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Episode 20 - Kane Roberts - Vocalist/Guitarist - Solo Artist, Ex-Alice Cooper

April 07, 2020 Kane Roberts - Vocalist/Guitarist - Solo Artist, Ex-Alice Cooper Season 1 Episode 20
Non-Stop Rock Talk with Tyson Briden
Episode 20 - Kane Roberts - Vocalist/Guitarist - Solo Artist, Ex-Alice Cooper
Non-Stop Rock Talk with Tyson Briden
Episode 20 - Kane Roberts - Vocalist/Guitarist - Solo Artist, Ex-Alice Cooper
Apr 07, 2020 Season 1 Episode 20
Kane Roberts - Vocalist/Guitarist - Solo Artist, Ex-Alice Cooper

Non-Stop Rock Talk welcomes legendary shock rock guitarist and singer Kane Roberts to discuss his latest album "The New Normal", as well as analogies on being in a touring band and writing with Kiss. Stay safe and enjoy!!!

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Non-Stop Rock Talk welcomes legendary shock rock guitarist and singer Kane Roberts to discuss his latest album "The New Normal", as well as analogies on being in a touring band and writing with Kiss. Stay safe and enjoy!!!

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higher ground Never step on, Take seethe. Same abase, turnin round way Wait forever out of place. I'm forever with type, Right? Right. Hey, Cain, Welcome to nonstop for our talk. It's really great to be speaking with you today.

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The advise and I'm happy to be here, to be honest with you. I mean, everybody's trying to survive, so we're both We're both alive and kicking, then, uh, that's good news.

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Yeah, that's very good news. So I mean, I can't believe it's been we spoke Last year has been over a year. And that was with the release of the new normal. Sure for me. Um, for me, after a year of having listened to the all multiple times, I think forever at a place is probably my favorite track on the album. Yeah, What I love. Yeah, it's how that song built that. I mean, that that intro is really cool. That little guitar part, and then sure, and then the the song kind of. It's like it starts off slow, and then the chorus just hits you. Man, it's such a good team.

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Yeah, I remember. You know, when we finished our first ah, vocal on it? Yeah, um, you know, we were thinking the song is really good, but there were no peaks or valleys in the sun in the woods. It was kind of like a flat light. It was the same level. So we started thinking, you know, can we was one of but first sounds We did. And I was thinking, you know, why don't we take a cinematic approach to every song on the record? So, you know, lyrics are such a huge deal. And if you think of it in there, there there is a script. You know, the greatest singers are great actors because they understand the words and they're really singing a message that they understand that requires not only, you know, singing skills and approach could set of instincts on what to do with it. If you're a good actor, you can also play the part of whoever is singing. And hopefully it. You know, that part is close to who you legitimately are. So you know, we started. You know, the little guy's got an intro, and then it's got a sort of atmospheric beginning with these heavy drums. And then you know, by the time we hit the last course. We're just nailing that thing. The bridges where it kind of explodes. And then the courses where we have the final course is is where we, you know, hit the peak of the song. So, yeah, you noticed that. And it's got that definite vertical curve all the way to the end. Yeah,

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yeah. So it's one of those songs where you're like you listen to it and to me it's like, Oh, that's not It could be so much longer. I've got to listen to that.

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Yeah, you know, And you'll notice there's no guitar solo in the middle stuff like that. We just didn't want to follow the script. I mean, you know, it's tough, you know, when you're kind of known as a guitar player as well. Yeah, you know, you figure well, I have to do a guitar player when you don't have a guitar solo when you don't have to do any, just gonna do what you believe is right, you know, for the song and you know that song. I think that's one of the ones I wrote with the bread from Shine Down and you know his vocal approach is they're very, very intense, very effortless for him. He's be such a great saying. Get out. So, you know, we started writing the song with his influence there and his singing and everything. So it was a pretty high standard. The kind of step into the to the album with, you know, So I mean, and the record took me three years to record, so you know, God bless, Uh um uh frontiers for, you know, Pygmies be impatient. Yeah. I mean, one point they said, Where the fuck is the record? I wrapped it up. Wow. So yeah, yeah.

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I mean, King of King of the World is another track that I really love to. I mean, it's climb out. It is climatic as well. I mean, in the court of the the cords are so tight and heavy, the drums air heavy, then moving into the second verse of percussion is really moving the song. It's kind of a friend again. It's those great buildups as a leadoff track. I think it bodes well what the album will be in making the decision and turns with leadoff track was that one that you always had in mind to use as leadoff track.

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Yeah, well, we it was this particular this experience was one of those things. First of all, I was off the grid for a long time. You know what? I never stopped saying You're playing guitar and everything, but when you see your inflatable mike or you're an entirely different situations when you're walking up on stage, well, those that's crunch time, that's when you know reality sets it. So you know, you have You have thio. You know, if you've been away for a while, you have to get in there and just realize it's a certain amount of discovery that's going to take place, you know, in terms of you know what's gonna happen and not being 100% aware of, like what the end result was going to be. I mean, I was praying that I still had, you know, my skills intact. So speak, you know, even though I believed I did. But you know, when you just like when you listen back to yourself in a recording, going cheese, that's me talking with, you know? So So you know, a couple of times I heard my voice back they went. Hey, sounds pretty good. It's not too bad. So, you know, you could see the first version of forever. A place is entirely different from the last. I mean, it was we were a year and 1/2 into it. We decided to scrap all the vultures and not do some of the songs we were doing. I mean, fortunately, I had a full on studio with this guy Alexander Track, who's a really fantastic musician producer, and, you know, he's got a truckload of stuff and he has a studio. So we got into this almost like, you know, we were to, uh, laboratory scientists trying to make this thing, you know, different and special. So you know every story. Some stories are bigger than others, but every every song has a story attached to it. So, yes, So the one for the one for those two songs were basically, you know, he picked on two sides that were kind of the the initiation of fire for me, because I think maybe, uh, King of the world was the first song we did. And then it ended up being the first time in the record. So we just you know, once we had everything there, we tried to to balance it out and make sure the beginning of the end has sort of a special prominent position in the CD because it was the greatest accomplishment. You know that I think that I pulled off. So,

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yeah, that is a great song. And I mean, the video is is really cool, too.

