Non-Stop Rock Talk with Tyson Briden

Season 1 - Episode 18 - Anthony Corder - Singer - Tora Tora

April 04, 2020 Anthony Corder - Lead Singer of Tora Tora Season 1 Episode 18
Non-Stop Rock Talk with Tyson Briden
Season 1 - Episode 18 - Anthony Corder - Singer - Tora Tora
Non-Stop Rock Talk with Tyson Briden
Season 1 - Episode 18 - Anthony Corder - Singer - Tora Tora
Apr 04, 2020 Season 1 Episode 18
Anthony Corder - Lead Singer of Tora Tora

Tora Tora singer Anthony Corder joins Non-Stop Rock Talk to discuss what's up with Tora Tora these days and how the band is staying busy during these pandemic times. Anthony also gives insight into what the band will be releasing next and of course his affection for the great Ardent Studios in Memphis. Please stay safe and enjoy!!!

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Tora Tora singer Anthony Corder joins Non-Stop Rock Talk to discuss what's up with Tora Tora these days and how the band is staying busy during these pandemic times. Anthony also gives insight into what the band will be releasing next and of course his affection for the great Ardent Studios in Memphis. Please stay safe and enjoy!!!

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Wait, wait. Non stop. Rock talk with place right here. Has any welcome to nonstop rock talk. It's really great to have you on the show tonight.

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Hey, man, Tai said I'm so happy to be on your show. Thank you so much for having me and thank you to everybody for listening. We've, uh we've been having a great time getting a visit with everybody. Been doing some shows and get some feedback online And, uh, just getting engaged with people. And I appreciate you getting me a platform in a voice toe. All the people that rock fans out there,

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man, I'm I appreciate you coming on the show. So? So it's it's likewise, um, before we talk about it for for I want to ask about that tornado lit recently hit Nashville, which is where you live. Um, with all the corona virus things going on, it's almost been kind of an afterthought, which I mean, this is a big thing, but I would assume you your family was saved during the tornado, and it was I believe it was thesis. I got hit the hardest.

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Yeah, it was kind of north east. Uh, Nashville man yell and we've gotten a double play in here. Going on now. The tornado was actually pretty crazy, man. We kind of live south of town about 15 minutes from downtown. And I didn't even realize that there had been a weather event. I want my phone. Didn't I Didn't get it no longer remember anything like that. And, uh, somebody attacks in my wife from Memphis. You know, we're all the band and advice from there, but they had written this about 4 30 and said, Are you guys okay? And we didn't say the message until 5 30 in the morning. But as soon as we saw it, we, like, hold up social media. And there was just supposed my whole entire feed was full of light venues, restaurants that were just devastated. Places that we frequently see shows there was a place that a basement east where scene, you know, everybody from, uh, the dead daisies, huh? To, uh, just I've seen a bunch shows they're just learning about up my habit. Um, it's amazing venue. I got him. Uh, Michael Grimes. Uh, he's a stable in the community. A huge music supporter, local talent, and has headliners and I mean everybody. Ellie Gyn's always bands that are out on the road to ruin their bands To see you come three years, that place place it was pretty damn saying, um, it was pretty, well, one of the pictures that came up to me, the most social media is there was a mural inside building says I believe in Nashville is sort of a brick wall, and it was the only thing still standing there was like a picture. And then the inside of a venue is like, you know, had been devastated. There was water coming up in it. No kind of stuff it That thing was still standing, so that kind of lend itself to the community here in Nashville. Minute it, they already come together is a super creative community of, and people just come out would work When something bad happens, they come out, support each other. They have the hash tag national strong going organizations like hands on National, with all that get organized really quick, and they they have people out by 12 years and stuff immediately. But one thing I really like to say is, uh, you know, I had to talk first responders that got out and just help people. I mean, it started on, uh, the ground. I think it went. It was on the ground for like an hour. That's when it was I think it was. I think it went like 50 miles or something. But it went out north of town, Um, and then the hard part for a lot of everybody who's devastated about me and my light of that. But it kind of hit it on industrial area, where there's buildings and warehouses. Melanie, but winning the lead of the River Ruin and Ace National. That's where is old, you know, thirties and forties and fifties homes with students on Bryant on that and some of those some of those streets were just decimated, man. It was just It was like a war zone. It was just in. People were, you know, I didn't know what to do. They were just devastated. But anyway, they good needs. The silver lining is people who are coming back. The the, uh, the workers and stuff went in and got power in quickly. It took him a few days, but they went in and started out on my way and cleanup was amazing. Um, I actually went out north of town to look, there was a small airport or not. They enter in, you know, Main air. Where international airport. Better. There was a small one and I went out to and there was some warehouse out there that it was still in an urn and, um, buildings that just looked like it. You just write a piece of paper, like all the everything that furniture and all that stuff is all just balled up in just a ball immediately got crinkled up, but piece of notebook paper. It was pretty well. And then, like I said, in East Nashville, there was just rose streets Rose. They were just corners, man. I mean, it was people's. Everything they have is going in a just crazy. It was like a war zone, but in with people were doing a lot of things. They dio they want to do fund raisers. Uh, and they're gonna continue that, uh, cleanup is still happening. I mean, it's still an ongoing event. The Corona viruses kind of put a hold on everything. A lot of fun. Raiser Things have gotten postpone just because we have great people gathering together and, uh, but yeah, man, we're late. We're We're in some interesting times, man. Definitely some food for thought about, uh, you know, some writing and stuff like that. Things that you think for things that we take for granted that are just kind of here every day. You know, I just was talking my Children. Uh, today we're on world from order school. And, uh, you know, just some of the basic necessities there we think of, um, people are lacking, so any way that you want to help that hands on national, that's a great one to go to our your normal doe twos. You know, the Red Cross or any of your your regular little, uh, kind of of Jens organizations would be much appreciated. I know. Uh, but, listen, national is gonna be okay. They're gonna come back to this. There's been two or three of these. They had They had a big 20 hit here in 1998. We had a flight in 2010 where, you know, there was 10 feet of water in at a city under water downtown. Some of the buildings that 10 feet of water and women and people came back. Man, this this community is resilient. It hurts. And and And I don't mean to make light of the people that have suffered tragedy. But the great news is, they come back, man, and people come out support each other. So that's something to give us some hope, you know?

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Yeah, I remember waking up for to go to work that day, and usually the first thing I do is I go to my phone and shirt, and then I look at Facebook in I'm like, Oh, my God, There was a tornado or not So and I actually had some friends, a couple buddies that were in Nashville because they went to the hockey game on Monday night,

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right? Yeah, Yeah,

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yeah, because, ah, believe the Predators played the Oilers and got smoked. And yeah, it was like because I usually cheer for the predators because I kind of feel like having the last few years being down in the hospital all the time and being there if you Yeah, yeah, yeah, exactly. So I'm like, Oh, man, really. But anyways, I wake up to this, and I'm like you know what? I've made some friends there from going down there, and I was, like, trying to contact people trying to contact my friends. They're there to make sure they are. Okay. And then I contacted you and I have a couple other friends. I just want to make sure everybody was okay. It's kind of you kind of feel defenseless suit because you don't know until you get an answer, right?

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Right. That's right. Yeah, straight.

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And, um, the friends there, I would assume they were probably out on Broadway till the wee hours in the morning. And they didn't hear from them for a few hours so that the were all at work. And I was like, Oh, you know, like, I got a whole I haven't got a hold of them yet, And everybody's like, I hope they're okay. And I bet you there Okay, I'm sure they are, but yeah, but it's Cecil Slots that go through your head. And you and I mean, you don't want that to happen to anybody,

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right? Right.

