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SP 16 Benchracing 2021 U4 Battle in El Ray De Las Baja from San Felipe, Mexico

May 13, 2021 Wyatt Pemberton Episode 62
The Talent Tank
SP 16 Benchracing 2021 U4 Battle in El Ray De Las Baja from San Felipe, Mexico
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A play on the triumph and losses in performance and life.  The Talent Tank podcast will navigate the inner workings of lifestyle, lives, family, teams, careers, programs, and technology in and around the offroad motorsports industry.  What breeds success with your Talent Tank on full, failures when its on empty.  From the journey to the Starting Line to take that Green Flag, on to exploring trials and tribulations on and off the track in pursuit of victorious achievement and the Checkered Flag.

The Talent Tank presents Benchracing 2021 ULTRA4 Racing  El Ray De Las Bajas from San Felipe, Mexico.  Host Wyatt Pemberton @555race is joined by Associate Producer and Clubhouse Moderator Shannon Welch @theshannonwelch and an Offroad Racing Panel of racers and enthusiast.   

On this Special Episode:
We head to Clubhouse for benchracing this upcoming Ultra4 Racing event from insider course info, to the panelists picks by class.

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Let's drop the green flag on this episode of the talent tank podcast with your host Wyatt Pemberton bringing you the best, fastest, most knowledgeable personalities in ultra for and off road racing. All right, everybody, welcome to it. Little Ben tracing session talking about sanfilippo a. I'm not sure what all the words mean en el rey de los Baja, but we're gonna go there I didn't see a you know, specific sponsor there. But here we are, we're in clubhouse. This is kind of a cool session that this will be number three. This is a basically, I mean, there's some West Coast guys on here, they're actually at the race already that are sitting there. And they're, they're logged in and logged on. But uh, we're gonna talk about racing in San Felipe Bay. Everybody, welcome. I want to remind everyone, we're going to run this for 60 minutes. It is recorded. After the 60 minutes, you know, stop recording, you guys can catch the 60 minutes. Tomorrow on the podcast or anytime in the next couple of weeks. It'll stay up in perpetuity. But afterwards, we'll have the after show basically after hours and no holds barred you guys talk about what you want. What's on your mind, get it off your chest, amongst friends, like we're sitting around a campfire and not recorded. So off the record. Anyway. Shannon Welch, thank you for for hosting us in this party again on in your offered racing events forum here on a clubhouse. This is awesome. Thank you. Absolutely, always happy to have you, Wyatt. And I think I'm just gonna dive straight into it. We'll get into some of the the Sam philipe details, but we'll talk about like some current affairs or some current stuff going on right now. In ultra for the new rules, that 2021 semi colon two new rules. I'm not a fan, but I don't think this is the right place to talk about them or to bring them up into go into them. Because we could talk for hours. I certainly see some some folks in the crowd that we've had conversations in the last week around those rules, drivers. I implore you if if the rules aren't something that you're liking, talk to your other drivers, talk to your class reps, bring it up to JT bring it up to ride bring up to Dave, bring it up as a group bring it up as a collective, bring it up at the drivers meeting. Simply there won't be a drivers meeting because of you know the rules on everybody on number. So that's why you guys have the virtual one. But I think there needs to be some discussion around rules. And what we saw came out, I'm merely just media sitting in the back cheap seats, throwing things, but I know a lot of you guys are not happy based on how much my phone rang this week or text, the text I got this week or the messages I got across Facebook this week. I really do value the position you put me in. I do I mean it's not like I didn't aspire to sit in this seat to be in the shooting gallery with ultra for bringing issues and you know, historically that has been the mo when you bring up an issue to older for that, you know, as the messenger you will get shot and shoot the messenger was the the way it goes. I think you know, there's certainly been a change there. I thought Ryan Miller was going to jump in here. Maybe he will hear shortly. He may be awesome. He you know he had your date Dave reached out to him yesterday is he's the 4400 liaison and there's been a lot of discussion around you know, hyperbole on, on on on split times and some things along those lines that some drivers have brought to attention of of Ryan and in various other races that have brought it up I didn't catch wind of it actually until Dave actually reached out to me on it. And I had to go you know kind of route around and say hey, what usually I think I'm fairly well informed this one I wasn't as informed as I would like to be but if you guys as drivers, if there's something that you don't agree with, talk to your class reps. You guys have them the liaisons for your class. I don't know who all they are. I think john Rance was one for at one point but I think he moved on. But I know Ryan Miller is the 4400 and that's the he's kind of my go to guy about what is the hot button items and then he's got you know direct contact with Dave and JT and they kind of work stuff out but I love that why the reason why it is Jeff I'm also a 4400 wrapped with Ryan there's two of you. Yep, there's always been they got an East in the West well well There we go. I did not know that and chip. I'm gonna let everyone know this chip is actually in San Felipe Bay he's sitting like on an on overlook drinking surveyss looking out at a some some Baja California some sia Cortez it looks like and basically a few chip. Yeah, I sent you the picture on purpose because you second don't race. anymore. Oh yeah, absolutely. Well thank you for joining. So that's kind of that's kind of my take on current affairs along those lines. We jump in and talk about Russia real quick we just came off the rush race there was in that's kind of where some of these rules came from. There was another you know, an issue which I see both sides of the issue considering how muddy it was sub optimal it was sad to see you know, Jason shear knocked off the podium there but I mean, again ultra ultra for pulled off an amazing race in the middle of nowhere literally Middle of Nowhere Kentucky in muddy sloppy conditions. And and with with that, I want to get a I got miles here. miles Hey, jump on real quick and kind of give me your quick read on how you thought rush was as a from a spectator standpoint, not as a rep. So I had I had a great time. It was it was a fun race. It was out middle of nowhere. But the park itself is absolutely amazing. The park owner was cool. The the venue was awesome. Being paired up with the rock bouncers was a little different and I had an absolute blast just watching those guys. But but the race as a whole I thought