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Yeah. Yeah. You know, You know, when you say video your video of that song Tyson, it was such a fucking nightmare. I mean, you can't even I can't even tell you what I went through. Not the people involved. In other words, think of it this way. You know, I ask. Well, this is she's interested in, you know, singing on the wreck. Yeah. And she goes, she goes, Well, yeah, but she goes, You got to send me a song, though. Ascend to the song. She wrote back immediately. I want to do it, Alice. You know, everybody was saying to me too, No way. And, you know, Alice and I are just best friends. So, you know, it's so funny because I figured you'd be on tour and, you know, I've told this story before, and I don't like repeating story in years. But it's this kind of funny is that I called him and, you know, I said, Would you like to sing on the record? You know, I figured, you know, maybe a months down the road. He said, Hey, I'm in child, I'll be right over. So it was literally one phone call, and two or three hours later, I had Alice Cooper on record, and I didn't want to do a thing where he just says something or says Boo or, you know, just something, you know, really? So I wanted to do a duet with him, you know? And initially, you know, Eliza wasn't on the record, was just Alice. So you know, we lives into it and then, you know, we got it. So it was kind of amazing, and I was about to do the guitar solo. I just sort of imagined the list images dropping out of the sky, detonating the whole song just right in the middle of it, rather a guitar solo. And when she agreed to do it, you know, I just just you know, it was absolutely shocking. How great What she did is if you if you sit back and listen to, like the the quote unquote singing voice, this points off points of it where it sounds like almost like a saxophone is just her singing is, you know, for solo albums coming out, it's gonna it's gonna be pretty shockingly, an amazing but what? Regardless, it at the video, you know, we have to have to get Eliza and Alice in the same place at the same time. Otherwise, you know, if I do a split screen thing streaming or you know, some sort of video thing, it's just it's not gonna have the same effect. So I mentioned it to a listen. She said, Wherever you guys are, I will fly there to be in the video. So I stood, I went, Whoa, cable, That's awesome. So I call up and I find out that you know, Alice is, um I'm going to be in Vancouver and he's got three days off. So I asked Eliza if it was possible to do that. Date do. She flew from Europe to Montreal state of the airport for four hours and then flew from Montreal all the way to Vancouver, which is that that's a massive flight. Another one And, you know, she just kicked ass on video. She can ex should kick both guys. Ass is the way she was just so amazing in the video on, uh, you know, it was just one of those one of those perfect situations. And so, you know, I just I'm just wondering how much information to give you. Just so you know, the day of the production, the location got burned, so we had to find another location the day of the shoot. Wow. So so we go to an airport before we have this amazing sort of Daryl. It's kind of a building that was just torn up and he just went a bit are perfect location for us. Now we have this airport hangar and, you know, on the inside, it looks like somebody's garage. We were so late. We didn't have time to sort of clear everything out, so we just had to shoot it. Um, some of the lights didn't show up, you know, it was like it was such a clusterfuck. And then at the end of the day, and I'm not gonna say it. Wasit was No, no, none of them. We don't town, but somebody got the the video or the footage in camera and wouldn't give it back for, like, three months. No way. Yeah, so I mean, can you come? And the record company. So where's the video? So, you know, it was It was That was just the half of it, you know? So So the point is that when we finally got the video, right, I had my guys, you know, I have, you know, we do film stuff. So you know my company. So we were trying to edit it, probably. And we didn't have the footage because I was there for four days. I was only able to shoot for one day. And then the big finale for me was not gonna be Alison off his wife in front of a nuclear bomb. I had my kid, the gun guitar being mailed to Vancouver. It didn't make it through customs, and they were actually going to throw it away, you know? And so yeah, so I had. So instead of and we had a rig set up, there was a guy there that had done the special effects for, you know, in camera effects for a born identity of Batman. And he was fully into helping out. So he just set up this rig. Where is shot? 40 feet of flame was extremely dangerous, but we were gonna do that with the gun, gets off and, you know, torture the world. You know, that sort of. And, uh, Customs didn't let it through, and then I wasn't able to shoot. And then, you know, the guy held a video. It's just unbelievable. So, you know, people never really know some of the trials and tribulations that air behind any of these productions. But the other thing, too, is you know, somebody who's done a fine job of you can't complain because every film, everything that you see there finally gets on some kind of a screen screen. There's been, you know, a lot of calamity and fires and explosions during the whole thing, isn't it? It's just part of the part of the game. But it's the first time I ever told anybody what we went through with the video,

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because we because we had talked about it because the video hadn't been it wasn't out yet way did we talked about it, but not about any of the stuff that went on behind the scenes. That seo Easy, man. Wow.

spk_1:   14:21
Well, you know, Crystal, you know, candidate of me is one of the It's just one of the greatest places on the planet. Montreal is, is, is might be, You know, if I'm gonna sit back and just not, you know, get too subjective about it might be the best city I've ever been. It's just it's just always been, you know, design wise and architecture and lay out Just the basic feel of Montreal has been just really clean and really ahead of the curve, like constantly so. And the other thing, too, is I'm such a, you know, growing up. Oh, such a hockey fan. I mean, when I was with analysts and I was at the cattle paddles in Calgary is that within this many memories, I think that

spk_0:   15:01
I don't put anybody saddled on white buggery. Saddledome is Calgary with