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And I I had heard that five points, um right got hit. And yes. And, um when I the first time I came to Nashville, we have run into the house and we we got this. We have this uber driver who was, like, the first time we matter. We've actually kept in touch with her. Yeah, yeah, what's his bizarre? And she said, Just just, um here's my phone number. Text me when you need to write. So that whole week we had her as, like, our personal uber driver. Wow. Awesome. And the first things he said to us was you guys got to go to five points. Yeah, it's a very, you know, Like, it's a cool neighborhood. And to hear that it was devastated in the tornado was really upsetting.

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Yeah, me and local businesses, I'm telling you, they took a young man. Those restaurants, great, great food, great community. You know, people were there, uh, they were setting up make sure places, uh, perfect beauty and all that kind of stuff. At over five points area, we we spent a lot of time, uh, just visiting over there if we didn't have literally probably up there all the time is feels like a real a place where I would be creative standpoint. Um, well, but we love it. You know, who knows what will happen. But there's just been a lot of growth. A lot of people have had a lot of activity over there with, you know, city girl one and all that kind of stuff. So, you know, we're just keeping everybody in our thoughts and hopefully we can get this ah Corona virus thing kind of under the under the radar and get everybody healthy and their dragon got to get back to what they're working on, so

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yeah, exactly. And, um, I find that the thing about national for myself is I mean, I love Broadway, but when I came to see you and we'll get we'll get to that in a minute where it came to See you, um, that area too. And you said, Oh, there's like, just go around the corner. There's a bunch of bar is there and we ended. Oh, yeah. And we ended up in a bar and we actually saw a girl who was doing all original material. Well, yes, which was so fantastic. It's like, OK, and the disappointing part was maybe it was the day of the week or the time of day, but no one was in there.

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Yeah, yeah, it's funny, man. You know people. It's kind of reminds me of Memphis in that capacity is you kind of get schooled. You know, there's so many talented people. Uh, that rear Memphis reminds me a lot of Nashville. It's you just walk into some hole in the wall and do you hear someone? You go, lad, does not everybody in the whole world know who this person is? They're so talented and they're so good. And then if it shares that aspect of their city, you know, not only great heritage, but the new people, the young people, they're coming up, they're talented and stuff that you go. Wow, man, this just spoils me away. But it's just ah, you know, Memphis and Nashville, or they just have, uh, different elements to him. And I think Memphis, one of the things that they're missing is just infrastructure. You know, Obviously I'm super a lot of national. What? I'm supervised because I grew up in Memphis and that community to stuff in. I'm just read for him. I hope I hope I can contribute some way and helping the music industry there, Uh, you know, continued to have success, and I will not send in the end all be all but just that I could contribute in some way. People are wanting to personally the entertainment industry or our have companies and organizations that are associated with that I want I want to continue to be a part of that. It it changed my life in that city. I moved there. You know, my dad worked for airlines and we moved all over the country, and he wanted to get back closer to home to the Delta in Mississippi. And he got an opportunity to goto. Yeah, it is. And I move there hospital like that. Great. And I remember, uh, walking in the street. I lived in like, a little neighborhood I want in the street. And I heard music in a busy these days, man and set up in there are upstairs bedroom disguise the house playing music, you know? I mean, I just thought they were like, you know, recon van, anyone, or some because I have the wrench was out of the house and, you know, and but, you know, my family was always musical and all that kind of stuff, So I was kind of attracted that kind of stuff. But once I once I got established, you know, and it moved there. That's when I kind of bumped into Patrick. It was about a year and 1/2 or so later. We met in high school. I need a just everything that happened us. When we think of it like that, we're all together and still able to do this. And, you know, we've known each other for so long. It's just pretty crazy to think about how music is the fact that our life and all the people it's introduced us to, you know, like you and all these other people we run into, they just come in your life because it means like I saw some name that was Sporting Reynolds media. That said, I think of all the people that have come into my life because it means that, you know, I think was one of the threads for light mustard Iraq or work out. But I was like, Wow, man, it is so that is so true. It's just Ah, it's a community As a culture, it's a sense of belonging It's an escape. You know, it's all these different Ellis, Um, that is so powerful. And, uh, we're just lucky that we get to do it. I mean, we love it, man. I mean, I do. I'm serious. Are I still love it as much as they're the very first time I sat on the edge of my bed and started kind of strong round corners, You know, that one family was starving. My uncle on Anson. It just keeps on where? You know, I think that's Ah, that's something that's really, uh, something that's really powerful right now with our without the really heavy, uh, events and everything's going on with everybody is just isn't out with, you know, a place for people to go. I don't know.

spk_0:   15:51
Yeah, it's heavy. It totally isn't it? And the funny thing is is like sometimes social media is a pain in the ass. But yeah, also helps you to keep up with. I mean, you meet people and you can keep up with, um I think there's there's a lot of good that can come out of it, like, you know, like, if I want to talk to you and say Hey, Anthony, do you want to come on my podcast and Yeah, and I can return it to you, right? And it's like, Hey, man, how you doing? Are you doing OK? You know, that's a good thing. And then that keeps the music going Where? 30 years ago, it was like you had to be a pen pal. Or you had to write someone a letter or you know what I mean? Like,

spk_1:   16:31
right? Yeah. You waited on a newsletter or they kissed Army to ship you out. Something that you could look at.

spk_0:   16:38
That's right. Or

spk_1:   16:38
you're submerged. You know that?

spk_0:   16:40
Exactly. And I just is funny that we were talking about that. I just saw that. I think it was Jerry Dixon imposed it for more. Um, about it was an odd for metal edge with all the band hot lights from back in the day. Okay. It was like one measly. I wonder if you wonder if you call up any of those. Now, if you got an answer. Yeah, that's dream. Man. Blankets. Yeah. It's so funny how far we've come, right?

spk_1:   17:07
Yeah. It's super powerful, man. Technology is you know, it changed the the music industry completely. And, you know, right now, we're going through a transition Where were wondering how this guy we did business name for Because I don't know, this is you know, as much as this is a terrible obstacle is also an opportunity for people to get engaged in different ways. And I'm creative in different ways, and I kind of starts others. There's an opportunity here. Um, I actually talked to our buddy Tide pool today. No, he he called me. I believe really random. Yeah, and was just checking on me and call me around lunch today. And, uh, we were just talking about the same exact thing about going alive on such media, uh, just encouraging people, you know, They said, Man, there's so much negative stuff going around and they're topics and the end of the world and all that kind of stuff, And it's just like, you know, he said, I just want to do something positive. I just want to get on and say something, you know? He's such updated England. Totally. It's really crazy guy, huh? But yeah, and we were having the same exact conversation we're having. That was about how technology is 40 people. You know, we're seeing a lot of artists that are just popping on because we have be kinds quarantined environment where there pop down in your damn room in their Bakwin or on their patio or the top or whatever it is to just say, How's everybody doing out there? Are you okay? You wanna talk or tell me what's going on? Uh, and just bringing people together and sending out some good vibes.

