you I gotta watch what I say here she may end up listening to this run over you with the trailer wants I think she's game yeah brands never ran me over so we're gonna hang out with brand for a long long as long as he keeps holding his own man but you got guys like Dustin Sexton is in there. Jeremy Jones is in there. Do Kevin Jones and the 518 you can't count that guy out. He is legit another good ol name Logan good all you can't meet Logan, Michael London. I've seen his name floated a bunch. I really haven't paid that much attention but I keep seeing his name pop up. So he's I need to look at the stats. He must be someone who's a contender there. I know he finished 10th in class that you know here kingyo hammers. And then Chuck Crossland. You can't count Crossland out ever. Even though I think he DNF that case this year but I mean you can't count him out. But that's gonna be fun. I really do hope that ultra four gives all these all the all the you know the lesson 4400 classes or whatever you want to call them the the MCs plus the utvs I hope they give him the five laps versus the three I'd rather see these guys get you know, more helmet time more seat time, more fun more chance to break their stuff more chance for us to watch them break their stuff. That's that's the exciting part for me. Why I think one of the things you got to look at in the in the 4800 class is car durability with this course. I think your your cars that are good at Rock racing are going to be the ones that perform something like Randy's car a bomber they can they can float through the chap is going to make a difference on this course big time. That's that's a good point. I did see you know there it seemed like last year there was a lot of big ledges that they were dropping off of and a lot of big rocks that they're going up. We'll see that could that could not play well for amber Turner back and 45 in the 4600 class that could be her short little wheelbase. I just don't want to see her her Samurai turned turtle. That'll be so optimal. And then utvs Cole Clark won this event a year ago. We've got none of really the top, the front runners We saw K and H all those guys went back to UTV racing somewhere else in other series. You know like the like the Miller boys or, you know Kyle cheney who won the event this year. The closest thing we have to it is Jacob versie. Jacob Jacob finish 6k wage. He's he's up there. The exciting one up there for me is Jason Berger. Sitting in the left seat. That sounds really exciting. And then there's another guy that I've been a fan of since nationals last year I'd been watching going into nationals are really like him Scotland age. Scott's a West Coast racer in a UTV and man this guy. He He reminds me a lot of Eric Miller 10 years ago. Very, very calculated very, very smart, very, very intelligent about his his race, his racing, his race and his race program. Really like Scott sage. That guy's that guy's name is always in the hunt. He finished 16th. So I think I think he's got what it takes to to do something here. We keep seeing him. I think he finished third in the national points last year. So you'd have to check me on that. I think the only reason I know that is because there was an issue at Nationals with his points that would have kicked him off the national points. odium. I say that right? Yeah, I think I said that, right. Why with Jason, what's the what's the story there is Jason just tried to put in some laps to get some. Some real good seat time on course before 4400 that's that's a standard practice at Keio. Ah, but it doesn't look like there's other utvs or lower class guys. Oh, you're talking about burger versus shear? Yeah, yeah, I don't, I don't know the case. I don't know if Jason Berger is doing that to get a lay of the land. Before getting in with Jason shear, or what their what their game plan is, what their grand plan is. I think that's kind of the fun thing about this is not, you know, not getting a bunch of inside scoop from one singular to single or three single people is that'd be pretty biased about where this goes. You can't ever count Jason shear out no matter what the course is. I mean, you could flood the course with 10 feet of water, and you're still gonna find Jason shear your favorite somehow. just my opinion. So let's talk 4400. Everyone want to talk Anyone else want to talk about the MCs or the utvs. Any input you anyone in the crowd holding their hand up? Nobody's holding their hand up. But please, by all means, hold your hand up, guys. If you want to mention something. I had something I wanted to say. burger. You know, this is the first year of the new rock royalty racing thing with shear. And Bailey. I wonder if it's a sponsorship thing and a more representation for sponsors. Maybe that is burger racing in the UTV is just a thought because that is a new partnership that I don't I don't entirely know how it's working. But it seems interesting that rock royalty is formed and burgers getting into LFC. Maybe Maybe it's a promotional. I don't know. I know that there might be some new TVs out there too. Right? Didn't didn't a couple of folks. Bailey being one of them. Didn't. He raced a Honda at kth. This year, a new UTV. He did he did. So just wondering if there might be something new coming out of that. Or if it might be part of this new, you know, we've got the fun Havers. We've got the rock royalty, you've got Well, you've got the Gomez family, which is their own enormous team as it is. And then the