spk_1:   15:05
Saddledome. That's it. Um, I was in the locker room getting ready to plan all I could think of it. There was a flurry, was you who said it was because he was like, you know, I just loved how you know, Because I'm in l. A and the Gretzky came to l. A. And I just love that rival. And I just love serve flurries. But he was awesome. So So, you know, I come from that sort of ultimate respect, sort of admiration of just the general because you guys created hockey. It says it's only ever had to do to be the greatest country in the world. And then, you know, some of the things like Vancouver or when I amazing city I just had a great time. Why was there even though I was supposed to be shooting? But I was just, like, you know, going all over the place. Um, but yes. Oh, you know, You know, the other thing on that song is that I got the drummer from baby Metal are Aoyama Hideki. And you know what? The point is that that song started, you know, just like any other song. And then it just sort of evolved into this thing this big deal, where these big players, you know, agreed to help out and be on the song and get into it. You know they love the music way performed in everything. So that's also part of the story behind any sort of recordings. Or, you know, whenever there's there's, like, amazing things that happened. And then there's things that just, you know, I just set up to just blow up the whole fucking thing and ruin it, and you just gotta find through it. So

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wow. So the gun guitar that didn't make it through customs was that the original gun guitar?

spk_1:   16:44
No, no, the original. It's just so funny. The guy didn't sign me. A cap in his name's Michael Lago. He signed. I don't know if you know where he is, but he signed Metallica. Okay, he signed, uh, Zombie. Consummate Jensen. I mean, if you look up his name, get the people he discovered, that guy's just he's God like in that way. And I was just talking to him because I've got you know, we're doing the director's cut of the video and there's something else coming up that's really wild that I, you know, just not at liberty to say, Yeah, you know, I hate when people do that, but it's only because it's not 100% nailed down. But if it gets nailed down, it's going to be fantastic. And I got two of the video's going and the guys that I've got a different, you know, crew, like, you know, full on pro editors doing the director's cut, and they want me to get the gun get taller. So Michael said, Well, that's also just, you know, shoot yourself, letting the governor and I said, Well, I don't have a And he's like, What? And, you know, I used to have three. I gave them all away. I gave one of them away. I gave one to the Hard Rock Cafe in New Orleans. Uh, yeah, I think it's in the world's and then the other one a collector bought from me. But I don't have have anything, he said. You you don't have a gun guitar from those days and I said, I said, Dude, I don't have one copy of my get from record my house. Wow. And he was like, All right, I said, because I just I just hit eject on my past, always. I always did it through my whole life. So you know, he can imagine, remember, reveal Ian Gold Records and all the stuff that most people have on their wall, and I got nothing here. You know, I have some copies of the new record. That's it? Yeah. So, uh, wow, it's been my way of going through life. So? So I asked Rick Johnson. I said, you know, can I Do you have a gun? Get are there. To me, it doesn't look is good. But, you know, the guy's such a great design here. It would kick ass. It would almost be like, you know, here's the new improved model. Yeah, but, uh, you know, never made it so

spk_0:   18:49
That's you. Yeah, that is that is I mean, that's That's, um I'm surprised. I mean, you imagining that that you don't have anything, but, I mean, it makes sense a little, too. I mean, there's only, um, like he said, moving on, moving forward, and that's it. Well,

spk_1:   19:06
my my career was was not like, for example, Rudy stars. I was at his house recently, and, you know, he's got everything all over this one area of its place. That's just a museum. And I totally get that. Yeah. I mean, you know, I always laughed with Rudy, just you know, he went for him, one huge band to another. That's all he did, you know? And I said, I said, It's not because of the way you play. It's because you're a really nice guy And he was used laughing. You know, I'm getting a phenomenal player and, you know, uh, he used one of those guys. If he's on the bus, he is never the fraud bus rides with bands. There's always somebody or something going on. It was one time with, you know, the Alice Cooper Torrey. I was house and I couldn't stay in my phone because that's too big. Back in those days, I just couldn't fit. I could, but it was like it was very claustrophobic for me. So I ended up staying in the the main room in the back of the bus with Alice, and there were no beds on either side, although we shared the same banal. But there were There were there were beds on either side, and we would just watch, you know, he's obsessed with kung fu movies and horror films that watch, you know, through the through the hole, the old tour. You know, we've just seen everybody like a 12 hour drive, and he and I would just be nodding out every five seconds and then he'd get up and change the VHS, which is what we were using back. And so there was one times they're not going to the door and I open the door and the whole band is there with the road manager and they said, Listen, sorry to bother you guys, but it's nobody's stolen opinion. Butter on the bus. And I went What? And they said, Yeah, we had a communal senior part was that I saw this giant, as you know, jug of peanut butter. You know, it must be like from Costco or something. You can live on this for eight years, you know, But somebody stole it. So I was gonna do that. So, you know, I was trying not to laugh, and I said, Well, and Kim goes, I think I know we took it and I said, Yeah, who's that? And he goes, It's this dancer because, you know, Alice had a troupe of dancers and performers that would come out, you know, during some of the songs of you know, welcome my night or whatever. So, um, so it's really important. We got this whole thing together and we wait. We caught the guy way saw way, went into his room and found a peanut. But they still peanut butter with us. So, you know, those are the type of two stupid fucking things that were going on all the time on a tour. You know, you think he's, you know, musicians sitting there going. Well, I believe that was a really great show. Although I think Tommy Lee, you want to hit the snare too many, you know they're not doing it. Yeah, you know, we're just just a bunch of an uncle is like, a plus that are stuck together for, like, you know, a year, you know? So there's going to be issues and stuff, So So, yeah, so I mean, it's kind of it's kind of a common thing where, like, you know, people end up, you know, but he hasn't having problems or whatever, so

spk_0:   22:29
that's funny. But I mean, I'm just imagining those guys knocking on the door. Although someone took the peanut butter man,

spk_1:   22:36
you know, the holes. Every band member was there with this guy Larry, who was the road manager standing like it, He said, Sorry to bother you guys. Somebody stole the peanut apart. And I'm like, What? Well, we're driving. What do you want? Me todo You guys stood down house, and I'll figure it out. I don't know what it's

spk_0:   22:56
almost. It's almost like those, you know, like when you go in like one of the kids, that one of your brothers and sisters does something wrong and you have to We better go. We better go confront Alison.