spk_0:   18:48
Yeah, that's I mean, that's pretty much it. Is it? As much as you know, my way of thinking is it's like you try and downplay it, but you really can't Don't play it because we don't really know what is going on, you know, like, yeah, you know, it's you have you have the media that tells you stuff but is in some aspects to It's kind of scary, because are they are people telling us enough or are they just, you know, just being extra careful to make sure that things don't spread further, and that's a scary part about

spk_1:   19:24
it. Yeah, and you know something that Keith and I were talking about, You know, our parents, they're still with us, and but there an older demographic of people that were kind of could be potential targets for this kind of stuff for for a serious health issue. And, ah, you know, we just worry about were, like, you know, take it easy, going out and run around at the grocery store. And, uh, my parents are down and out the kind of out, away from serenity in manage problem 10 areas. No Acosta. But he's still, uh, a lot of people are susceptible to this virus. That is, they're all the same age, you know, when they help is use them just besides, even this going on that air pretty seriously, we're in contact with them, you know, daily, I talked to my parents daily. Just a technical thing was going on, and it's really funny that we were at they were actually in Nashville. That was one of the reasons that I moved here was when the boys were younger about 15 years ago. My sister and my parents were here, and so we just we wanted our family because, you know, and about 10 years ago, my grandmother got very, uh, seriously deal in, uh, my parents who said, Hey, we're just gonna take her back to the home place in the Delta letter. Bigger stuff. And, uh, so they're there and they're going to the church. They got married in 50 years ago when I was playing piano. My dad's running, Uh, you know, a man's groups and stuff like that. So they feel make there where they're supposed to be. We miss him a lot here, and we worry about all that. We know that there they feel like they can contribute toe, you know, their community and everything down there. So we're excited for, you know, just on a side note, Just really funny. Yeah. Uh, mom, um uh, place PM and she's really musical. I mean, she's saying it has player an entire life since she was a little kid. People used to get her pats, you know, she would've way out of the country. Just come on. Hey, we'll give you this dog here. Whatever. I don't know what

spk_0:   21:36
it really, but she's She's

spk_1:   21:38
like I am, and she said, she's really can sing and I left and she was being in the spotlight. She gets everybody. She's kind of like up motivational speaker if you talk to her. She was no 10 times as big disposed today. She just has this effect on the air by now. Just made cause I'm assigned that every day. And so she's put together this group of people her age. They get together the last Friday of every month. Uh, at this community centre, they bring panel steal. What could you say? Space someday showed up at drums. I got a p a. And they have, like, 100 people show up This thing that's all coming to sit in the audience. And I'm just so excited. First loves music. What we do. You mean she's always loved me is that she played, you know, gospel music growing up r and B. She loved Rachel's Sam Cooke, but they listen to everything in a country means Rocket roe. Yeah, we lived in our kind of stuff. The eagles. Uh, you know, I think I'm kind of introduce them into the rock world. Just when I was a teenager, I had never saying around, but never getting that. And then when dad starting today, I'm playing in a band. You know what I was like, Yeah, guys that I want, Uh, you go rehearse, then street or whatever. Been mess room door and, uh, God, my uncles and aunts to show me stuff. But anyway, I'm just so proud over she's she's doing something that she was. And we called you. Yeah. I gotta get my man. You're digging. Born to me What is hilarious. Getting really excited. And they, you know, they have their jails together. No stuff. So anyway, I'm just super happy for her. And it just shows me that that love never goes away. You know, the thing that I inherited from her is Ah, she's still cigarettes. Passionate about his. I am. You know, it is funny.

spk_0:   23:37
Oh, man. Um,

spk_1:   23:38
yeah, that's really funny.

spk_0:   23:40
No asking. No. You mentioning? You said he came home and you were going to be a singer. Did you automatically know? Did you automatically have a voice right away? Or did you have thio work?

spk_1:   23:52
Man, I think I was kind of was making, you know, stuff. I actually started out There was a guy named Michael McDonald that was a friend of mine and, uh, in methods, and he was a shredder. And I'm not kidding. This day sat in his room like, eight hours a day. Yeah, and I and I still owe everything I've ever done that he just believed in me enough. He had, like, a cake up, snare high on a symbol in his aunt's stuff in a room. And he said, You know, uh, why don't you said when I get behind it and I will make a B, we didn't have my phone, and these plans get are kind of low enough. And I was kind of just mess around drugs. Well, I started yelling stuff, and he was like, Yeah, man, we ought to sit down and write some songs we were doing. I don't know. Every we were listening, Whatever was out then Doc and Bon Jovi, and he liked it really shred and get our stuff. And I mean, he would just sit there playing open up, you know, Let's do it over. No. So you got it right? Yeah. He brought a, uh I'll never forget it. He bought a pink Sharm el guitar, and it was so bad as he walked in with it. It was just like globe he was so proud of And just from that moment on, you know, he had had some guitars before, But when he got out when I mean, that was he went to another well, you know, just playing stuff. And but anyway, he kind of introduced me toe the thought of, I think the first time we worked, it was kind of killer girls. There's like him. He was really funny, you know? Well, teenage gets her way, but, uh, hey, just, you know, had his idea and motivation. And he was like, he was trying to do our own stuff, you know? And three years working with him is how that keep way had played a couple Oscar parties, uh, talent contest or something. And that's how Patrick heard about May. We were in ST Pie School. Yeah, and so that's when he kind of came. And you said, you know, we're putting something together. Would you want to come by in saying And it was It was not foreign went out like I'm saying it right now. We just saw each other like it at the mall or something. He just walked up and said, Hey, we're doing some auditions. You want come over saying so. If I can,

spk_0:   26:04
That is amazing. I mean, we're sitting here and you guys are still together, like, you know, it's so funny. Yeah. Wearies we

spk_1:   26:11
laugh. We just When we think about, uh, that that time, period, like we thought we were like me, what was going on and like, we're just, like, get some takeover talk about all that stuff. Well, you say, man, what happened? We're just, like hacking that. How how did that all it was like being in a moving in. I mean, we just got together, but it was so far in, you know, and I think we're still doing it the same way we did back then. We just enjoyed being around each other. We still enjoy, you know, bored fans. First we lose in the kind of stuff from all kind of different backgrounds and influences and all that stuff. But when we get together, it's just something that we enjoy it and we still enjoy being around each other. When we're doing that, you were just like, man Lis, let's go have a good time. And even when we were younger, we thought about it. We would say things to each other, like man, this could end, um, or whatever. Let's just go have a good time. Let's just, uh I mean, we took it very serious, you know, it's for is like trying to get better. Are you our instruments and my singing, and I can't stop it. But, uh, we wanted to have a good time together and banded way had some incredible things. But what you were saying before about trying to find your voice and stuff, I just I listened like all kind of stuff. Like I said, my mom was playing, you know, Ray Charles and I was reading and Sam could can only so people they saying My aunt sings the one that taught me to play guitar. Her name's Melissa and men. Honestly, she's one of the best singers over my life. She just she never wanted to do it professionally. They were kind of like us. They just kind of pork speakers. They love just get together. They seen you know traditional gospel songs and are in the initial start singing Carly Simon and James Taylor and Eagles and Beetles. A Love you know, Turner husband played Deal's off and they ride and seeing, You know, she's really creative like that, too, but they just never get it professionally. They're like, man, you know, we want to have just a good time playing, singing, And so it was is crazy, you know? And And the voice part is I heard so many people That includes me the years everybody from, you know, Jan's job and Robert plant I was reading. And James in man Aretha Franklin All the lens that you hear that better the normal ones that everybody thinks about it. And you just say, you know, something is influence and you and has touched you in a way that moves you that you just like, man I inspired. I want to be like that. Even though we're all individual human. I wanna see my God, James, for whatever could never tires. You're just on a personal note, but it just might influence way from an influence place. You just gotta Wow, man, I'd love to cop that. We offer. That's our man. You know, I saw that thing the other night. I don't know if you flash this right, but it's a car. A little girl. Believe notice on eyes on Hu Lu and it's a documentary on Jenna. Stop. We need Watch it, Okay. What? It inspired me. Someone's I actually wrote a song about that.

spk_0:   29:22
That's cool.

spk_1:   29:23
I'm not kidding because she was such a big influence on me. I listen to her. She was so raw. Yeah, and just just a wild free spirit. And this story is like her letter she wrote home to her family, and it's somebody, like, pregnant in her grace back to her family, you know? Yeah. So, showing your life that is so good. I mean, my wife and I just flipped out. We thought, It's so cool.