only thing that I wanted to say is something that has always excited me about this sport, and I see it in the 40 100 right now, the two that well there's there's really three in there that I'd love to take a look at. So we've got obviously Kade rod Who's that next generation. But But Logan Goodall and then chase compare, Chase compare and Logan good ol Chase is obviously Brian's son, and Logan is Kenneth's son, both of their dads have raised both of their dads have done reasonably well. Both of those boys, I think are in the next generation of upcoming so I'm really kind of keeping an eye on them because I you know, we were looking at obviously the Bailey's and the Levi's and the Campbell's. Well they're all in their 20s now and now we've got some teenagers that are saying I'm coming for you. And I'm really kind of excited what's gonna what's gonna come out of that next generation there. So just a couple of thoughts that I had on that you're spot on Kade rod mom and dad were racers so boom he's impressive. But he doesn't have quite the he's got more experience right then Gen chase compare and, and Logan but I think they're going to be hot on its heels. I mean, what chase did at cailleach was really really impressive. It's gonna be who can keep their car together like it always is an ultra for That's right. Who doesn't see the red mist when the visor goes down? All right, 4400 God, I'm so excited about this this whole deal. So this this extra added rock trail you know Ship chimed in, you know the mile and a half, you know the additional two miles that got added to the course over versus last year. And how rough and how rugged and how nasty it is in this new this new trail hota Tae plus the either ORS for for the passing. And then I believe there's also some stock bypasses for the 4500 guys or 4600 guys somewhere in there. I believe there's some passes that will be available to them. We'll see what comes out the drivers meeting on that but for the 4400s jP one here last year. You know, we kind of know what happened to K which this year. jp was right there in second. Randy slawson who won, you know Randy's a K way tracer? Only? I doubt we see Randy maybe we'll see more at Nationals at Reno maybe. I'd say maybe that's a stretch unless we put the pressure on him. I'll have to I'll have to ask him that in the near future. But, uh, JP I think, you know, the Gomez's they're always they're all new cars, you know, all their cars, all the UFOs there are some cool names that I did see on the list that I'm really excited to see out there. Kevin Yoder Yoder coming back into the ranks. Yoder Yoder finished cailleach 30th. Yoga has been racing for how long? His whole entire life. 30 years. 60 years. 80 years. I don't know. He said he should change his race team to get them to stop or something like that made me laugh, too. What? too dumb to stop racing or something like that. I mean, that's, that's fair. We were at the firepit I turned around and he's standing next to me and I'm like, Yoder looks at me like Whoa, I was like, like, where do you park your Walker? I mean, we're we're very old. I mean, this is fire pit at 9pm. I mean, that's we you know it our bedtime was coming up pretty quickly before the young kids came up to the fire pit at that point. It's funny because we had right we had the bill Baird's and the Gary Farah Bonnie's. And we really had those 65 plus guys racing for a while, and now they're gone. And you look around and you realize the next generation of that is really kind of the Shannon Gamble's and the yoders. And yeah, you know, the books not out there anymore. We are the old guys. We're becoming the old guys with the sport and that's terrifying to me. Yeah, Jason Shipman. Doug Jackson. Yeah, I was sad to see all those guys, you know, sit down. You know, was I was talking to Andrew McLaughlin. I can't wait your mouse. Like, you know, I always think of my golf as a fairly young guy. And I'm sitting next to him like, and we're kind of old. There's definitely a next generation that's for sure. So does anyone know that we have on is john grounds racing both classes 40 540 400 I know I've got him listed with both cars be interesting to see if he's if he's gonna bust out on on both cars. And then I know I've got rat roll Gomez is listed as a he's listed in the 83 in the 90. Is that just deciding which car he's going to decide to break that day? I am trying to wonder I mean, he's the more calculated one of of you know, Marcos versus him versus you know, JP but I mean 90 is actually Darien is number so I don't know if it's because he registered both of them or something if that just didn't transfer over right because if you look Darien Gomez is also registered and Darien is is 90 ah yeah I'm gonna guess that's a that's a football on on alum blue blame Alan. Alan. Alan Johnson over for Alan I'm blaming you know, what, just website I know there's a the attentions on the details. Jason Blanton, when finished gateway to eighth but uh, he he skipped he skipped was a hell of pay. Not on purpose in hearing the story from him. He didn't realize that they had missed it. They, they were falling in the car in front of them. And then somewhere in there nobly. The current frame was Lauren. They got lap traffic in the middle and he kept falling the dust and end up skipping the trail. And so he gets in and he realizes that he finished in front of Lauren and I want to say Jason Cheers. I think it was like Lauren and Jason Sherry finishes in front of