spk_1:   23:05
Just lucky that you're right. They told on, you know, to us. So I ended up sitting down with Kip that night, devised a plan and keep, uh, the sort of engineer, the the body, the arrest. You know, probably Alice was imitating the guy's bathroom with little spoon meeting Peter Parker. I mean, I got to tell you, Alice is the final your sparking guy I have ever met. I mean, people may not know this, but see, the thing is that a guy's walking around such a massive intellect like that. If you sort of access his humor and how he views the world because he's a really positive first, very closeted. And s o he just, you know, So he's not more of it is that he's not depressed, so it's easy for him to be funny. And I remember, you know, I went down to meet the very first time Bob Ezrin, Chef Gordon in the hole. You know, this whole posse of people that have changed culture is so radically, you know. So I went down there and Alice and I became best friends within two minutes. So and then he just started files in off all these jokes, and I was imitating people and everything. So he's the He's gotta be one of the funniest guys I ever met. You can imagine, you know, his vision of this. You know, when everybody left, he looked at me. It just started cracking out. So

spk_0:   24:37
that's fantastic. That is so good. Um, so in terms of making another album or more albums, is that the plan?

spk_1:   24:49
You know, I I'm trying to wrap my head around Why I would do that and see my view of things is I love recording at this point. I love doing videos. I have two more. Three more coming out, and it's based on the record and my situation with frontiers is over. It was a one record deal, so they're not even promoting the wreck. So So my point is that I don't look at this like that when I left the music industry before and just went off the grid for 100 years. It's because of the music industry, the way it functions, the way it works. It's first of all, even the people that are pulling down serious money off of it. And I'm not talking about artists. I'm talking about the record companies. And by the way, the record companies were all fine, you know, because because, you know, when the CD sales went away, it's like any sort of shift in technology or business. The really smart guys took advantage of it, so they don't print anything anymore. They have some friends CDs anymore. Then they said, Okay, we don't need as much staff. So they they fired, you know, hundreds and hundreds of people and then you know we will because of the way the industry is. I'm sorry we can't identify any extra tour. You know, you're gonna have to unify finances somebody, in other words, they're making their their profit level is still, you know, putting serious money into the pockets of the of the people that own these companies of the people that run them and stuff like that. There's a lot of big paychecks going. It's just not going to use musicians unless you know you're in that sort of upper echelon, right? But you can see even now. I mean, uh, you know, bands like, you know, unbelievable. Fantastic bands. Like like me? No. Okay, that was a joke. I know, but like Motley Crew, you know, and bands like that their tour, you know, the poisoned chalice, Steph upper are Jenna be, uh, you know, fall once, Winston The name of that. And Bowlby, you know, bands like that, they're the way they make the most out of their money is not necessarily YouTube views. It is not necessarily sales or records or down are streaming case with live shows. So I personally, because I was gone so long, I think I taken myself out of that. That realm. In other words, if I said I want I want a tour, well, I would have to, um I would have to spend a couple of years, you know, playing from 10 people in clubs, you know, and some of my friends, you wouldn't believe it, but that's what they're doing in other ways. They might be in a big band, but when they do their solo thing, that there's just nobody in the club, you know? So, um, so I would have to do that for a while to even get my standing in my notoriety and my visibility back up, you know? And hopefully I will be making great records along the way people will enjoy. Well, the system has been is kind of men disassemble not just because of this current virus stupidity, but because, you know, the the just away the music industry is set up that basically all you have are live shows, and you make records to kind of promote the live show. A supposed toe used to be the other way around. So So my point is, I made a record. It took me three years. I'm not with the label right now, which, you know, I knew that I wouldn't be as soon as this record had run its course. So, you know, do I want to get into it and do another record? So what would I do with that? Contact a record. And, you know, the record companies that at the level that I would be signing and a lot of artists will sign with Oh, they won't admit it. The budgets aren't what they used to be. You know, people are freaked out. My first flash it on emceeing was 1/4 of a $1,000,000 back in. And, you know, that's a good shark. It cash for an unknown artist, you know? So So these days is not even approaching that, which is fine. I'm not doing it for the money, but I'm gonna hand this product and I'm making to a record company. I'm not gonna see anything back from it in terms of residuals, it's just not the way they're set up. They all have a very hard coded plan. You know, you make a record that give you his little money as possible, and then you're off the grid within four weeks after the release. And that's how they save. That's only preserved, uh, you know, being in the black because they keep making, you know they're able to make make money. So that way. So in other words, they put out less and they get, you know, So if they sell, let's say 30,030 40,000 CDs. They made their money back, and they put his little I was possible. The promo for these record companies are websites. There's no there's no sort of hard copy that they don't go to magazines, they don't get creative. They know that, you know, put you in in events they you know, back in the day, the promo people were just kicking, sweating blood every day, trying to get you some sort of visibility around the world. It is not like that anymore. Now, now I'm not bagging on frontiers. Frontiers is is is absolutely great. Yeah, and I'm gonna say this because they're gonna do anything for me because they probably hate my guts. But this for But you know, said because you took so long and then, you know, I'm kind of a wise ass, so, you know, I'm not sure they like we was really gonna think it's pretty safe to say they don't. But Seraphine Oh, and and Mario are absolutely incredible people because, you know, you think about it. They started to record company in Europe farming, and they have a true, uh, sort of evangelist altruistic view it of everything. They want eighties music to survive, and they really legitimately do believe that. And I think in the light of that, those air to absolute warriors and their genius guys, they will never take my phone call again. But I always said good things about so So uh so, Yeah, so So So now what am I doing and make another writer? Well, if I do, you know what I might do is just put out a song once in a while with a video of videos. You know, combine the best of two worlds, obviously with the visuals and then with, you know, the music. I think it's like such a perfect marriage, and you know no shit. And I'm not gonna I'm not gonna be doing, you know, live shows Just not gonna do it. So this is the way I'm gonna reach people and communicate with people is thes Next video's coming up. The final video is gonna be for a song called, uh, you see, What is it going? Oh, um, I think it's I think it's the sun. What's wrong with me? Uh, but I have leave me in the dark is coming out, and then the director's cut, you know, so on the last video is gonna be very, very, you know, so violent psychotic. And, you know, it could be just a lot of fun because, you know, I'm a real fan of, like, you know, Gore films and horror films from back in the day. So yeah, so anyway, yeah, So anyway, so yeah, I know I'm not planning on making any more records, especially not with a record company. If I do it, finance it myself and make a record and all that stuff. But, you know, it's Kate. It is kind of like, you know, without without a real record company that's really pushing your heart and those that are defined these days, Yeah, it's kind of it's kind of a top go. So,