spk_0:   29:47
And that's on who?

spk_1:   29:49
Yeah, Yeah, it's really good. And so that staff anyone go in sticking your and your hat? That's right. Way if it makes the next recording sessions, whatever that down a problem. So it is really Aren't I

spk_0:   30:05
look forward to hearing? Not Yeah. Um it's funny, cause I mean, I want to talk about about your work, and we'll get to that. Um but as we're talking, I mean, for me, it was so awesome that lost here. I never seen Tora Tora and I saw you guys three times.

spk_1:   30:25
Yeah. I mean, they're not crazy.

spk_0:   30:27
Yeah, it is.

spk_1:   30:28
I think really That.

spk_0:   30:29
And I can't believe it either, because it it's like, Okay, let's fast forward. 30 years. Here I am is before guys together. And I get to see you and I get to come out of this and I go, Yeah, three. And and I mean, Detroit was great, too. That was a great venue. That was really

spk_1:   30:46
way. Want to go back

spk_0:   30:48
though? Such a little place, man.

spk_1:   30:51
It was so far in the crowd was nice. You know, we're having a We have to kind of tiptoe across, uh, these markets where some of the promoters we needed from a long time ago, someone we need people that air. You kind of wonder and awe, right? Yeah. Heard ya long time ago. Or some woman like man, I'm so young. I don't remember, But let's try to figure something out, and you know they're taking a chance. But we told our booking agent everybody we said, Hey, just reach out. Let him know that we're We don't mind coming in breathing ourselves that he just wants to come in. Yeah, we just really want to go see the fans is the people that wanted to come out and that place was so nice Everybody that was so professional, they treated so well. Where's your cell phone?

spk_0:   31:36
Yeah, it was It was so awesome. I think I got about Thio to my home in by Vega T s. Yeah, you stripped. I did. I drove their tour of the 3 3.5 hours and then drove home, and but it was so worth it. It was just a that was actually an easy border crossing for me. It was, like half an hour from the border. And then that border, there's not a lot of people go through it. So So it was fantastic. It was awesome. And it was just I had a really good time, and you and I hung it a bit after and

spk_1:   32:12
Oh, yeah, but I was, like, one of the That was one of that. That's what, uh, hangs that we had. We actually got stick around for a second after that one, so that was really nice.

spk_0:   32:24
Hey, and actually, I will make mention this because, um, in Memphis, Keith actually came up to me and he's like, he's like you were at the on three and you were in the truck. I was like, Yeah, and I was just so like he just He said I was he such a nice guy And I was just like, Oh, you you knew that I was like, a last call Because usually you and I always converse and I'm like, Anthony, I'm coming to the show and what not right. It's really awesome. And I talked to John a bit, too, and told them the situation that we had come from Toronto to come to Memphis and he was just like, what? Really? I was like, Yeah, and my son was with me and you guys, you guys treated him so amazing.

spk_1:   33:06
Oh, man, it was so great seeing him. It was something.

spk_0:   33:09
And he was He was just he didn't know what to think. It's that's with you because he's like, Oh, this is my dad and, you know, like we're going to see a band and this is But I I don't think he knew what to think. But when we got home, I actually framed the set list and oh wow, and Patrick had came and gave me the, um I guess would be the iron on patch. Yeah. You guys gave me some, and I put the ticket in it and, uh, pick and put it on his wall in his bed.

spk_1:   33:43
Oh, man, that's awesome. So killer.

spk_0:   33:45
Yeah, it is. And it was cool. He he's We got home. And he's kind of like, you know, I like Rob. I don't like rocking. Like whatever. You know what? You're gonna remember this, right? Yes. Okay.

spk_1:   33:57
There's something cool about being a Memphis. Were there is kind of like a family atmosphere. A lot of people. I'm not kidding. We were at failed parties with them when we were my Children. Wow. We've got some cool things going on. We, uh we get a recording. Last year we played a small being. You in Memphis? Car lot at the square. Uh, and we didn't acoustics that we never day acoustics. Really? We, uh we always have done full on band shows. Well, we were talk to have promoted for in the mind I grew up with on to these. He started out when he was about 18 doing promoting shows and I started out singing, and we kind of followed each other. You know, how light? And he's done everything from the, you know, the theater's the shares. And on that where he's running nose and I can't stop. Uh, but anyway, just said, hang me, how would you feel about doing something? Really? Making this club like a different tourists. And may we did it. And it was funny, like eating only it's not very into doing it like an acoustic thing, Show wise. I mean, he likes to jam, you know, we ride all the time and all that, but he likes to be like there's Marshal. He got money a while of dance. I was, Yeah. Here. Uh, but he was so great, man. Hey, we re wind was really deep Dig indeed. Diamond our catalogue and found a few songs that we don't normally fight. A couple of them. They've never been played before. Yeah, uh, So we, uh we're gonna release it out to the fans. Um, it's straight out. The board is a recording, but the cool thing was, uh, our guitar player key. His son Kiefer mixed the recording. Sisa, audio engineer in Chicago. And so we kept it all like a family affair in, uh, it's just man. It's amazing. We, uh we're so happy that we're going to share something like that. So, listen, you're the first person to hear this. I haven't told him by that. So,

spk_0:   35:55
man, Thank you. I don't

spk_1:   35:56
think anybody knows this is coming with this. Uh, we'll do some kind of, ah, announcement to the fans. That stuff won't get ready to release. I think, uh, we were looking sometime May or something like that. So it's gonna be

spk_0:   36:11
it's not gonna be on frontiers were all that you guys. You guys are actually going to release it?

spk_1:   36:16
I think we are going to release that one. It's, ah, they normally do a full projects. Like, uh uh, you know, 11 son. Yeah. Complete project or whatever it is when we pay five of the songs out of that, we did like a leaky. It's like, uh, we did about hours worth of, uh and we went back there. And, you know, each song is kind of year old. Baby is still, like the same with every project, and I can't stop So compliments, like jump on lands on a guy with no song and they were like, All right, we know these air Good. And then let's placed under the other Winston, you know, see which ones we have have the best performances and all that, but I'm super excited. I think it'll be fine. And it's just kind of like I said, his super raw. We've kind of been in that frame of mind lately with our recordings of stuff where we just said, This is just kind of what it was. And if you if you were there, this kind of what it looks like,

spk_0:   37:12
that's cool. And you know what? And talking about raw I remember last year when we spoke, Um, you talked about some people commenting on Holly album sounded and yeah, but I listened to it today and I have the vinyl. Yeah, and man it. It couldn't sound better to be also think it's ah, it's like this is how it's supposed to sound on vinyl. This is what I want. When I was wow