them. And he knew at the bottom of things graveyard that he was he was behind him. He never passed him on course. So he figured something out. Blanton it's cool to see Blanton outside of King the hammers, it's cool to see him race in one of the series races we haven't seen. I don't know that I remember Blanton at a series race. So this is cool to me. He used to race them and then he did the family thing for a while. And you know, got married, built the house did all of that. And so I think he's coming back to it. There's usually a few years there when when guys get married that they tend to not be able to do the full circuit but it's good to see him back. But he was definitely in Nick Nelson heyday time, Jason Blanton was on the circuit when Nick Nelson was was killing it for sure. was blanton the one whose car is the one that's uh you know stay iconic for miller motorsports park in utah where the car is in the air vertical but he's it's sideways at like three o'clock you know it's like at a 45 degree angle flying through the air it was that blanton you remember i can't think of the image you're talking about but it's highly likely that it was blanton because he definitely raised your needs to be at miller yeah he's he's right i like seeing guys like vaughn getting coming out i like the things that vaughn has done for the sport i like you know the whole fund hammer thing i know he's he's racing all the way out of concord north carolina these days but i'm guessing lauren probably is bringing his car from albuquerque or well farmington this is a begin do you know how many people race this race last year just offhand the number i heard and i didn't go back and check it i didn't fact check this number which i should fact check this number i heard it was around 100 last year as well and i guess they're hoping to have 100 i guess that numbers in the 90s right now their websites showing 94 right now for across all classes i'm just i'm just trying to picture 33 race cars for the ultra for class on a six mile loop dummy today is this isn't a heat race this is a everybody races together correct absolutely yeah it's gonna be amazing isn't it it's gonna be this the same number actually 33 again for the what is it 40 540 800 combined that's right yep and then you get a lot of cars oh it's gonna be amazing they leap that's why you know that's that's why you buy the live show you got the you paid for it already you probably are waiting for your t shirt to be in the mail and i am and in the end then you're gonna sit on the edge of your seat on on saturday i think that's my plan so last year there was 40 4400 took the green flag on even shorter course correct so from what i remember on the live feed that first lap is really really exciting but then you'd be surprised 33 cars or up to 40 cars spread out over five or six miles there were some times on the live feed it got kind of boring where there are some gaps in cars and i think that's because this race more than others attrition is a big thing so after the first lap there's going to be 25 cars and after the second lap there's 22 and the third you know by the time we get down to the final lap there's really six or seven people still in the race there's something out there in cars run in at the end of the race last year so it's natural selection makes the makes the course not very crowded after the first lap makes sense i can see that i can absolutely see that i mean we'll see who has the you know the the whiskey throttle and wants to make that that pass at the rockledge and see how exactly that goes down did anybody hear what was going on with levi i know he was waiting for part so he hasn't even made it out there yet how's he or has he now i saw he was waiting on some parts still and it seems like middle of the week he was heading out that way which seemed a little late to get going so i didn't know if anybody knew what was up with his car no no i didn't hear about that and then i was just as you mentioned that sort of thing campbell cars i don't see brian crofts listed in the entries either was there was cross taking the car out a good question i don't know i saw he and bailey were on a flat fender run yesterday so he's out there maybe his car wasn't ready or maybe he and bailey i don't know i got nothing on that one as far as that's going you know who i'm excited i know i mentioned chase compare but i think brian compare was coming out to play this year in new car oh yeah yeah he's he's been right on the bubble for a long time it'd be interesting to see if if he brings it in to easterlies podium a couple of times no doubt about it but new car and he definitely seems laser focused this year on it same thing with looking at you know kevin stern's going full time racing it's going to be interesting to see what comes out of that as well this year and looking at who we've got on this test for sure well i've got i've got a little piece of i've got some closing remarks that i need to really need to get off my chest but before i do that i want to do a go round to the panel right now and just ask you guys to handicap your your 4400 pics we'll call on i don't know if y'all go first put me on the spot i mean bailey cole you know you guys talked about earlier i think he's gonna be pretty high up there if he has a clean race it's gonna be hard to push past and but like you said the gomez is there i mean their checkers records team i don't know it's a tough it's a tough pick out of this out of this crowd no that's