spk_0:   32:21
yeah, I mean, mentioning the frontiers thing, it is weird because, like you said and I didn't understand why you would only see, you know, they promote it going into it, and then four weeks later, you wouldn't hear anything more about it, and it

spk_1:   32:37
was because that's probably stay alive. In other words, you know, if you made a record and they gave us amount of dollars and as soon as they find a profit margin and that could be 6000 copies sold and they made four grand right you have done, there's no reason they're not thinking of like, a year from now. Then I think financing a tour, they're not thinking of giving you another video, you know, unless something that a tour, it happens. And you certainly make a shit load of money. But, you know, this is a few bears that do you know well for them. And you know, when I say they do well for them, you know, compared to what they used it, it's almost nothing. But by the same token, you know, the profit margin is very, very gonna measure it, you know, is very, very good for them, you know? And then, you know, they put a how 17,000 records a year. So, you know, I think I think that's the other part of their models. So that they're not staffed where they could be working. You don't like the records at you, So, um, you know?

spk_0:   33:41
Yeah. And you know that that ulcer and I'm thankful for them because of me is a fan of the genre. I am thankful that they're putting it out there putting it. I buy a lot of the frontiers,

spk_1:   33:52
dude, and it's because that's their mission. They really believe it. They're they're not, You know, they have to be businessmen, as always. You know, it's the same thing that people always said to me. What was it like doing business with Kiss? Because I wrote that song. Take it off. And I say it was perfect. You know, Gene and Paul, They said that the parameters off right from the beginning, you don't want to sign the contract, you know, get into it with him for once. You signed it. That's just you know, I think a lot of musicians feel like, you know, I'm gonna sign this contract, and it did if they didn't rip me off. I'm just saying, with record companies in with the record company takes everything, you know, 15% of all the profit I gotta fuck. So they're they're, like, completely right, you know? Hey, you know, this isn't fair. I went out of my contract. I was like, No, knucklehead, you signed it. You know, that's the reality of the music business, part of it. And and, you know, you know, Gene and Paul were just straight up. There's never been an issue, nothing. You know, this is the deal, and they stick with it and it's the same thing with, you know, with from tears and other labels like that, which they're saying is this is what we're gonna do. This is what we're gonna put out. We're not gonna go an inch further than this. And, you know, once you decide to deal, you've got to just accept that, you know, and on top of everything, you know, during once the recording started coming in and they were listening to the recordings, they were very inspirational, very, very supportive and really, really great people. Their whole staff is like that. There's one guy that's kind of it knitwear. But you know what I mean. I'm sure he thinks the same of me.

spk_0:   35:31
That's that's, um,

spk_1:   35:34
with a little bit of Satan throwing in a

spk_0:   35:36
little bit of Satan. Perfect. When we talked last year, I actually mentioned that I had a vinyl of of your soul. L'm your 1st 1 and, um, I actually we have

spk_1:   35:50
album cover. No, go ahead.

spk_0:   35:52
My house got robbed and they took it. And Oh, yeah, really. 200 albums, 200 vials. And I've said this on the show before I've been robbed in And because some of the artists that of those albums I had were guys I was talking to, right? So they stole my king Robert's. Ah, with the machine gun with you on the cover. But I got a new one, so I'm happy.

spk_1:   36:16
Oh, we got guys. Good, because, you know, did I tell you the story of the cover?

spk_0:   36:24
Yeah. And how it said Hayne and cake

spk_1:   36:27
No se is a cake. Roberts. And then hey, name. And so, you know, it was pretty ridiculous working with

spk_0:   36:37
I mean, I believe he said

spk_1:   36:40
that was that was a record that I was just figuring stuff. I was learning as I was going along. Yeah, but I mean, I recorded with Michael Wagner, and it was really I mean, There's some great moments I've ever know. I love certain aspects of it. Other parts, you know, I recorded that pre touring with outs, and, you know, if you ever, you know, seen people at his music school, and this is the way you get great. The way the way you learn your craft is you know, you you do a tour with that was Cooper or somebody like that because it's the end of the first doors now. Okay, well, this is what it's like, you know? Yeah. So yeah.

spk_0:   37:18
No, it's I mean, I love the album, and I still listen.

spk_1:   37:21
All I want to know, I'm not I'm not saying I'm saying reflected where I was at the time. Yeah, and, you know, I think I had Michael Wagner. There is some other really talented people that were working with us. So

spk_0:   37:33
that was, like, for me. That was one of those kind of albums that, like in Canada, sometimes it was hard to get stuff. Sylvia, it was one of those I think I originally had it on tape and I got it from a body who got it down in the States. But it was like it was one of those elusive albums that I could never seem to find for the longest. Yeah. Yeah, And when I finally got it, it was like, Oh, wow. And that was on tape and then getting the vial, I was just like it was one of those ones that I kind of, like, really took care of and cherished, and that then for it to get stolen. And I was

spk_1:   38:05
Well, where Where are you? Can

spk_0:   38:07
I am about an hour, 40 minutes from Toronto.