spk_1:   37:43
well things, man,

spk_0:   37:44

spk_1:   37:44
were super nervous, man. You know, I talked to you last time. We were kind of wondering what everybody's gonna think we're on. You know, limited time was our issue. We were everybody's kind of maintaining their life and their families and our jobs and all that. And we said, Hey, you know, let's just black out this amount of time and we're just gonna do it in man. We put in a lot of rehearsal hours. John and Patrick and Keith really putting a lot of reproduction times, forced their arrangements to know what kind of stuff together is Van. And then I kind of flooded in. And, you know, after Keith and I had written it, we went back and they did the rehearsals, and I kind of came in very young. And then it was still pretty needed eyes. Who in the studio. So I mean, we literally walked in. Expect abandon the room together. And I was in a isolation booth and we just counted it off in the first song. On the record was the first. You know, I think that we could steal. We get a couple of takes. Yeah, and we listened to it. We said, a man. No, it's a couple of clicks faster than we recorded it. Are that then we rehearsed it. But we're like that. That was just the energy, the adrenaline. Unless she's going through. And we said, man, you know what? Let's leave it. Yeah, uh, it was disappointing, man. It was one of the most creative things I have done a long time where I mean, we were maintain our creativity and worked on projects and co rides and our customs, but just going in and just doing some kind of down and dirty, you know, I'm just a night. This is because we're super critical, you know, anybody has created you can kind of pick yourself apart, and you go, man, you know what? I'm gonna should re saying that land or change the way I came out that note or whatever, But we just said instead of dissecting it to death, let's just go in and just go for it, you know? And we try to keep as much of it, uh, rhythm tracks and everything live and then keep keep went in and doubled his guitar. You know what, the rhythm guitar and then throwing things over overdose was So was that me singing? You know, if I want doing passes attention. Just trying to be something that we have, you know? So it was really It was a really unique experience. And where we recorded it was what I felt so good to sample of studio, you know, it was kind of little school, and it just felt good. And so, you know, I'll be interested to see how are new recordings. So I'm warning about our approach and all that stuff because, you know, from a creative standpoint, you always want to keep trying different things and different techniques and different locations are like and stuff. You know, I'm almost positive will be based in Memphis. You know, it's just easier for the band that way, huh? Um, but, um, I'm sure that we'll have some different approaches, man sports. I was doing the drums in the base and no Augusta. So

spk_0:   40:37
I'm excited to hear the next cell.

spk_1:   40:40
And then listen, we're We're really riding a lot. That was what I was so excited to talk to you about. We've had so much inspiration, man, from being on the road. You know, I think we ended up doing maybe 25 shows last year, and that's more than we've done in the past 20 years. But it was just inspiring. It was awesome to go back and see people we went always remain to that whiskey, in a way. So we weren't marched across the country. There's a couple of places where we want to go visit. We we didn't get to really work in the Midwest as much as we wanted to. Um and we've got some sabre fans that have been talking to us and saying, Please come out this way. So their owner, radar, we're definitely gonna continue to promote bastards bail. We're gonna keep trying to do some shows. We intentionally kind of let up on the gas. Right after we saw you, We you know, we had talked on the copper Mercury, Addison Addison conversation set of hotels with guitars out. Yeah. Hey, here's some five years. And then we started kind of submitting those ideas like him and, you know, voice memos and things. I can't cheat him back and forth to each other. And right now we've got, um we've got a record of stuff doing, but honestly, I was gonna take a minute. Go. Keith is just He's in a different place writing lies. He's just having a ball. And he said, Man, I'm just gonna keep writing key, right? Let's just see what comes out. All this. So we know we've got some killer stuff. No, I don't mean that likening Go away. We just were. It's that were excited by our

spk_0:   42:12
excited about. Yeah,

spk_1:   42:13
yeah, and But we said Okay, now that we have these, um, I would probably guess we're about probably, uh, 13 or 15 Like writing it that area with er with arrangements and stop it. Um, but he is still writing, man, he's got some cool. He did. He's He's got one lit. That is just Tora Tora man. Right now, however, I was like, Oh, my God. We've been waiting for one of these, you know, it's just that floozy kind of

spk_0:   42:41
Keith that Yeah, he escaped. And so, yes, So he is. Oh,

spk_1:   42:46
my God. It just feels good. It's just like we're gonna just come up with something really great for that, but were inspired. And, ah, man and other things kinda cool. I don't know. This one will make the record. Or if it could possibly be a bonus track or something, but, uh, my sign started writing our started playing piano, you know, about a year ago or something. And we just started. I can play just enoughto, right? You know, record and seeing, you know, coming home at least stuff it, man. I mean, he is like, taking off is my middle sign. And he started playing. So we started messing around. We've got a I saw a man, and I sent it to Keith. And I was like, Oh, man, I here likes the big currency guitars on this, and hopefully it'll make it. We're just televising. I said men, it would be so cool. Get you on a project. I mean, he's, like, 17. He's just starting to play, right, And, uh, he's just man, I think he picked it up from somebody else. He got, like, a gene or something. I mean, he is right. Hey, just started playing like we hearing. Hey. Told us before we went to Thanksgiving with my family, he said we were just, uh, Abbey road record. You know what, What? And he was in there playing, and I was like, Oh, my God. Like hurting from the bedroom? Well, he's watching videos and he goes in there. He plays queen, you know? But in the end, we're actually trying to save all these arms. He plays Beatles songs. I mean, I actually I don't know if you know, uh, there's a guy that plays, uh, here in town, but praise, he said, keep work later. And then Tyson, Leslie, I love your book.

spk_0:   44:26
I've heard from I don't know how

spk_1:   44:27
he plays with his place with Dicks. Dixon. He's a keyboard player with them, but anyway, he lives here, and I only not called in one day and I said, Man, I know you're touring or you're busy. You're playing off And I just said, Could you please, could I tell my son to get in touch with us? Said He's kind of the point where I mean, he's beyond how I could help him at all, you know, just to see if his technique or I saw his hands or because he's never had lessons. He just kind of started playing by ear and just started picking stuff up. So he's exciting, you know. Each one of them is kind of drawn something different, and, uh, that plate Pienaar get our guitar. They just kind of knock around with it. But I'm like, man, you guys were picking it up. I don't know if this technology or let them watching you too, but, I mean, it's, like, issue. I gotta go, man. That took me. So any hours to sit in my room just memorizing, you know, listening to records over and over to see if I was doing the court. Yeah. Anyway, it's just I don't know. I get excited on that side of it. It's So anyway, I'm saying all that say, I don't know when we'll record. Yeah, uh, we had some 10 days and margin and we as we were writing this stuff what you said, Hey, let's actually take our time Because we feel like we got some really good, uh, good ideas that we wanted to take her time with her second. So maybe in the summer, I don't know where we're kind of far up in discussions about, um but what I was saying about touring and stop we kind of the beginning of that the year off because of just so we've got a rehearsal times and weekends, that kind of talk to each other. You know, work on her are Arnie stuff, but we're excited. You know, Bastards of veal was so foreign we're really proud of. Like I turned out, uh, we like playing the songs live. I know a lot of people want us to play a surprise attack on America Revelation Day stuff. If there's a couple of, uh, that prodigal son, it gets a great response. We're just like we wondered it. People were gonna, like, dig it or they're gonna be like, you know, sometimes when whether any, stop it, wanna go get a drink, got a bathroom or something. But it seems like it's help people around for a minute. So

spk_0:   46:40
no, it was I mean, you guys opened in Memphis with Giants fall.

spk_1:   46:44
Oh, yeah, and it's been fun doing That

spk_0:   46:47
was sweet

spk_1:   46:48
and we weren't expecting it. It's like some songs jump out at, you know, and I'm headed. People write me about every bride of which, you know, they ask about that way. That's Ah, we just I don't know. Each one of a kind of resonates with people differently. And Jonas follow anyone that we had a lot of fun doing that. When we were at first, we didn't have it in the, uh inside and we said, Let's just throw it in the city and we're like me and God, we should open with this when it was really good.

spk_0:   47:16
It sounds great. Great. Um, it's funny because because as a fan, as a tourist or a fan, you know, having all the albums is like while America is one of my favorite songs. And, um, I'm not sure when you guys have lost played it live, but I've never heard it live. I mean, that's that would be like for me. That's like one of the tunes that I would love to hear light and it kind of. But the thing is, you want to hear a Revolution day, too, because they kind of they're kind of like the same type of Really. Hey,

spk_1:   47:50
what what song was that? You dropped out

spk_0:   47:52
Wild America.