all right nate who did you who was your call on that michael on that's bailey cole i think the rest of the podium though is going to be jp and horschel yeah paul horschel we have you mentioned paul paul oh time love paul brandt who you call him i gotta go with jason shear i think coming off off of a disappointing care wage for a fluke of a reason is going to have him pushing hard He's got a good team this year. And if Berger is out scouting forum before the race, he's gonna know all the lines all the plays of the past so I got to go, Jason. No, you won't hear me. I doubt that one. Hey, is terhune actually terhune? are you on? I see you. He might be. Oh, you might be. Thanks for joining us fat head. Yeah, so I don't know how you bet against shear. It's like betting against Gonzaga right now in basketball for everybody. Watch that. I'm gonna drop that in there, Paul sports. And then you just wrap up the podium. I go with horschel and Gomez. And then I put Bailey Colin forth because I think he has more more fourth place finishes and ultra for in the last year and a half than anybody else. So it's kind of his number. At this point, right? It's sad. He's, he gets right. They're always the bridesmaid never the bride. Right. That's the story behind. Exactly. That's what I was going with. And then, and then I know we've Shannon, you've got Jeremy brown up here, Jeremy. Yeah, I'm here. Yeah. I'm rooting for horschel. He's put his time in. He fought last year at this race really super hard. And I think I think horse horrible got to didn't for sure. What? What was the time split last year? Do you remember? I think, I think the number I remember from horschel was like it was sub 30 seconds. Yeah, it was close. Man. I was rooting for him the whole time. I couldn't believe it. He didn't get it. I don't remember the exact details. But I do remember it was close. Oh, man. They were getting there. Before I go into closing the closing conversation that I want to have everyone else that was on the panel. Good to go. I didn't get to pick. I'm sorry. Yeah, throw it out. It's all good. It's all good. I'm surprised nobody's mentioned learn heli f when he doesn't do well at Keio he usually comes back strong right after that. I never rule Lord out. So I don't know. I think I think Lauren's do, and I'll be interested to see I I'm with you guys on horschel. I think he is definitely up there too. And you know what? Shannon and waylynn neither one of them finishing qH whenever they get whenever the top dogs don't finish qH the first race out of the season. It is game on? Well, Sheila finished Shannon did finish she finished 14th I apologize. Yes. Yeah. He would have liked to know. Yeah, of course. Yeah. So so I do. Right. Shannon did finish but um, I don't know. I shear Huey? They've got something to prove. Whelan's got something to prove. But I I like horschel, too, but I really think we haven't seen a wind from Lauren and that gets under his skin and then all sudden he comes on strong. So I think he's my course on this one. All right. I'm gonna make mine then. I put him on getting on the podium. He finished a fifth. He's there. I think he's, he's fast. I think horschel horschel will be right there with him. And then after that laundry list of, you know, Levi's, Lauren, or any of the Gomez's it can be in either days. Brian Cabrera can easily being there. No problem there. Blanton shear, I'm hesitant to you can't bet against shear, but it's just he hasn't had a good run of luck. And I think he's gonna show up extra prepared. And I think that's going to get in his head. Sorry, Jason. Sorry. I'm not I'm not I'm not picking you to be my win. But I'm picking up on getting for the podium. No dissenters. Wow. All right. I love it. Safety. And we got to talk safety, you know, one of my Yeah, and talk about our sport and talk about our friends and what we're doing and how we're doing it. You know, our my good friend, a lot of your girlfriend, you know, James Schofield got hurt with Tom ways out at King of hammers, this, you know, two months ago and we figured out a way to you know, through the ER getting him out of the hospital getting him flown home, everyone, you know, pitching in, and just to safety around that there was a lot of issues with just you know, getting him out of the car. This past weekend. You know what, one of our racers you know, a very you know, I don't know Wes keen, but I do know Adam Woodley super well, and you know, this was a guy just you know, Wesson Adam are tight. West is racing, you know, that red net rocket ship that Adam bill. He was a basically a factory driver for for wide open designs. He had a UTV wreck this past weekend, and caught fire with fire extinguishers was suppression. He didn't have suppression but with fire extinguishers. They didn't have enough he was in a precarious situation very far up a very very steep steep hill. He's you know, he's fighting for it now. I believe he's at Vanderbilt in Nashville. And you know, skincare unit. If you guys take a take a moment say an extra prayer for for Wes, for the afro community from the rock bouncing community. Just you know, think about them. I believe Tim bacon has a GoFundMe out there for Wes to help help him through all this is a good looking guy. And just a hell of an accomplish racer. Not just in the rock bouncer but what we've seen him in a UTV and what we've seen him do out of out of King the hammers that in the bouncing event, man, Wes, you're you've been in a lot of our prayers