it went great. I mean, there's definitely their struggles with with minimal internet and all that jazz and the weather was interesting. But I mean, they made it happen and everybody race good. And it was a I had fun. I hope everybody else did it. Now how did that work out with Clyde? Clyde? It handles the rock bouncer side of the house and he let you guys filter for basically gonna piggyback on his equipment was that that was a great symbiotic relationship or, yeah, that was kind of a last minute thing is we didn't think we couldn't get internet there. So we just kind of chucked it up. I was like, well, we'll do a recap on the deal. Well, then all sudden, Clyde's like, No, I've done it there. I've got my own setup. I can't do HD like you guys do are high quality. He's like, but if you guys want to, you know, piggyback off of them, yada yada. So we made a deal with Clyde and he made it happen. And it was, it was a lot of fun. It was it was cool. To see a different, different productions side of things was definitely a little more low key. But he does it all himself. And he makes it happen. Like it was kind of cool. It was kind of a one man band. He had just basically a two satellites like, like Dish Network satellite thing outside of your house. And he was able to put those all together and and the quality was a little low. But it was a live show. So it was it worked out. And we had a live show that not better minute cameras. But it was it was live. So it was cool. Yeah, there they go. Right. Right. From the mouths of babes on that. Going through the winners in there. And I mean, it looks like the if you look at the National points. I mean, we're talking about 40/401 because the fanboys of these guys, but the Miller chassis guys, Josh boiler ends up winning the the event. I don't think he won under circumstances that he was necessarily, you know, cool with based on the you know, there was there was a disqualification at the top of the podium, Eric Miller and second, but badass I don't remember who I'll call it last time. But Kevin Porterfield, you're rocking the wide open design car that Adam Woodley built, designed. He finishes out 30 ends up being your podium. I don't remember who all who all called what we should have gone back and listen, thank God I don't write that stuff down. But why there Miller Porterfield on the 4400 podium and a lot of people call that that was awesome. And I swear, poor Bailey Cole. We're gonna call Bailey Cole the fourth. I mean, he He is Mr. Dan McMillan. Mr. D'Amico, he has finished fourth so many times. But that said fourth, fourth fourth, you know, he's consistent and that puts him at the very top of the box on the national points championship race right now he is he is the man to be he's leading the national points race in a in 4400. Jump into the the MC our man he's sitting up here right now. JOHN Shaffer, john Shaffer wins the MC in the 4600 class. JOHN you on mute? Tell us how your race went real quick. Yeah, I mean the race what really well for us first lap wasn't as bad as far as mud went but as the laps wore on the you know, the mud found its way out in the water and it got it got pretty sloppy but we just put the hammer down and kept going. That is that's as simple as it gets. Right. And then from a competition standpoint, Matt dresser and King Carter finish out the the podium there in the 46 class. Any any push from those guys, john? They challenge you pretty good? No, not really. I think when we when we took off we were you know we set the pole. So we got out in front. We passed a couple upperclass cars and just kept a really good pace. Ace and didn't get stuck didn't have to winch no flat tires. So we just kept making ground and I know some of the cars that were behind us, you know, got into the mud hole and everybody got kind of bottled up and stuff. So, you know we are out in front of all that. Oh man, good for you. That's awesome. Moving to the 4500 guys, Dwayne garretson Dwayne's the guy to be man, East Coast Whelan, he is. He's a man in the mud in the trees. That didn't shock me that Dwayne sits at the top. Jesse Oliver was right behind him was one of the great driver. And then and then john grounds rolls out that rounds out the podium. They're 4800 and this guy he should have been on but you King sandbagger himself, Casey Gilbert puts another one on the box. He finishes first followed by George Schooley. And then Justin Barth. I didn't realize Barth was in 4800. I was curious what he was running. I think we got up here sitting up here, Jonathan terhune. Hey, tell him what Jimmy's car. He is in a Jimmy's car. Oh, miles now. See? Shouldn't miles you're gonna replace me one day? If you ever saw Miller Miller, Jimmy's. There you go. Well, and now we'll, we'll talk to this guy. All right, Anthony. Talk to me about the UTV finishing results. You called it You said Jamie McCoy was gonna be the guy to be Jamie Jamie wins Levi metzinger in second Cody Miller rounds out the box. Anthony How was that race? You finish seven. Oh, we we was the first heat of the day. So it was pretty chilly. The water was still very cold from the night before. And there was quite a few Creek crossing so I I put it all safely the waterholes being single seat I eat everything. And that cost me a little bit of time, but I kind of figured there'd be more breakage and carnage. Because of course it's pretty slick. But actually Levi the guy got second. I think he blew a front diff on the last lap. I believe. That just expected more Carnage and what there was, but yeah, McCoy, that kind of situation, of course is hard to be. Yeah, he he's kind of the guy on the East Coast man. He really is. Well, awesome, man. You know what a great round out to you know, it's good to be back racing. It's good to see you know, that was the first East Coast event off mostly without a hitch. Aside from all the rain that went down. And culture for was a few days and hours behind on getting everything set up because of the rain. But hey, they pulled it off a very, very, very successfully. Congratulations to the ultra ultra for crack. Congratulations to all the podiums. You guys that didn't do so well. Hey, try better next time. All right, on that note, who wants to talk about San Felipe? I mean, I'm here I'll be in on this. All right, I'm gonna chip I'm gonna lead lead with you since you you're there now and and I know the longer we go into the show, the more masa races you're going to be in and I'm gonna have to cut you off. Oh, yeah, we're drinking. So you guys crossed over this morning. That cross a Calexico? Yep. We came in through Mexicali and we we got through border crossing really easy it was when we got in Mexicali is where the issue started, but wasn't really that big a deal. And you got a you got shut down. I did. I they pulled me over for speeding, which I wasn't speeding. And Brad who is also sitting here with me actually slowed down and let the cop get in behind me. Which I will blame my co driver. But I paid him 80 bucks and we took off down the road. I was like bad. I don't know how much money and racecars on the truck. And I was like, I'm not gonna go to the police