spk_1:   47:54
Oh yeah, and we used to open with that one

spk_0:   47:57
girl, not some and the drums. And I mean the drums were so big, and it's just it's just such a great tune. And but I want to hear a revolution day, too. and they're kind of like those two songs kind of go hand in hand. They're kind of like the same type of vibe, you know, album opener. So, yeah, you don't complain. You're just like, OK, man, it's cool. And a silence of sirens. I would love to hear that I wanna live, too. But there's

spk_1:   48:23
Yeah, that one,

spk_0:   48:25
you know,

spk_1:   48:25
a lot of fun working on those. It was actually we did that one in a different meaning in some more traveling. Uh, Keith brings a couple of guitars with him. Normally, flies is guitars, which a lot of people don't know that he brings it out of the way. The thing about these is one. This is back up, so we can't possibly work out with you. And we had to figure out like he's got it all mapped out of his set with us, where some of his teammates were different, like he's in the open team. Dead man's hand. And science is Abby's in a different thing, man. So were a lot of that relies on it. And if we're travelling with, you know, the way we've been doing lately is we have, uh, we hired attack in Thai own somebody to help us. We had a manager just take applications. Whatever city we're going to talk, people interview him, and then we'll have that personal station that may emerge person. And so having that luxury help, we didn't do that always. We just kind of started in that recently. But that Dad helped a lot would keep this for. It's like how it could change us. That around stops it. Guys in there it is just the four of us is pretty Clinton because we get nervous. He's like, my stories gets back up. And then, uh, we had a really crazy thing at the, uh, the whiskey. Um I travel with the talking meaning that your wife gave me and she gave it to me, right? I don't know. Like, a year after we were married or something, I've been playing it forever. And so we were it, uh, traveling last year. And I was actually somebody asked me to do a video to promote a show are to somebody or something. I was in the hotel room in my my because it was in a soft showcase, like leaning against the law and I was walking across the room and it's sticking out and I kicked it and I said, Man, I said, Uh, I just brought my guitar and Keith was my roommate. You know that that hotel that he has No, he did. It's all reached in there and just had on bed. Let's rescind that. Strings were still tight and I was like Huh, It's okay. No problem. In about 20 minutes later, we want to run over a summer's on Marley him. Show me a raft or something. Yes. Let me grab my face again. Unzipped it. And, man, I had broken the guitar like the top piece of the get off. And so anyway, we we popped it back together some another. And so it kind of looks like this guy's a character as, like, kind of got a piece hanging off of it. I'm still explaining the waves like me. This is my road dog. I'm still keeping going like trigger from willing else. And I'm just gonna keep rolling. And, uh, but anyway, we got to L. A. And they were like six bans something crazy, like six or seven bands and in us, and we played were glass of the night or whatever. And we have done soundcheck. We went out in my case. It went. Come on. There was attacked there. A really professional guy that travels with all these other artists. Just happened being town. He just said, I mean, I can get come on. That changed forward to change the direct boxes in three days and didn't like Phantom Rider. And all this time I mean, it was just aiways like us being 18 right when we started out because we were very first started. I didn't play at all. I didn't I didn't do Fan Ke play phantom ride by himself. It was just three bass, you know, And

spk_0:   51:50
I didn't know.

spk_1:   51:51
Yeah, until we started. Ah, when we started touring, um, ana on surprise attack. That's when I picked on acoustic up there. Like, maybe you could just feeling on, you know, just drum enoughto. I mean, I always road and play, but I just didn't plan on stage. I was right around our Yeah, you know. But,

spk_0:   52:13
you know, I mean, and you played well to like,

spk_1:   52:15
Think says Yeah, we accidents. Um, opinion about 10,000 hours on some of those years in between the Torah. Um, I got to wear up. I don't mind. Confidence will be where I was playing, you know, by myself or with one other guy. Okay, State. So it helped that that gun yet? You know, now when we talk to each other stuff about playing or writing or whatever up a little bit more, I all

spk_0:   52:41
over. When I come see you guys in, you pull it the accused again. You and Keith, they're crying out, like playing off of each other doing you're saying And I love that about the show. That's like, is one of my favorite parts of seeing this

spk_1:   52:53
way we look forward to doing that. Each side is where any gives John and never break for a minute and kind of just, you know, it changes the dynamic. Gotta show that we can spring down for a second, and then, uh, I don't know. It's just it's been for it. We had one night. We, uh we can't really What happened? We're in somewhere. Remain or something. And I started the show, increased it. I did a song that we never do. Uh, call Rescue me and somebody who had to run back to the dressing room or something. And I kind of just We'd already walk out of state. I think we left this set list. That's what it was we got on the elevator from somewhere upstairs. When you walk out that door there you were in the you know, you're on the show, you can came out and somebody goes, Hey, we're set with, like, you

spk_0:   53:44
were walking off a spinal top moment. Okay, right.

spk_1:   53:48
Total of total style. And so we're kind of standing there and he goes, Whoa, no, because I got Tina. Why don't you just grab your case? You know, a long time ago we would have never done that. Would have been like deer in headlights outside. Yeah. Cool, man. I just got started. Yeah, jump in. We're going to it made it really kind of special and unique that there was something that they would never hear normally. So it was kind of fun to do that. Yeah, it was a total spoilt. It was funny to me because the elevator is building. I think the meeting was called Ball is a kind of famous one up that in that area. But it's like the oldest elevator in the United States. So I mean, it took for you to get up there. Go, go at it. It's like we needed to do it. So it was like, God is gonna

spk_0:   54:32
desolate from one tower of terror. Disney. Okay. All right. Yeah, right. Yeah, right.

spk_1:   54:41
Yeah. No, it was just totally. But anyway, we've had all kind of crazy things like that happen. Had foreign, you know, it's just it's random. It's just things that but we just We still laugh. We'll go back. Hotel cracked up.

spk_0:   54:55
Yeah, You guys. I mean, um, having I mean, it wasn't until Memphis that I actually talked to the other guys in the band. I didn't talk to Keith. I am three, but I actually convert. I got it to converse more with you guys. And that was I was just like I was really impressed. Yeah, you know what? I I see why you guys have stayed together for so long, and you can see you guys were so into it still and eyes this love seeing that man. I love it. And I would come see you guys all the time, if I could if I lived closer, right toe where you guys were playing.

spk_1:   55:28
Yeah, Well, hopefully we're going to get somewhere. We'll get some more dates. What's all this stuff kind of settles down. I think maybe it was kind of if there could have been a good time to just pull back and do some writing and stuff. I guess right now, I've got a time as any. Yeah, yeah. We were just, uh you know, thinking about everybody.

spk_0:   55:48
Well, like I actually talks toe Todd Pool lost week and said, You know what? I can't make the ballroom blitz. Kids just wasn't feasible for me. Come out there and then it's postponed Hope like hopefully right and happen again. So hopefully I'm going to make it it because I was really disappointed that I wasn't gonna be able to make it.

spk_1:   56:08
Oh, yeah. And we were we were, too. But you know what I said, Radha. I love Bradley. The goddess front. During that, we've worked with him up in Maryland. We've done started when we did Rockland or with them in Atlanta. Um, he's just really professional. He's a cool dude, and I sent him a message in Just said thanks for your professionalism and for taking everybody's health into consideration. Man, this is a you know, this is a serious issue. And even though you feel good and everything, you could infect somebody else, you know, this compromised and, uh, for him to take out in the count. And he was working with the state and local governments. Know that to make sure he's making the right call. And I knew it was a big, uh, call for him because he had been working that one time. And, uh So anyway, we just went. Thank the world. We would live them. Uh, I'm sure he's gonna I have something really awesome put together for everybody. Hey, we'll make it work while in worth. Wait. So,

spk_0:   57:09
yeah. I mean, the tough thing is being in Maryland m e. Is is the time I'm just wondering if he's going to do it after I am three. I guess we'll see, right, because yeah, you don't want to do it around the same time, right?