for the past week. We're gonna keep saying man until you're until you get a walk out of that hospital. Okay, man. And guys, everybody that wraps it for me that wraps it for for this event for this little pre bench racing session, a little bullshit bullshit session talking about who we think you know, our favorite horses and and what we think is gonna happen at ultra for appreciate all my all my guys at ultra forum what they're doing and and the information that they're giving us to just spread and speculate and, and figure out and guess and second guess and try to see what's up and get excited for for the show. We got coming this weekend because we're going racing. Absolutely. Thanks for coming on. And doing this way. I did want to say, if you want to wrap up, that's cool. If people want to stay in chat, that's also cool. I did, I got a private message off. I think he's new to this platform. But john Schaefer, just messaged me came in second at kth in the 4688. And he's actually here in the room. And I didn't realize that and I didn't realize he was even in here. So I just want to bring him up in case he's got something to say about the 4600 class. But I didn't know if you had any more to wrap up beyond that. But if anybody's got questions on clubhouse, or just wants to chew the fat, I'm really trying to get people familiar with the platform and happy to do that. And that said, Shannon, yeah, we will turn him on. Give him the floor in a second. And, and we plan to do this for rush. You know, we've planted this for a couple of minutes if this thing has some legs if it has some traction, and it's something people enjoy. So give us feedback in the insiders group. Text me call me message me, or Shannon or brand or Nate or Aaron Peters or Jeremy or any of us tahune I mean, just say hey, you know, we we enjoyed what we heard, and we'd like to be a part of it next time too. And raise your hand. On that note. Let's close out on a 4600 racer. Hey, I've just invited john Shaffer up to speak. He is new to it. So let's give him a second here to come on up. JOHN, you've been invited. There we go. Welcome, john. Hey, I had to turn my speaker microphone on. There you go. Well, what's going on? Mr. Schaefer? How are you? Oh, just sitting here listening this first time on so I'll just kind of taking it in. You're like all of us at this point. All new. So you're in Moab already? No, I'm not doing Moab. I'm doing all the East Coast races. Oh, I thought your your racist week. Okay. So give me your take on on 4600 right now. I mean, it's one of those classes that kind of has its ups and downs, you know, as far as car count, but it seems like there's a lot more people trying to get into it. It feels like the class 11 forward drive. I mean, it's a really good class because you're stuck on 35. So you have to be able to wheel you have to know where to put your tire you have to you know, you have to have a good package put together you just can't put horsepower tires to the ground. That's fair. I mean, that is fair. Do you think if we made it even more difficult that we could move it to that legendary status? Have you really? Oh, what's the right word? basically putting in your time like, like, like the the venerable class elevens that we see in the desert or the class 11 race we saw at this past king of hammers. Yeah, I mean, a couple things. I don't know that you can make it any harder than it was last year at Keio h er this year. So make it harder. Okay. I don't know. That was pretty hard. You know, in the 46. Guys, I mean, it seems like we're kind of the the afterthought. You know, you don't get as much airtime you don't get as much, you know, accolades and stuff like that. But the guys that are racing there, you know, put a lot of blood sweat and tears into it and the cars take some major abuse. Well, you know, I'm looking at you know, just the entry list entry list versus the other classes excluding 4400 I can't believe how many in the names I know there's there's only 10 entries on the list I have. And Brian Ryan mamre, Justin Reese, and returner. Our contracts are names that I'm familiar with right off the top of my head. Now Alex Fleming and Anthony Hansel, I kind of know who they are, but I've never you know, spoke with them. So, and then the twitch twitching McGee just amazing. I don't want to leave out. Vince Blaise or john Snell. I don't know those guys, but it just yo I, I would. I don't know. I I'd see what we have. What the desert has a class 11 and like the cult following behind them. It'd be so cool if we could get that cult following behind the 4600 class. It really feels like that. where it should be. I mean, I'm in the 46. So I would love for it to get there. But I think Josh atterbury is gonna race Moab to be I don't know if he signed up yet or not, but he'll be right there up front. And he races class 11 as well, so he knows exactly what he's doing. Right? Yeah. He just got into class here. He clearly hates his body. Right. I was a fun race to watch though. Yeah, it was. Well, hey, on that note, man, I appreciate you jumping on here. And we just hit an hour. So everybody, Shannon, thank you very much. Everybody have fun in Moab. Everyone be safe. Please say a prayer for West keen. And let's look forward to trying to do this for for Russia in a couple weeks. Okay. Sounds good. And on that note that talent tank is out. Thank you for listening and taking the dive into the talent tank. 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