station and deal with this. So game $80 we went down the road. No stickers, no sneakers. And no autographs. Well, I thought he was getting wanted an autograph actually, but he just wanted to Benjamin Franklin's Yeah, he did. Terrible, terrible. Well, let me roll through the let me roll through the information that I've got on Bahar right now. Real quick. So Wow, this is uh, this may 14 may 15 to 2021 Kinga baja ran in San Felipe, a Mexico. They're calling the el rey de los baja Viva ultra for simply Bay. It's on the east side of the Baja peninsula. It's just 120 miles south of the border. Apparently those first couple miles south are hard cost chip 80 bucks a mile somewhat something like that early on. It's the gateway to the Sea of Cortez populations, roughly 20,000 people elevation 30 feet so you're you're at sea level car should run really good. Second, all that dense air, whether it's going to be mid 80s, and sunny all week long, which means it's going to be dusty. If anyone's familiar with simply Bay watching any of the trophy truck races, any of the desert races score and what it's worth. There's some really, really fun whoop sections around there. It's cool to see ultra formed back down there. This is the second time they've raced Sam fleabay we raced there last time, I want to say is 2019 cuz 2020 didn't happen anywhere it was supposed to so 2019 and now we're back. There's gonna be a qualifier in the 4400. I don't think there's a qualifier in any other class. Is that right? miles? He's not they're racing. They're qualifying all the classes. They are okay. Qualifying all classes, just power hour for 4400. Gotcha. Okay, I will get in that second. So everyone is going to qualify and qualifying is roughly a mile. I don't understand the start or an order. But whatever. Top 10 points in there, we're going to back down from points on that. So which that would mean No, no surprise that Bailey Cole would be your your last qualifier and Power Hour. Is that correct? Because he is currently the national points leader. Correct? Yeah. All right. That makes sense to me. I don't know if that'll give me an advantage. Actually. No, no, that's actually a handicap being at the back of the pack in a in a desert qualifier? No, that means the holes are gonna be the biggest for you. So yeah. The so what I heard learned today was we're running the same course we did two years ago, which was cool. Same qualifier, just because of the way they can get the permits and where the COVID is going on down here. But I'm gonna tell you why. If I had to pick one race that I had to go race every year, it'd be San Felipe Bay. And I'd pick it over king of the hammers. Wow, that's a that is a tall order, because king of hammers is pretty much where it's at. So before I want to come back to the COVID protocols down there, but let me get through a couple more stuff with with with everybody. One main pit, no chase race. 25 mile per hour is in the speed zone. A 25 mile per hour speed zone in the hot pit. The race itself 22 mile loop. It's rock desert chip just said it's the same as it was two years ago. Chip miles. Any any other insight on that? How much of that is you'll give me a percentage on what do you think? Does two rocks is a longer desert than rocks? Oh, good, good ship. No. miles, right. It's a lot more desert rocks. The rocks are not what we would call like at hammers. They're just kind of bumpy going down Creek rocks and some, you know, going over hills and things like that. And, you know, honestly, the biggest thing that we have to watch out here is spectators. When we raced here two years ago, Brad and I popped up out of a canyon, and we were right in the middle of a bunch of tents. Oh, and none of them were Marcos Gomez. No, no, no, not a single one of them. Right. And we got 150 feet each data center that's why did you bring a the extra wide. Roll out construction level tape for that. I got Bailey's tape measure. You got Bailey's tape measure. Yep. His his doesn't read well, from what we heard out of out of my lab. And when I saw I actually saw pictures of him measuring from centerline at Rush. I found that to be pretty funny and pretty awesome. Yeah, he took it in stride. I talked to him about it. And you know, we talked about it before. You know, he, he took it in stride, and he went for his own race down in Kentucky. And he owned it. Yeah, just mud, just just mud there. Well, so So based on what you've seen so far, Chip down there. Talk to me about COVID protocol south of the border and what it's taken for you guys to get across. And then what you understand the conditions to be for you guys to come back. So, you know, coming through here, we actually made it through easier this time until we got into Mexicali, which that was a change. You got to make sure you got registration or titles or anything you're bringing across. As Andy brought some razors across. We don't have registration, but they actually turned them around because they didn't have the titles. We didn't have that two years ago, because we brought the same stuff that we did two years ago. Other than that, it's the same. We're sitting here at peace camp. It looks like two years ago. I mean, we're following the protocols that the government's asking us to do, but you wouldn't really see a big change. Okay, all right. Well, as we jump into this, I'm ready to break down some classes. I don't want us to get too far behind 20 minutes in as we look at UTV right now the list Allen Allen Johnson told me a current list his current list, what we see up on the website is as good as gospel at this moment in this cut in time, we've got we've got 13 UTV guys that made the travel the trip down there. I can see that maybe that's what's hampered the numbers is what chip said is that you needed to have a title to cross the border. So you know some of these cars purpose built a chip chime in on this. How's that work on the the big cars so whatever We did on the four cars is we made below sales. And we actually use the Keio age band with the numbers that were on them. Okay. And I mean, because they don't have a title and those they didn't even look at those. They were looking more at the pit bikes and the razors. They just wanted to make sure that we weren't bringing stolen stuff across. Gotcha. You know, they they they see a lot of that stuff come across anyway for for score and for the you know, Nora and all the other events there south of the border, so probably the big cars aren't exactly on their radar versus how easy it is to run a stolen bike across. Well, talking UTV we've got 13 guys registered right off the bat I see a couple names that I absolutely think are the ringers that that i think you know, just gonna own it. Scott was Sage I see him down there in the 4932 that that guy I have so much respect for him. Cole Clark on the list Corey nassos in there I think that's a there's some there's some good stuff on there. My UTV got it so this is a Korea's first race is it yeah this is a he's usually teamed up with Levi Charlie but this is great. Yeah, that there you go. And now but Levi has really hasn't leave I raced corys car before like a