spk_1:   38:12
Come to Rydell from Toronto. Yeah, well, if I'm ever cared and your Randall signing for signs, that

spk_0:   38:19
would be awesome. No, B

spk_1:   38:21
B B $6. Okay,

spk_0:   38:24
so you mentioned that you are a horror fan or like what? Kind of like going back to the horrors on?

spk_1:   38:31
Well, no. Well, there's some great er moments in horror that are taking place today. There's a film by an Iranian woman called a girl Walks home alone at night is the creepiest motherfucking film I have seen in years. It's just so good, you know. So, um and so So So. The thing is that each era has different types of films 1000 years ago, there were always hammer films, which I didn't find scary, you know, at at all, you know that whenever I've seen them, um, evil dad was a big moment for me. The same reading me yet so and then, um, by the way, he met his son Ted Raimi. When I we shot shocker, the West Craven going boy, that guy sparking be so funny. He doesn't better Jerry Lewis than Alice. So you know, But, uh, And then, of course, Exorcist was was was, you know, mind Lloyd and still is to a certain extent, you know, even even these days, Um, but, you know, um, but a film like, you know, the ring or I thought one of the parent normals was was really good. So, you know, it's that sort of ah genre. But I look, a lot of times I'll look for, you know, uh, different directors. There's one director me, Kate. Uh, he's a Japanese. The writer and his films were so violent, they're considered to almost be horror films. He has a film called Easy The Killer. You know, one of the scenes is they got a guy. Uh, he's tied up. His shirt is off and he's hanging from hawks, so he's face down and they just pour sulfuric acid all over his back. You know, it just dissolves his skin and it's fine and everything is really off. So you know, it is one of its one of those things where they get so this visceral sort of response to it. You know, I kind of like that. It's almost like you airbrush any sort of like sensibilities that you like that. So I mean, it just varies in terms of horror films, but I would recommend I would recommend that film. A girl walks home that night alone, you know, check. Check that out because

spk_0:   40:56
I'm kind of a horse,

spk_1:   40:57
you know, they do one of those classic things where little kids washing and slated Now you he's gonna he's gonna skate for And he didn't think people skateboarding in Iran, but they dio and he looks back and way in the distance. Is that shrouded figure wearing a black cow? Mmm. You could just see a little bit of a white on face. So of course he's walking, and then he looks back and she's closer you know, of course. The third time he looks back. Her face is right there. Look, it's just the shit out of tell you. I know it sounds so obvious, but it's it's an awesome film that way. That is completely unexpected type of vampire film that you would never he would never imagine. So yeah, so in various for me. But I want so full the full spectrum of the old ones and the new ones.

spk_0:   41:50
Yeah, so I mean that I guess you were a fan when you and Al's first met. So you guys, the sharing that back, that back of the bus,

spk_1:   41:59
his main thing with the old, the older kung fu movies where they would fly up in the air, Kid can punch each other. And then they reversed the film in there you go back. You know, we he's just obsessed with those and we would be cracking up on me. They would have somebody on fire jump into some water and then play the film back. So, like, some guy jumped out of the water on fire and started, you know, being crap out. Everybody. Um so you know that that's what we were into mostly. But, you know, a lot of our films were just sort of standard for films that you would see, you know, And even some of the old ones, like, you know, Cyclops and the brain That wouldn't die. No films like that,

spk_0:   42:45
Um I mean, and it's funny because and I don't know if a lot of people, I'm sure people remember this, but in the eighties, the the hard rock heavy metal thing was kind of I think if you were for me as a fan, it was like, If you listen to that music, for some reason, you loved horror movies as well, because yeah, because you put the black and work. I'm going to the instructor with the man behind the mask. But, um, it was just like it to seem that those two go went hand in hand for some breeze.

spk_1:   43:17
Yeah, Well, shocker. You know, that amazing song with Paul Stanley and dozen child singing the melody? And then, you know, I was suddenly in a room with Michael, Anthony and Paul and everything. Well, singing backgrounds. That is a great song. It was. It was a total sort of Ah, you know pop metal soundtrack for that for that particular record. So yeah,

spk_0:   43:40
yeah. Um, I think I actually have that soundtrack. To be honest, I think I have a CD. I think a bonfire does. Ah, kiss song on it.

spk_1:   43:50
Oh, awesome. Yeah. You saw Shockers.

spk_0:   43:54
It was good, you

spk_1:   43:56
know? And I thought I told you you could just say we run like my hands to the side. And I remember I said, I said you should change the lyrics. The desert, too. We run like clams in the water. And it was one of the few times I saw the guy left. He doesn't laugh. That was,

spk_0:   44:13
uh that was so good. So like, getting to constructor, going back to the constructor, all? Sure. Um And how did they come to Alice? Were you in the picture of that point when they were gonna do that song for the movie for Friday? The 13 part sex?

spk_1:   44:33
Yeah. Yeah. We, uh we had come back from l. A and Bo Hill had insisted, or at least you know, I think he left it up to us. But he was there. He was a big They pushed this one. I'm not blaming them, by the way, because it's it's It's all of us involved. But he pushed because there was a guy named Anton Big yet Oh, I know. He used to play thinking still in the David Letterman show. I don't know. Is that still on? No one has. Okay, I think

spk_0:   45:09
he was there till the end.

