RedRock Leadership Podcast

Leverage Your Time!

November 10, 2019 Jeff Ruby, Founder & CEO of RedRock Leadership Season 1 Episode 10
RedRock Leadership Podcast
Leverage Your Time!
Show Notes

Time is every human being’s single greatest non-replenishable resource. Even though it’s often stated otherwise, it’s not possible to save it, invest it or borrow it. However, it is possible for you to leverage it.

During this podcast, I will address questions that my audience has about time. I am a firm believer that you can be efficient or effective if you manage time. However, if you learn to leverage it, you will be both efficient and effective. This will happen when you learn how to treat time with the level of respect it deserves.

Tune in and gain valuable insight on how to:

  • Eliminate time wasters
  • Focus more than 85% of your time on what’s important 
  • Delegate anything that you aren’t uniquely capable of handling
  • Establish expectations, up front, to make the most out of time and establish yourself as a leader

Keep in mind that when you learn to have a good relationship with time, every area of your life will improve. To help you cultivate that relationship, let me introduce you to the RedRock Priority StabilizerTMand the RedRock Leveraging Time BattlecardTM. These are tools that are used by those who attend RedRock’s Personal Leadership Training, and I unveil them to you during this podcast.

I want you to be a successful leader. I also want you to know that so much of your success as a leader is contingent on you setting goals and allocating quality time against highly leveraged activities to accomplish those goals. I trust that this episode of the RedRock Leadership Podcast will help you to do just that!