wage this year. Yes. That's that's kind of what I thought. So is Levi gonna co drive for him? I asked that and he said he did not think so. But look at you You are on top of on top of the information way, way better me it's like you have a job working filter for something. I do have a question though. I thought I saw the rants family saying that there were a couple of races running simultaneously, which was causing them some issues with CO drivers and crew. What would be racing simultaneously if anybody knows that would be causing like the ranch family to have some issue. So it's a morning race and an after race. So it's 44 in the afternoon and everything else in the morning so I can see that being an issue for somebody like that. Yeah, cuz cattle ranch are racing and 4500 and the racing UTV as well. So you could you could in theory get there I think it's I think there's some really cool things going on going on in the EMC if we we jump into that that morning race on the you TVs though I didn't hear you mentioned Mark Welch he won at Moab How can you not bring him up? I didn't bring him up but thank you for bringing him up to him see he's second fastest lap and utvs at Moab and won the race and can't even get a mention Come on man. I I'm gonna pay Shannon can we kicked her Hoon back down to the crown? I don't know he comes in with knowledge. You know, I'm always impressed like how much information like you know guys like you know miles or Pam or other people in this crowd. That's why you guys are up here is to have and I can't I can't get it all. I can't get it. All right. One more you miles. I didn't hear Trey McKinley who also had the fastest lap of my web. Two guys. Yes. Tres two guys, I think can be up there towards the top that are worth a mention. And zalim drew didn't mention him. I can read off. Read off all 13 or one if you want me to read off all 13 entries but I just want you to read the guy that won last race Is that too much to ask? Maybe that was too late. No. Oh God, I love busting balls. Thank you. I mean, I did need that. Well in him see God dang it terhune freaking out me laughing in the AMC, you know 4500 I only see three entries which I see this being you know, because he's got Morning Race and afternoon races john grounds in 4500 and and 4400 Rick lavado and then Shawn rants and that's the that's part of the the rants issue that we're talking about UTV and run an EMC as well and 4500 I I'm going to talk about 4600 last I'm gonna jump to 4800 Bret Harrell, Chase Cabrera cross Chuck Crossland Cody young, Eric wickel. Kevin ultra for Jones. Logan Goodall, Michael Lamplugh. Michael London. You know, Michael Trevino, our current King Randy slawson and Trent Roberts. working my way back up that list Randy slawson, he wins k waste this year. He has a 40 100 car that they just busted out and bust out and worked on and got it got it ready and decided they were going to go go race simply Bay a few weeks ago. I think that's a great story. I think I heard details from somebody somewhere that Randy is actually going to co drive in the 4400 race. Yep. For wicks. Yep. For for Chris wicks, right. Actually, Justin Luke says Son is actually going to drive I believe so. So Justin's gonna Okay, I get them all because there's so many wicks and I mess it all up. So why Justin is driving for Chris wakes he substitute in which Randy is going to co drive. And Randy busted the 4800 Carter today we're gonna try to get back together tonight and tomorrow he blew a front axle. And hopefully we get it back together. Oh, well Good. Good. I mean, Randy is definitely one who will put put a ship to shit on the box and get it together. I have no doubt they'll work all night on that. We're gonna weigh up the list. Michael London current favorite I gotta say for me personally, just personally because I just interviewed him he was just this week's talent tank Episode 47 I've got to give a shout out to Ian Johnson over big Tiger Raj there in Tennessee. He reached out to me after that episode and Lily told might tell me hit up Michael and share my contact information with Michael let him know any media and marketing stuff that he needs. He's got it for me so that's awesome big car garage and Johnson reaching out to help the marketing of a guy that's you know, former service member and a guy that's just putting so much out there for wounded warrior. There's also gonna be in Johnson, my own editor Gary, Gary young who edited episode came to me afterwards and was like, hey, if that guy needs any voiceover work please you know share my information. I don't know how much voiceover work Mike alone is going to need but uh i found it very cool to to people I have so much respect for in the world to step up and in backup a guy like that on the list. Logan good ol man you can never can't. Great great driver. Good Kid. Kevin ultra for Jones. We love ultra for Jones. He's doing a damn fine job marketing out there. Crosland. Well, Chase Cabrera chase Chase was absolutely killing it wouldn't chase the the pole setter. He won the race. Also. He didn't win the race too, right. Yeah, I mean, yeah, I mean, for him. Was that sufficient that I worked everybody in there? Yeah, yeah, you got I think you got the guy that won the race. who wasn't that one? Moab just put you on the spot. codium. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, we should mention him right? Yeah, but I'm gonna let monster that I need to open up. I guess go back and pull up my stuff from to two races ago since this is the second West race in the series. That'd be important, huh? All right. So 4600 album contrasts. super fan favorite of Albert. You know, he really races everything. Brad level. No comment. We're gonna come back to Brad. JOHN Snell. Jonathan Smith, Josh atterberry. Love Josh atterbury loved him in the VW in that class. 10 Justin Reese. Justin. Justin is a favorite of mine as well and his Toyota and our current King and our current King Sean and Brian McNamara and twitchy McGee and Hey terhune for this. I don't know what position he finished in but twitchy McGee was on the podium at Moab. That's what I really yeah, third place and I put a lot to this fastest lap. And it's exciting to see in 4600 because in every other class generally the fastest lap goes to the winner or the person that was waiting until they weren't but in 4600 he was the second fastest lap and the third atterbury and fifth was the fastest lap and just the brace of course the winner did not have the fastest lap. But that's kind of how 4600 goes it's definitely a true endurance race where you you know to finish first you must sprint must finish definitely applies in this class. Yeah, and my disappointment in that race was a the the number a on that one, the 468 the samurai driven by amber Turner. I wanted to see her do better and I think you know she she had a rough go there, but it's really cool to see. See her see see this new new chick out there killing it. You know, this was her second k wage, but I believe she's also in San Felipe Bay on a chip Have you ran into her but she should be down there. running around with Ronnie slawson since she is one of