spk_1:   45:10
Yeah. Is there really a fantastic drum? You know? And I was going and I said, you know, would you ever want to tour with us? And he was like, No, I'm doing what I'm doing. So, you know, And I said, All right, you know, So that became one of the factors why we didn't use him when we ended up using a really talented drum machine. Guys really great. Yeah, and it just it just stylistically, you know, the writing and then the drums. And then what? We came back to L. A with it just did not match up. So we ended up, you know, having a sort of pummel our ways of putting, you know, drums on the song. You know, that would fit So so that became our big job. Michael Wagner was trying to mix it and get the record back to you know where it felt good. And so during that, while we're back in L a sheriff said, Hey, you know, Friday the 13th. Frank Mancuso, Jr is the guy who sort of, you know, he owns the franchise down from his dad. He wanted to do an Alice Cooper. Some is the seem. So So we wrote a song called, uh, you know who was called The Man behind the Mask. But it was it was a heavy song, and later we recorded it as trick bag, which you didn't come up that great, but but that was sort of our, you know, he comes out of his own just a rock and roads, you know, and went into the music, and I don't know what it was, but I always do that. Anyway, So, um, he, uh, s o you know, we started working on it. They really wanted to get contemporary hit radio on board For the record, then that's the record company and management business. They're all thinking the same thing. So who do they put us up with? They have is right with the guy who wrote like a virgin. Oh, wow. Yeah. So right away, we're gonna, you know, like, just like a disco song. And then, you know, I just You know, when I left, I was like, the way you know, it just seems weird that, you know, Alice is singing such a pretty melody. You know the man be, huh? You know, it's like, this master serial murderer monster guy. We're singing pretty about it, but I know that Liz and I were going Okay, well, you know, it's a really good song, you know? So I remember sitting there with Frank Mancuso Jr while they were mixing it, and he goes, What's this? And I said, I think that's the song, that movie. And he was all awesome. Dude. So we're sitting there and it goes, and it just goes to the same, you know? Oh, Rosie's back. And, uh, he turned to me to say Kane that I said, Yeah, he goes, Is this ever gonna rock? And I went No. Hey, you got over laughed. It was funny because he wanted a hard core Alice Cooper like that after the man. Uh, you know, that's what he was looking for. So and I mean, it's not a rock song, but if I really love the song, I think it's a really crazy Yeah, And annually, by the way, I really enjoy. I tried to do a solo that was almost like a non statement that just sort of woven around abuser. And I'm really happy with that solo. I really I thought that was one of the great things that came out of constructive, To be honest with you at the end of all that silliness, so

spk_0:   48:37
well. And it's funny, too, because, I mean, they used teenage Frankenstein within the movie where the guy

spk_1:   48:44
that wanted to use a lot of so they even used Hard Rock

spk_0:   48:46
Summer. And I was gonna ask you that song it was not on concert, right?

spk_1:   48:51
No. And, you know, I just just thinking people in an insight they understand I came from playing strip clubs on Rock Night in New York. Okay. And then I don't I told you this. I dealt cards to make money. You know, it's his illegal blackjack game where there were guns all over the planet. And that was how I survived. So suddenly, I'm in Beverly Hills and Chefs mansion on the giant away up in the hills of Beverly Hills. And Alice and I are thinking these lounge chairs around is cool. And we started writing that song, and it just I don't know. It was it was one of those songs. I mean, the lyrics are very clever, and they're all Alice. That's like like I wrote lives almost all the songs that I did with him. But that particular song, uh, you know, I'm street wise run away and all that stuff, that's all. Alice just sitting there. 00 in the younger one that I didn't go near was Prince of Darkness. He just he just nailed that. What? I think I might have mentioned that to you before, So So, yeah, so So that's all Alice. And we just had this because of where we were, you know, sitting in in Paradise. The song has a very upbeat, you know, feel to it, you know, and it's almost like an anthem of positive anthem about rocking and being in the U. S. A. And just living the life. You know, back in those days where you can walk on Sunset Boulevard and Hollywood and hookers would come up to you and just hang out with it, you know, I mean, I definitely didn't necessarily do any business with him, but it was just part of this culture that was, like on the street, like you'd see, you know, the guys some poison would come driving down with fringe jackets and their giant Harleys. You know, you would you just be It was just It was just, like a total free for all, you know, and, you know, and all that's been stripped away. Now, if you want to go to the Pacific Coast Highway in a part of your car in nine PM and just look at the ocean, you can't the castle. You could give you a ticket before you tell you to move on. So the whole state has become really sort of iron fisted in terms of how the government's working. And now, with this pandemic thing, I'm sure it's gonna lay double up. They're not gonna give any of these freedoms back that they're grabbing at this point. So, um, back in those days, it was just, you know, Hard Rock. Summer was the ultimate dream, you know, that you you can have it back back in the day now. Now it's like it's a little different. Not that other people aren't enjoying. So it's It's still rock and life that will leave. It's just back in the day when it's a little bit more, a little bit more debauchery and nudity and drugs. Death no. Okay, don't come. Oh, that's fun. Really dark blood Way

spk_0:   51:51
went from We went from Sunshine in California, too, to Transylvania and darkness. Yeah, so in terms of constructor and raise your Fist in Yell that both being released on M. C. A and your album was as well. Was that only a two album deal with them for the two Alice albums? And then because Alice moved

spk_1:   52:13
over the way The way these these deals go, you know, if there isn't somebody making cogent decisions at the top, there's this question numbers. How many did itself? Okay, let's do the next record and we'll do it this way. And it's not like that. It's the people running. These companies are at the same level of most of the politicians you see, they just they're just knuckleheads. They're just trying to like you know, maintain their paychecks, which, which is very difficult in the music industry is not hard in government. I don't wanna talk about government, but in the music industry, the turnover of people getting fired is unbelievably even CEOs. They're just moving these people around like musical chairs. So So you know, chef is smart enough to know that, uh, you know, the M C. A distribution back in those days in terms of getting records into different countries in stores and everything was one of the worst. So, uh, you know, she got us off of M c A and put us in different situations. And at that time, you know, the Geffen record, The Geffen company was interested in me. So I I sigh, you know, because of Michael Lago, the Metallica guy. And he signed me there and chef. Then Towers went on to do other things. But you know the way, Chef, worse the world. He could have Alice do 10 records on AMC a back in those days. He just I think he just was looking for, you know, a more viable business model behind you know, his next release. So

