LumberChats: Inside NAU

🌲 Welcome Week: Axeplained ⚒

August 23, 2019 NAU Social Season 1 Episode 1
LumberChats: Inside NAU
🌲 Welcome Week: Axeplained ⚒
Show Notes

You've unpacked your bags and are adjusting to life at 7,000 life. You're still not sure where your first class is and how long it will take you to get there. What can make the college transition easier? Welcome Week. This week gives students exclusive access to programs and clubs on campus and provides opportunities to meet new Lumberjacks, connect and become part of the campus community.

In this episode, we're sharing our Lumberjack tips. From introducing yourself to strangers to going to office hours, taking advantage of free tutoring on campus and leaning into the uncomfortable-- listen up and do these things to get your semester started off on the right foot.

Welcome Week Events:

Peer Jacks Mentoring:

NAU Social Media internship:

NAU Academic Success Center:

Special thanks to Peer Jacks Student Mentoring Director, Joey Ruiz, NAU Social Intern Karringtan Bell and Assistant Director of the Academic Success Centers, Zoe Escarcega

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