the bomber fab crew now, I was gonna say Isn't she working on Randy's car as we speak? That would be my guess. Well, Randy, I know Randy is right beside her work and he's not you know, having a having beers with chip and talking about how his crews changing out stuff. All right. While we're here talking 4600 the new Broncos. Brad level. He holds he holds one down there. This is gonna be the first race for Ford factory racing. They announced it at km h we hadn't seen one show up in an event yet. And yet, here they are. 4600 factories support factory racing for Ford motors in our midst, what's everyone's take on this? How either help pool or do you think it's going to be just a bastardization of the 4600 class and going to get it? I think it's awesome for the sport period. And and level just he's a humble awesome dude. And to have him represent for performance and bring the bronco out. I think it's great for ultra for I think it's great for Brad, I think it's great for Ford. I think it's, it's awesome. So listen to your talent tank, Wyatt when you interviewed Brad. I'm saying I think it was pretty honored to Ford is doing something that is bringing its ultra for and to see that thing on the trainer, the picture gesture I haven't seen in person yet. I think it's pretty cool for our sport and for him to finish in the stock Bronco, what, two weeks ago? And but third place? Yeah, that's right. I mean, I think that's pretty cool. And to hear what he did, from his experience with ultra poor and the other organizations we've a lot of it was race with. I mean, that's pretty powerful. Me, you know, it makes us little guys seem like, Oh, wait, we do have an influence on what's going on. It legitimizes us. Yeah, I agree with that. And what we've been chasing for, you know, some of us have been chasing our entire lives, someone was chasing greater than 10 years, sometimes just chasing a year. But it legitimizes what what we've been chasing and no better ambassador for the sport than Brad level. The guy's lived and breathed and lit, you know, snorts dust. He's been in it for so long, different classes, different series different promoters. But for Brad St. Partners, he's been, you know, for the most part, Ford BFG amsoil. When I think about amsoil, I think about Brad's face, that's kind of like how synonymous it is in my, in my world thinking about them. And for four to get in with factory racing, I think this goes a long ways. I really hope for really good things out of that car, I hope it doesn't absolutely just dominate 4600, where it kind of changes the look and feel of 4600. But at the same time, you know, I'm all for moving forward. I have a couple of things to add on that. One, I'm gonna throw it back to like 2009 and ultra for right Brad and Roger were Oh, geez, in the ultra for community, they show up and sleep in the back of their truck, just like the rest of us. I think Brad's loyalty, like you say to amsoil, to be of GE to all of his partners is, is top notch. I, they were definitely people that I looked up to when I first got into the sport. And they're they're true professionals. And they've been loyal to the Ford and Bronco throughout their entire racing career. So to see them get the recognition from Ford on this, I think is huge. And to be the first ones to bring it out makes a lot of sense. And anything that keeps broad level racing and ultra for I think is good for both Brad on the sport as well. So that's just a couple of things on Brad and just how long he's been around this. Yes, he's done a lot of other things. But he's been, he's been in ultra force since the very beginning. And to see him come back and be the one to introduce that Bronco in this way is just cool. And then on top of it, you know, if you would have asked me four or five years ago, which class I thought might be on the verge of dying out, it would have been the 4600 class. And now we're in Mexico, and there's more 4600s there than there are 4500s. And we have we have factories, wanting to factory support wanting to get involved in that class. Nothing bad can come of that. And knowing David J t, and where they go with making sure races are fun and competitive where they need to be. If these things blow it out of the water, I see them making them their own class like a spec class, but I don't think that's necessarily going to be the case. And I think everybody's just gonna have to bring it a little bit. But do I see that there could potentially be a legends and a pro class or a, you know, like a legends version of 4600? Maybe, but they'll figure that out as they need to. But you know, I've seen so many cards that people have said, Oh, this is going to be the class killer, and nine times out of 10 they're not. So I just think we need to take that with a grain of salt. That's a great perspective. I think I'm with you there. I'm actually surprised to see in the emcee. Dan fresh Dan fresh not there. Dan fresh has been the guy that's been the guy to be in ultra for this year in the EMC class in EMC and in 4500. And he's not there. I was wanting to see I got Dawson Dawson Ellington's on with us. You know, I'm gonna throw him up here on stage for discussion. Dawson, talk to me about 4500 and kind of what you're thinking about why there's only a 340 500 showing up down there. So honestly, just going off me I agree with everything Shannon said. I kind of want to go back to 4600 all right now, you know, seeing I was kind of hoping that would happen when Jeep was getting involved and we saw that Gladiator race I was like, oh getting all excited that factory support was coming to the stock class and then the Larry's the one race and that was a little disappointing. But now that for obviously, you know, they're, they're throwing it all in there. They're AC I really hope there's not another scenario where the only race one race and they're like, Oh, no, this isn't for us, you know? Um, but 4500 I don't know. I I can answer that one. Honestly, I'm, I'm bombed down right down there, but just, you know, circumstances changed for us and we're able to make it to this one that's understandable fully understandable. I think last thing on the Broncos because I I feel like as president of the bronco haters club, I should speak up. Yeah, if you look on the insiders page, there's a nice fJ video that I thought was a bronco The first time I watched it, but I think the coolest part about the bronco though. There's two different groups. There's those that are cheering for the field and those that are cheering for the bronco. But long story short, there's a lot of people watching 4600. And I think that's just that's really cool. It's bringing some attention to the class and me personally, I'm cheering for everybody. But Brad, I love Brad. He's an awesome guy. But man, I got to root against the bronco. I'm cheering for everybody else. Is that's kind of what we did for, you know, Boston Kyle a few weeks ago recency and fleabay 250. It wasn't that we liked or didn't like the Lordstown or load tanker what Lordstown was trying to do we just really wanted to see the the David beat the Goliath in in Boston Kyle in his 30,000 $40,000 for