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Mark Valley

Venture into the elusive world of intelligence collection and espionage to spot, assess and debrief: spies, handlers, catchers, analysts, cut-outs, dangles, diplomats, security experts and occasionally the storytellers who bring them all to life. See the world through their eyes. Check your electronics and subscribe, do a thorough surveillance detection route, find your Live Drop location, and after a mad-minute introduction, listen in on conversations with our fascinating guests who illuminate a hidden universe. A HUMINT Experiment with Mark Valley.

Recent Episodes

A Moscow Station Conversation with John Sipher who Shares the Secret to a Good Spy StoryOctober 19, 2020 Episode artwork Author and former refugee, Kao Kalia Yang Reveals the Life, Loss, and Hmong Legacy of the Secret War in LaosOctober 13, 2020 Episode artwork Author Jonathan Dyer Switches Back to his Time on Teufelsberg as an Army Intercept Operator with Field Station BerlinOctober 01, 2020 Episode artwork International Security Risk Specialist Mike Croll Starts a New Conversation about Safety, Security and RiskSeptember 21, 2020 Episode artwork Berlin Photographer Dan Kane and That Time the Stasi Made it Weird on the Way to RostockSeptember 14, 2020 Episode artwork Unraveling the Portland Spy Ring with Dead Doubles author Trevor BarnesSeptember 04, 2020 Episode artwork Global Health Supply Chain is Having a Moment - A Covid Conversation with Expert Maeve MagnerAugust 07, 2020 Episode artwork Former CIA Analyst Cindy Otis Reveals How to Spot Fake News in a Crowded FeedJuly 24, 2020 Episode artwork Norman Ohler’s The Bohemians Reveals a Spy Ring the Nazis Didn’t Want us to RememberJuly 17, 2020 Episode artwork A Profile of Life in Beirut and Lebanon's History of Unrest with Middle East Historian Emily WhalenJune 20, 2020 Episode artwork Author Jessica Pearce Rotondi Searches the Secret War in Laos for Answers to a Family MysteryJune 12, 2020 Episode artwork Mossad Sends In The Good Assassin to Catch The Butcher of Latvia with Author Stephan TaltyMay 30, 2020 Episode artwork Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster Veteran Dr. Sergei Belyakov Liquidates an Unseen EnemyMay 22, 2020 Episode artwork Dissecting the Anatomy of a Spy For Intent and Motivation with Author Michael SmithMay 15, 2020 Episode artwork Special Forces Author James Stejskal Stays Behind in Berlin with an Unconventional UnitMay 08, 2020 Episode artwork Federal Investigator Fred Burton Presents the Beirut Rules And The Hunt for HezbollahMay 01, 2020 Episode artwork US Marine and Special Agent Cody Perron Reveals the Diplomatic Security ServiceApril 22, 2020 Episode artwork Shoulder Surfing in Hong Kong with Security Consultant Ilya UmanskiyApril 08, 2020 Episode artwork Air America Pilot Neil Hansen Drops Some Hard Rice on the CIA's Secret War in LaosMarch 25, 2020 Episode artwork Former CIA & FBI Tracy Walder Shares an Unexpected Journey from Sorority Girl to Spy to Spyhunter to EducatorMarch 11, 2020 Episode artwork Stephen Vogel Digs Into Cold War Berlin and Taps Into British Spy George BlakeFebruary 29, 2020 Episode artwork Canadian Author and Journalist Joyce Wayne Rolls Up the Soviets and Local Members of the Cold War’s Ottawa Spy RingFebruary 07, 2020 Episode artwork Polish Solidarity Operative Witold Radwanski Reveals the Golden Rule of KonspiracjaJanuary 24, 2020 Episode artwork High Stakes Poker Player Joe Rivers Reveals How to Avoid Being Shaken or Stirred.July 10, 2019 Episode artwork Dave Rupert American Trucker, Traveler, and British Spy Who Brought Down the Real IRAJuly 03, 2019 Episode artwork