spk_1:   57:21
I don't think so. And I hey usually done compete with anything like that. I mean, that rock Landon was between march, Iraq and and in three and kind of space to write in a good slide where he's a good dude. Yeah, way we want it. We want it to be successful. He won't say we wanted everybody. Uh, yeah, it would be great, we'll soon, but I'm sure you will. The address, You know that.

spk_0:   57:48
Yeah. And that's I mean, that's fantastic. And hopefully I look forward. Hopefully, I'll make it this time.

spk_1:   57:55
Yeah, I know. Everything happens for a reason.

spk_0:   57:58
Yeah, I was He was an a good thing, but he was so on the ball with it. It was like, Yeah, I mean, it was canceled early last week before everything else was canceled more or less, you know, Right. Which? Yes. Which was really good to see. Yeah. So, um, I, um Oh, sorry. I had to make mention of Ah, Handy Hall.

spk_1:   58:24
Oh, yeah,

spk_0:   58:25
man. When when we went to Memphis and I was like, I sent you attack someone. I can't find this place. Well, because the name's a little bit different. No. And then I finally finally found it and walked in and looked at that stage, and I was like it was like it was the weirdest thing, because, yeah, the two videos being being filmed there and and my wife and I ended up spending the whole afternoon in that bar. Oh, yeah. And we talked to the bartender. Are you like, we're like, you guys know there was video filmed here earlier this year. Oh, yeah, We're trying to, you know, kind of heard about that. They kind of shut it down. And no, man, it was a Torah. Torah video is like, you know, they filmed the 1st 1 here 30 years ago, and then it was Ah, but anyways, it was ruined. Cool to be sitting in a bar where you guys had Phil. None of it was kind of surreal.

spk_1:   59:22
Yeah, Yeah, It was such a great place, man. Growing up there was awesome. Uh, going in those venues was on some money. That's kind of where we cut our team. You were playing on the end of the Australian Place company, the need Daisy theater and the old days. It was very Yeah, and, uh, but when we would be in there messing around and stuff when we got out and walked all those places and then, you know later is I They were towards her while I get in there that building that y'all is, uh, connected to his running buddy Cafe. And I used to spend a bunch of knights. And there there was a guy James Go Ban. That was saying in there that was man. He was just incredible in a So I've been meaning nights and a request that Christ. And when I was, you know, probably around the wild American revelation a time since that would be one places I'd be hanging if I was in town.

spk_0:   1:0:19
That's very um, no, let's talk about your work. Excited for it For, um, what you do during the day, because, I mean, I came too busy when I was in Nashville last year, my wife and I came to see you, and he gave us a tour, but I want to kind of let the people listening to the show. No, what you do outside Tora tora.

spk_1:   1:0:42
Well, I work, um on institute Essay Institute is ah is a worldwide, um, corporation eyes a sign of an audio engineering. It's and I work on the entertainment business side of the business program here. And so what it is, is I talk to young people there, get ready, starting them entertainment industry. And I think that I had a couple of really great mentors, you know, growing up. Warren was John Private owned artist. He has another one's Richard Sanders who's our torturers first manager. And, uh, they just kind of shows the ropes of the the, uh, music industry. And, uh, you know, it is interesting times, man Technologies kind of changed the way we do business so much. I mean, we're in another world and would not start it, but, um, it's just a chance for me to, like, pass along one perspective. I don't have, like, the end all be all answers for everybody or something like that. I don't think I have it all figured out. I can tell why things not think probably you know, that I had tried to just maybe make a little more efficient and effective, and, you know, it is cool, man. I kinda come at it from, uh, to never perspectives. Women is as the artist from seeing it from that side is a singer for band and being creative and stuff like that. And then also, I spent some time with the record labels up here in music publishing before I got into teaching. So I had those experiences, as you know, independent consultant advising people are working for, like, Garcia or Sony Music. I work for about those, uh, labels. And so I got to see it on the inside, like a big corporate entity. Have that work. So I kind of try to just spread it out and give him a couple of different perspectives, talked to him about, you know, copyright, which is super important to anybody that's creating something. Then you have exclusive rights to this thing as soon as it goes in the a tangible form is something that's protected is something that could earning money as an asset. So to me, you know, I talked to him about it. I'm super passionate about it, but I can back it up with Hey, man, you know, I think I still get paid on things I created when I was young like you that I still can go to my mailbox and pick up, you know, wrong teach at or something off of something not done for a long time ago and the potential that people have nowadays with all the different ways that people are consuming content. Three streaming and not only just you know the music itself, but what do you do with that recording that you own that master recording the Joan how you can exploit it under this kind of hard work. But how you can earn money off of it with all these streaming service is all they need shows. Or hold out the advertisements that support those shows. All those places where used take for granted as you hear that as you go. Hey, somebody wrote that for the time we had a rounded batter. You know, Creek created that piece of motion graphics or whatever it is that they have contributed. There's all these different ways that you can earn Money knows, and it's still involved in the music industry. Are that entertainment industry. Excuse me, but we also look at it not only just music industry, we kind of have a broader let's go where we look at the sports industry and, you know, the banking industry. There's interstate relations people that work at banks that could help somebody like me or one of the guys My van. If we're trying to go on tour or something and can show our income, there's a way that we could maybe, uh, get a loan. You know, toe help with our vehicles are touring our travel expenses or whatever it is, you know, whatever it might be. Production cost, whatever it is. So it's pretty exciting in his school to introduce them because a lot of times I just go anything. You see that performer there like awesome, you know, in the position where I can sit there and tell, Hey, there's like 1000 people while those things that make that one person, you know, like me and bucks when I walk out. And what's so cool with technology is there wearing? A lot of those has now they are. They can be a record way. Well, they could be. The manager got there, could be a publishing company that could be and where those and and only concede over control of the certain areas of the Greer marketing promotion or whatever it is they want to do to certain people they trust. I just talked to him a lot about that, and I think it is plenty. I you know, I'm getting a lot of fun work stuff because I talked to him. But you know, somebody that is working with you like a manager is like your most trusted ally. Man. There's a person. And as your Davis darkest secrets, the things that you wanted, a better successful things that you're afraid out now. That's so I can talk to him from a real, you know, human aspect of something that's not just reading something out of the book. So but anyway, it's playing. It is it is. Ah, you know, something that I'm doing here in Nashville, that for my to be here with my family, You know, my my boys, I wanted intentionally stuff around the house to be around while they were growing up there, getting to the point now where I really don't wanna hang out. Wait, they have Their own agent is I'm not really more. They have their own brands and they're doing other stuff. But you know, my youngest is in the 10th grade, and so we're really close to him. Just getting ready to launch out and take off and go perceive things he wants to do. So, uh, this is gives me the opportunity to kind of get home with them. And then it also gives me the freedom. If we have shows pop up and things like that, like she got still do you know, I kind of have a balance, you know? Of course, I wouldn't gray out them. I want to do that. But I feel like I would be here with him for just a little bit longer. Hopefully, we're setting ourselves up, so we can How those opportunities here of the next two years, where we can, uh, you know, get out and have more more activity is as they're launching.