runner put it to a million plus dollar budgeted race team right same idea that's why I'm hoping the best case scenario is win or lose no matter who it is is that it's a good race between the the bronco and the rest of the class that would be best thing best case scenario yeah absolutely absolutely. Well let's move on let's let's move on to my boys man. This is my this my favorite portion of the show talking talking 4400 talk in the unlimited nothing against all the other classes I just I don't identify very well I have a problem I identify with the 4400 guys better just because I like big tires and horsepower and zero is given and it used to be eraser now spec spectator the put on a helmet every now and then. You know that miles you rode with me a lot. It was scary but it was fun. Hey, feel like you're you know thrown stones here. Alright, yeah, we're gonna check off the the term podium from from Moab. Well, Brian Crofts on the box that was that was pretty awesome to see crops. You know, sink his teeth into that number one spot. I use a man possessed fault. He's backed up. He's being chased by to Gomez. Darien and JP and then they're in the fourth spot is a rock royalty Jason shear, followed by another Gomez. Then you got the Campbell's father daughter Shannon and Bailey. And then Vaughn get and Tad darker. And then Jason Blanton in the 10th. Spot rounding out your top 10 from Moab. Yeah, man. So this event. I'm gonna I'm gonna actually I'm gonna go out there and say that I can see Brian Crofts doing well. I remember in 2019 crops, absolutely. Killed down there. I don't remember what his position was about. I remember his qualifying round. I think most people will remember his qualifying round because he was a step down. He was too far to the right clip some rocks, it throws him into a bike and he basically up shifts in the bike as driving through a cloud of dust. And I'll bet you Ryan Miller remembers that. Can you hear me Why? Yeah, absolutely. can hear you go. Oh, yeah, I was co driving for him in that race. will talk to us, man. That's why I'm talking about this. This is your spot. Qualifying run was when we left that lip you just talked about both of us went Oh shit, because we saw that big wall on the passenger side. But he didn't lift so. And you and you just took a face full of dirt. And did you guys did you guys end up on the pole for that? No, we were third or fourth. I think there's a big GL on the backside of the course that we checked up for and that was like two seconds between that and first. So So Ryan Ryan Miller, with Campbell racing Campbell, and he's a, he's been the filling driver for the substitute driver for Bailey Campbell for most of well, the last year really the last year. But Bailey is back in the car. She's, she's a proud Mama. How's that make you feel Ryan that you, you're sliding back to the right seat now? I'm fine with that. I'm, I'm ready for her to get back in and let's pick up where we left off. Now, is it because she's faster than you or more calculated than you? Probably both, right. Fair, fair, fair, fair. And then, you know, we talked about it, or at least brought it up at the very beginning of the show about kind of not talking about rules, if you've got, you know, an issue or whatever to go to your class liaisons. There's some stuff that's been brought up about split times. Ryan, as the class is on for 4400 you'd heard some split tongue discussions. You know, there's some sweet tongue discussions coming out of the Campbell stables. Dave heard these Dave call her these he reached out to you to talk to the Class Rep about working that out and you guys have a date set up in the next couple days in St. fleabay to sit down and discuss the issues in whatever is going on around that right yep. And see that's the amicable solution we're looking for right that hey, there's an issue that's been cropped up by propped up by several drivers it's been floated to the surface and now you know the liaison and in ultrapro are gonna sit down and and work through whatever that is and get most sides comfortable. Seems amicable right? Yeah. All right. Well, let's get let's get back to talking racing so as chip walked us through and miles gave me some information and Allah gave me some information about what the what the race looks like this one main pit no chase race with a 25 mile our speed zone chip says it's roughly the exact same course that they ran in 2019 I think you know, that's gonna that's it's mostly deserts gonna favor the RFS cars. So let's let's walk through what I mean. We've got 35 cars currently registered we got some guys came came to Texas to make it down there. We got Levi surely on the list. Lauren. We got some some stuff swapping around with the Wix boys with Randy slawson jumping in with Justin Wix. We've got all the Gomez's down there. So all the UFO cars are there. That includes Dan wyrick. Those guys just came off a really crazy cool race that could be put on for Nortel and, and wyrick I think came in second on one of those heats and man, he was just something to watch. crops. Brian could prayer down there. Bailey Cole. I'm pulling for Bailey Cole to do better than fourth talks on that. Anyone? Why I mean, with the names that you've named out this race could be anybody's race with prep and the rocks and the webs and I mean, it. I can't even give you a one to three. Race. I'm damn now I sound like miles. Yeah, you do? Well, I mean, you should throw yourself out there. When are we gonna see a Rufus car on the box? Man, I am trying we it's alluded to. We were doing good in Kentucky. I was in fourth place and lost the brakes. We had a master cylinder just lock up and I was running with emergency brake and I was running there with Porterfield and man that guy's fast and I give it up to that guy. He he got further and we did. But I'm I'm going forward. I'm done trying to finish races. It's we're going to get it really messed up the car. We're gonna get on the box. Well, you know a name that I hadn't even mentioned it Well, before we get there, Chip. I agree. You got it could be your day. It can be anyone's day but someone who I didn't even I hadn't thrown out there yet was uh, he really hasn't had a ton of he hasn't. I don't think he's how to race wind since but he's been super close a lot. But Porsche won this race in 2019. Followed by Shannon Campbell in second and his daughter Bailey Campbell who co driver Ryan Miller is on with us right now. round out your top three there. You know I keep calling calling for Brian crops. That's another Campbell car. They were fifth. That's that's looking at horsecar sit here in the parking lot it Pete scamp. He was running on the beach Amanda ago. And you know that guy, you know I envy that guy. He gets a he thinks outside the box. He builds a lot of the stuff himself. He's had a lot of misfortunes. Like he did in Moab. He simply broke a bracket out of the frame. You know, that dude's the guy to watch. I mean, just like any of the other guys. So that's why I can't, you know, it could be anybody have one of the boxes. It could be anybody sitting out there waiting for the record to. So I'm going to I'm