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5: Leadership and Coaching in Esports

October 16, 2019 Josh Knutson feat. Karen Ruggles, Ashley Jones, and Dana Hustedt Season 1 Episode 2
Esports Ed
5: Leadership and Coaching in Esports
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Esports Ed is all about starting and maintaining your esports team. In this episode, we'll chat with some of the brightest head esports coaches and directors in the game: Karen Ruggles, MS from DeSales University; Ashley Jones from Park University; and Dana Hustedt from Grand View University! All three also bring another factor into play: women in esports! Class is in session, so grab your notebook and learn how to lead the team of your dreams like Dana, Karen, and Ashley do.

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DeSales University:
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Park University:
HSEL (High School Esports League): 

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