spk_0:   1:6:43
That's great. Yeah, and it's a really cool cool place was

spk_1:   1:6:47
hideous. Fine, man. I get really tickled about. They got John Bride that ran ordered. I know he would really be tickled enough that I'm get a place that has studios in it and know that I mean, he was really open eyes. We wanted to come in the studio tonight. I remember them having keyboards instead of just sitting around for hours. Ugo, you know, paying with band would be in studio And then I gotta watch myself like this room over the keyboard. And, you know, it's camo sounds and arrangements and all that kind of stuff, and he was always into that and encouraged you. So I say that with these students. They're they're they're they're not necessarily always fired up on the that being kinds all the stuff. They're doing a lot of stuff on their laptops, stuff like that. But I see him in everything that goes on, and they were playing the music and stop it. It's really funny. You know, a lot of the students to go. They're doing more kind of hip hop pop kind of music. So when they talk to me, they don't know that I'm in a band or whatever, and then eventually will come around the conversation where somebody be talk. Continue there, right? Yeah, I mean, he sings, Well, be it you know, or something. And then we started talking and they realized a man this guy's up that for he says he's fashion about singing and plans stuff, so it's pretty fine.

spk_0:   1:7:56
You know, I probably be that guy would be like I got because I know who you are going. But, I mean, those guys were younger than me. Be

spk_1:   1:8:03
low. Yeah, there, little man. They're just starting out there

spk_0:   1:8:07
exactly. Anything. I mean, for a guy like me would be like you recorded our studios. Like that's like, that's such a big thing. You know, like so many artists of coming in and out of there. And you and I talked about that before, Like, going for a cup of coffee in the morning. And there, Stevie Ray Vaughan, right? Like,

spk_1:   1:8:25
Yeah, exactly. We were just totally freaking out. I mean, it was just everybody in the world came through there for the sound. You know, David, they came to Memphis specifically, but then ardent would be somewhere that they would look and they just like to set up. And now it sounded, Yeah,

spk_0:   1:8:43
you know,

spk_1:   1:8:43
we think about it a lot. It was It was kind of fire college. What we were college age were about six years. We were if we weren't on the road, we were hanging out down there. So

spk_0:   1:8:52
it's said

spk_1:   1:8:52
anyway, it was just It brings back a lot of great memories. We we've got a lot of good times at that place,

spk_0:   1:8:57
and it's It's wild. Like after we spoke that first time I kind of research to see who had actually recorded there And, like, the screaming cheetah wheelies with Yeah, man, that was a great album. And then they

spk_1:   1:9:10
still follow that singer Michael lives here. And

spk_0:   1:9:14
my players He's good friends with Damon Johnson is me.

spk_1:   1:9:17
Oh, yeah,

spk_0:   1:9:18
yeah, they He's

spk_1:   1:9:19
a great great singer, and he's got pies, man. I mean, I'm gonna get Yeah, that's it.

spk_0:   1:9:27
What was the ride? The tide. And ah, you know what? And if you ever talk to Damon, he's tossed him this on rock Lane. When Brother Cain was on, um, rock line some guy, some guy phoned in and goes, Yeah, that song. Moses Brown by the screaming Sheila wheelies. Did you guys have rip off? Hard act to follow from that song? Oh, man. Still area. Yeah. So it was, like, right on Brock line, which was just like, you're not screening, not call like us. Yeah, Okay. That's live on their own. Just

spk_1:   1:10:03
asking. That was

spk_0:   1:10:04
It was it was too funny. This is going back like nineties, right? But yeah, yeah. Um, I am gonna let you go because I can't have kept you for quite a long time. But before I go,

spk_1:   1:10:13
man had a fast time. Thank you for doing this.

spk_0:   1:10:17
Oh, man. It's always a pleasure talking with you. And, um, I decided I had one more question, okay? And it was in terms of the Memphis. I was were driving on the freeway going into Memphis our first time there. And I'm like, there's a real riverside drive.

spk_1:   1:10:35
Oh, yeah, Absolutely. Yeah.

spk_0:   1:10:39
And I was a

spk_1:   1:10:40
lot of time running up down that street, man. We used to drive, man. Keith and I laughed like this. We used to race each other to fill ST. So we were out in east manifests. We get on the interstate. Keith had, like, a prelude like Lahaina. That thing would go freaking 120 miles an hour, even get on the interstate, just fly, you know, And, uh but yeah, we spent so many nights when we sat on those cobblestones was concerts. But island, the Memphis BBQ Festival. If you've never been in that myths in May, I'm sure I don't know if it'll happen this year, because all that all the worldly events. But if you ever want to go that

spk_0:   1:11:19
I gotta go.

spk_1:   1:11:20
Yeah, you gotta get a contact because it is amazing. I'm not kidding. It is. It is like the food is great. But you gotta know somebody, because the deal is there's tents set up everywhere, and you gotta be able to get in one of those tents. So I got you covered. If you ever go, you just gotta let me know. But it's amazing. And when you get in there, you get all the food that you want. I mean, they're just cooking sausages and briskets and Bree hopes and I mean, it's just you're just in there and I got music wide open, and I mean, I went into one, and they does, uh, you know, we have some friends that have been doing it. I mean, for years since they were I school, they've been doing it and they know we've walked by and they have, like, a giant isil age. We're like tequila and get your maester start pouring in. Just some random person at the bottom. Nice. Get annihilated. I mean, they did crazy stuff with their lights and people. There's a pirate ship that sets up down there. It's just people get things moving your tents and stuff and they compete. And everybody from France mail that owns for next. Uh, I don't know. The mayor's got a 10. I mean, it's just hilarious, and you can walk. The circle's fine, but it's more fun if you get in somewhere and have, like a place that Hank, you know? Wow, it is a go for it is a marathon and you go in there, you hang out well, but yeah, any time you want to know. But yeah, Riverside Drive, that's a real place.

spk_0:   1:12:48

spk_1:   1:12:49
we laugh because we would go through cities and it's theirs. Riverside Drive. A workplace man in the or a Chicago, you know when we're Yeah, yeah, let's get take a lot of it. Yeah, that's the one known me. That's the one that this That's how

spk_0:   1:13:03
it was bizarre because I said to my wife, I think there's Riverside Drive. She's like, Yeah, so I'm like, It's Tora Tora song. Do you know? You know? Yeah, it's kind of rude, but I wasn't because I was like, Don't you know this, don't you? No, less in Tora tourists on, but well, it was too. It was funny. And I was like, I asking, Anthony, but I thought sometimes. So, um, yeah,

spk_1:   1:13:25
we have so many good times under

spk_0:   1:13:27
That's wicked. I mean, the this barbecue thing is just another Ah, this festival thing is just another excuse for me to come come to Memphis. So

spk_1:   1:13:36
yeah. So it's all the home made the first weekend Normally is Memphis in May. Music fast. So they have huge, like three or four stages set up on riverside drive the whole streets blocked off. You can't get you can't drive down it you part way away from it. And you work in a gay pay for your take its get a wristband And then you find your way into whatever spot you're gonna behave but is beautiful. The sunset, sir. Down there, Vice party. And it's awesome,

spk_0:   1:14:03
kid, But I mean, he said it may not happen this year, so it may have to wait a little following here. Yeah, You said absolutely. Yeah, sure. Okay, man. Well, as always a sensual pleasure and

spk_1:   1:14:17
man, it's great talking and catching up. Yeah, You guys be Liston. We're gonna We're gonna have to move stuff out. We're riding. We're excited. Uh, we got a couple of surprises coming up next couple months that told you you're the first to know about it. So if you and your listeners So we're looking forward to it. Man, I can't thank you enough for taking a few minutes with the Appreciate it.

spk_0:   1:14:36
I can't thank you enough either. So I appreciate it, man. And you have a fantastic evening, and we'll, uh, we'll talk to him.

spk_1:   1:14:42
Okay. Take care of yourself, man. It was good talking to

spk_0:   1:14:45
you and take you. Oh, that was stay.