going to the list out of the cars that are There Am I kind of right in my thinking that Bailey Cole and Jason shear are the only racers that also raced Russia a few weeks ago in the mud. Now we did chip was at night race rush. I'm so sorry about that. I didn't know that. You guys didn't race Moab though? Correct. We were saving the cars for rush. And you know we decided to skip Moab and we signed skip Montana, but we're racing every other race. JOHN granton's also. who rolled right off the is handsome j one. Yeah, that was handsome. Marker like 1.5. Now you didn't even make it a mile. Well, you had to go up the ravine. It was it was an undercut, big rock slab, whatever you want to call it. And if you didn't go up and write it, they would send Jen they got him. I guess he was doing his hair. Classic gay. I like the I like the meme that his wife made of him. I don't remember what it said now. I want a handsome erase more just so his wife could make more means good dude to he is funny. They're really solid people, both of them. The most favorite one is when he did the tick tock. sitting across from Jason and Bailey acted like he had a restraining order. Yeah, and he yells over his hey, yeah, I'll bet you. That guy's got a mind of his own. Yeah, he's, he's, he's, well, you know. He reminds me a lot of you chip but just much better looking. Well, that's why he goes by handsome J. And well, I got my chip. And happens. All right, guys. Let's roll through it, man. I'm gonna kind of ask the crowd here. I mean, it is it this is gonna be hard. This is there's a lot I've got a lot of you guys up on the stage. But this is gonna be hard to kind of go through. Who do you Who do you think your favorites are? Because I'm I'm looking at the list, man. And really, I'm the only one I can really pick as is Brian Krause. I see Brian. Top three. I don't know if he lands up on the box. I got to throw it out there to Vaughn getting Vaughn getting to be somewhere up in that area. And then throat to budget guy that you know is super fast as a very super capable car. We've seen them you know win a ton of races. But Cody Addington. That's my three. Tell him what you got on the spot here first. All right. I think it was mentioned but I've got to go with horschel winning it. You know, same thing. 4600 everybody talked about levels experience in Baja. And Porsche has got that down there. He's got the previous win. He's got that hunger of Moab. I think he's just going to be honored at this race. Wrapped up the podium with JP Gomes and second and then going for Brian compare and third. I feel like he's got the car and he is due to get on podium. And then just for fun. I'll throw Bailey Colton, fourth sorry, Bailey. Oh, happens. Hey, you know, we haven't talked to this guy yet. And I'll absolutely love him. He's actually killing it on the media game. But Kevin over for Jones. Kevin, you're on there. He just walked away his phone died and he was with us. Where he went, alright, I'm gonna go to dog. I'm here. Oh, they're ultra for Jones. You know, we didn't talk about you in the MHC class II. I'm gonna give you a little bit of, you know, a little bit of a platform here to speak on driver the 518 How are you? How prepared are you for EMC? And what is kind of your strategy for it? I'm, I'm pretty dang prepared. I'll be honest, the car is in good shape. what's what's not as my phone's at 1% I'm gonna struggle to plug it in here real quick. But yeah, I like I like the environment down here because it's, it's very much like hammers, which I think suits kind of my driving style and my background of like, terrain understanding. So I'm excited. I think we got a we got a good field name. See, I think interesting dynamic is 4900 will be in the mix with us. And then 4600 is only doing two laps and 4900 student three laps. So just just kind of working, working with the traffic and understanding the different classes. It'll be a little bit interesting, but do you think that's gonna hurt some feelings when uh, when guys got have to pull over to let you TVs? Why? Yeah, yeah, I mean, I'll be honest, I'm gonna be one of them. So my car being older, it's it's a lot stronger in the rocks than it is in the desert. But you know, you just got to keep in mind you're racing. You're racing the clock. You're not racing those guys. So let them let them race their race and you race yours and Let it go Let it happen, you know? Yeah, cuz, you know, historically it's been, you know, the faster cars or the bigger cars. And in this scenario, it's actually inverted. Right. So normally if a little smaller car couldn't move. Yeah, I mean, usually the bigger car could give him a bump or whatever. Which, by the way, this way, if the bigger car if you big guys don't get out of the way, those guys are really not going to move. Yeah. Yeah, no, for sure. I mean, we all got to be respectful of what everybody's doing and, and what we're trying to get accomplished. But you know, that those guys have been proven their worth against the class stands and some of the other environments. So it's 4400. Yeah, for sure. No, for sir. I have all the respect for those guys. But I just personally, I, I can't bring myself to get in one of those and call it a racecar. But they're fast. They're for sure. Fast. So I mean, if they come up behind me and they give me the horn, I'll get out of the way and respect their day. And, you know, I assume they're going to respect mine. Gotcha. Well, give me your Give me your 4400 podium. Oh, gosh. I think Paul's gonna gonna get it done again. I think I think I think Justin wax might surprise some people, especially with Randy in the passenger seat. And I don't know maybe one of those Rufus boys, you know, round off the podium, like they said, checkers or wreckers. See, Chip, somebody cheering for you? We knew we find somebody out there somewhere. JOHN Shaffer man, john, who you picking on 4400 race, you've been spot on in your pick. So I mean, I haven't really thought about 4400 I would just lay it out my 46 is. That's all right. You got favorite, so don't you know? Okay, we'll jump over to Nate Jesse. Hey, Nate. We hadn't we hadn't talked to you yet. But uh, Nate, tell me tell me your top three on the box for 4400. And man, why say? Man, I think I think a lot like what everybody said so far. It could be anybody's race. But if I had to pick three I think top of the box gonna be Bailey. Cole. He's got it coming. He's been working hard. I think he's gonna make it happen. I go with Paul horschel too. And then Dan, why? Why Rick and third. I think coming off at NorCal race he's done really well. He did really well. There. He's done really well. Season. I think he's gonna be able to pull it off. Be on the podium. Yeah, man. It's a hard one Anthony young. He got here. Anything is so slow to hit his mute off. There he is. First off turn didn't mention the points later and the side by side class. So I'm gonna go with Jacob Percy and the side by side glass. Okay. Charles, on your second Scott will say I want to let's say his fan. He's a good dude. Yeah, I don't know about the UTV guys that that well, I just don't know enough, um, well enough and tore him you know, give me a lot of shit about that. But, uh, in my defense to Anthony, I bypassed him kind of like the utvs or bypassing part of the course. Oh, no, here we go. And this is, you know, the inside call here. Ryan Miller. You can pick the top podiums, but please, you know, I know you're gonna pick a bunch of Campbell cars. 123 So, is that where it's gonna be? Uh, I mean, obviously, you want to cheer for your own team, but if I was if I was picking, not by feelings, I think you're you might be on to it. Why it was Brian. I know he's he's been working on this car getting it dialed in a lot. And I'll tell you what, in Moab he was stopped on course for like nine minutes, I think and when he went by me, I was like, holy crap, he is on fire. And he said his car was just flawless. After that, I have a feeling you know after riding with him down there, he might be able to pull it off. Yeah, I'm a fan there. Pick you know the top three I want to say leave I surely might be might be due for one here you know he's he's always up there and he's had a couple couple hits of bad luck but I think he he could do it and I think either Lauren or or Paul are are going to be up there as well. Well on Levi it's not for lack of hard work. That guy is such a hard worker on his race program. He is constantly on it. And yeah, it's it's alluded him here at the moment. Yeah, I'm not gonna Lauren Lauren is always in the always in the conversation. He's uh he's he's veritable man and he's the guy he's he just hasn't had one here super recently. He's but he's always putting on a show on appreciate and then I'm not going to Skipper you know, she yelled at me last time because I did skip over but Shannon well, Shannon, handicap for me what you got girl? I'm gonna say we're gonna have our first couple on the podium. I think we're gonna have a Brian Krause and Bailey Campbell on the podium. She came in third there. Didn't they get engaged there, Ryan? What's up? They did. Yeah, they got engaged there two years ago, but that's not I mean, that's cool. Obviously, she's back there now with the baby. And but I'm gonna say, Bailey gets hungry when she's been on the podium somewhere. She knows this course if it's the exact same course. And she's getting back in the driver's seat. She She takes after her data on the competition side of things. I would really love to see our first couple on the podium in separate cars. That's that's that's a fun detail. Huh? Wow. Well, uh, on that note, I want to jump into I can't wait to see see the live show. miles. miles is representing ultra for me. Here in the live show coming on. He's not going to be in Mexico. He's flying out to Los Angeles to their studios from the booming metropolis of paella Kansas and getting out there and Myles explained to me how you guys are pulling off the live show from the middle of nowhere. So yeah, with all the COVID protocols, we are doing our bit. I lost miles. All right. I'm there. I'm hearing him. Okay. All right. You hear me Shannon? Yeah, I got you. I got your miles gone. So yeah, so with the COVID protocol, or trying to have a Lightfoot, we're leaving our main production team in LA area. So I'm gonna fly out there tomorrow. cameras on site, we'll have I think six cameras. Dan Campbell will be on site and then they'll shoot it to the take it live guys. And that's where I'll be calling the show and there'll be cutting it and all that jazz. So it'll be a it'll be a cool way to go. It's kind of it's very similar to what we normally do. It's just not not at the race track. So I won't we won't be of all the interviews and whatnot. But we'll have a live show. It'll be cool. I'm excited to do it and it's gonna be good done. Well, awesome. Thank you for that Myles. I want throw in two more things. We're down to sub three minutes left until my alarm goes off and then we can start after our session and then talk about everything that everyone who's not on right now is going to miss out on but uh john john good be good be was on here Episode 45 Is that right? 40 someone there just a few weeks ago, and he's been up in South Dakota working on the buffalo chip track they cut cutting new track for the Sturgis race that's coming up here. Oh gosh. Yeah, I mean, it's fastly approaching What are we about a month away from that one? That track looks super fast super cool. Cool terrain changes no trees not a tree anywhere to be site net sorry not tree any word we seen the elevation changes though look awesome and amazing. Pretty excited about that one. After that, what do we got after that we got training coming up. Summertime but mostly the thing that I want to bring up if no one if you missed it I'm not sure how you could possibly miss it. But ultra for nationals will be will not be in Reno that that park the Wild West Park sold sold to the construction company at the bottom of the hill and they are breaking ground on a new asphalt facility there. So we got thrown into looking for a new location for nationals and they have settled on those nationals will be in Oklahoma at the crossbar great place to race not the best place to spectate but man we're gonna change that we you know, let's make lemons out of lemonade. I look forward to seeing everybody at Nationals when that goes down. I honestly can't wait it's a is one of my favorite races of the year just because it is nationals and I know that ultra four does amazing stuff across born from a drivers point of view that is a that's about the closest thing to to k a wage outside of K wage and then adding in trees and water. Scotland is centrally located well I think there's a debate about that miles I mean, centrally located to the geographical lower 48 sure, centrally located to the majority of racers I don't think so. But I I know the East Coast guys will will complain if it's further west, which they were fine going to Reno. But if we go any further east, the West Coast racers all complain. So but it's closer to me. Well, it is you can drive and we need to talk about that you need to talk about that offline because I need a place to stay. All right on that note. My alarms are spinning again. As long as you're the little spoon. Hey guys. Thank you everyone for tuning in. Really appreciate everyone jumping on to this hour long. Pre special. See there goes the alarm right there. Turn that bastard off. I can get it with one hand. Yeah, I got it. Thank you guys for everyone for tuning in to this, our special bench racing. Each of the ultra four races this season here in 2021. It's a cool new format we've, we've tried, we broke it open. Thank you, Shannon Welch for introducing this format and or introducing this platform. And let me run with a format on it. You're awesome. Todd Stoffer, who also helped admin or whatever you would call it all the behind the scenes stuff on this episode. Thank you. Thank you, Todd. Thank you, Shannon for handling this And on that note, everyone, I'm gonna turn the record off. Give me a couple seconds. Don't leave. Thank you for listening and taking the dive into the tail end take please like and subscribe on Instagram at the tail end date for our website, the talent