spk_0:   53:51
yeah, it's funny. because those two albums were kind of like Alice is back. They were a little bit. They were They were heavy, Heavier, I think else's I mean, with you, Those

spk_1:   54:01
raised baptist was it was a lot of your Yes, you go

spk_0:   54:05
and then you go to trash and it became more commercial. It was him

spk_1:   54:09
or Desmond? Well, yeah, and, you know, great, great record. I am not 100% sure Why doesn't didn't do the next work? I don't You know, I don't know why you didn't produce it or right, but I think they're writing again, which which is a good deal. And then, you know, we I've been writing with Alyssa's Well, you know, maybe held to a song. You know what we're doing? He got, you know, wait. See, I think you know, Bob Vision is the ultimate arbiter of what gets on the records of what does One of my close friends as well. It is a good guy. But, you know, do you think I don't look at what the what the album is supposed to look like? And I was supposed to move his career, and, you know, he's got the Hollywood vampires thing as well. So you know, and that's that's kicking ass. So you know, it's Ah, I think the decision banking fromthe shaft level is still brilliant. It's the record company's that keep kicking the ball into the wrong hands. Oh,

spk_0:   55:05
yeah, that's too bad. I mean that that kind of kind of,

spk_1:   55:09
Well, it's, you know, the record. The record industry isn't over. It's just completely different. Technology comes in and and robs people that robs people of their comfort zones like constant. And that is what is happening. You know, that's what happened now, and it is what it is. Now you'll watch. You know, this fact that nobody can play live right there will generate some other fantastic moments and equity sources with the music history. Somebody's going to come up with something. And, you know, if I think that uh, you know, I think there is a good thing to every calamity that we go through. So we all have to just try, uh, you know, punch our way through situations like this.

spk_0:   55:56
Yeah, exactly. I mean, there was There's a band from from Switzerland called Got Hard. Yeah. You know, I

spk_1:   56:02
never heard of them. They've been around. They've been around forever.

spk_0:   56:04
That's right. And they just released a new album called Is Called 13. And, um, it was released on March 13th Friday the 13th and they were supposed to have a release party for it, and they weren't able to because of the Corona virus over in Europe. And they just went online And did, Ah, 43 minutes show in the rehearsal space on YouTube. Yeah, and when? And it was great. And I've watched it like four times.

spk_1:   56:32
You know, that's that's awesome. Yeah, you know, you know, you know, it's really funny because everybody comes across this thing like, What is this business structure And one of the musicians doing whatever you know? Uh, the main goal here, its accessibility to the fans. The fans are the only thing that really, you know, keep that gets, gets the life's blood of all of this stuff. So, you know, from a musician standpoint, that only requires the hardest thing of all. And that's gonna be very true to yourself, with everything you did with, like with this record, the new record that I did you know, I made sure that I did have. There was a There's a script writer named Larry Grows. He wrote A movie that's pretty old is called 48 Hours and some other Wednesday, though the guy was born to write script and he was saying that the thing that you do is you have to keep Mr Mediocre away from, you know, from from you when you're creating when you're doing stuff. So you know, like you know, when I'm saving a vocal recording things, here's something I think it is good enough right away. I sort of question the moment, and we have to start a pause and see if there's a way you know, an awfully Your decisions are good, but, you know, from a music musician standpoint, you have to be absolutely honest and truthful and give the audience you know what you truly believe. The music industry, their job. I think it's the bank it as easily accessible to the audience and what you realize downs that fans amusing fans there the entire deal. So any failures in that process of those two elements the musicians of the business is an ultimate failure for for the full affair and fans were very smart. They might say, like Oh, you know, something is really good But they can tell when somebody got lazy. It doesn't make sure, Billy, I think they can tell when somebody goes. I'm just going to do a record like that. That's way what this song is like that song or you know, whatever and not really, you know, steady. They the audience. The fans expect you to come up with something that you spit blood to get the truth out and really do what it is that you were trying to, you know, expressing them, give them something valuable. And that is what everybody is old. That's what the fans are owned from the musicians. And like I said, you know, when the music industry kind of fails and they get a little too greedy and they fuck everything up, it gets to the fans that ultimately get her. Musicians are just always gonna get hurt. There's there's no like you're flying to a seminar. Did I ever say things to you? I don't think so. Okay, if I do it, do it seven or, you know, and there's like young people there in the musician's I'll just say what I say. Look, you know, because they're talking about how tough it is, how this is happening, how do we make it in music so well, the first thing you gotta do is is realized where the musician, the music industry, where it comes from. And I said it started with, you know, mandolin players on this side of the road with little shoes with and curl up with, the bells are playing. And when rich people came by and cabbages, cabbages in their carriages, they finish, you know, and be obstinate. They came by cab

spk_0:   59:59
when you

spk_1:   59:59
need it. No, but they combine their their carriages and they throw, you know, tomatoes and meet, you know, with, you know, that's what they throw at. You lay here. You got a nice job. You know, the industry has a change. It's still the same way. So musicians are always going to get the least blowback in terms of money. So, you know, I said unlikely. You want to get into this? You know, you can be a great story. You can make a lot of money you can do. You can do this. Then they are that? I said your main goal would be to do something significant that moves people in an honest way. That you could do that. Then you know, you're a real musician and you're on your way either, you know, to some level of success, So yeah,

spk_0:   1:0:44
well, that's I mean, that's what you're right.

spk_1:   1:0:47
Yeah. And, you know, uh I don't know if I said the studio before, but I said in my mind, I said to my site, there was a guy named Art Blakey. Okay. Yeah, he had his jazz band called The Jazz Messengers. This really isn't an older black. I don't even know if he stole What? But he said somebody asked him, How do we make? And he goes you. The only thing you can do is make yourself as great as you can. And if you do that, the world will beat a path to your door. And I'm living proof that that's true because I practiced so much and I just wanted to do it so that I was obsessed with it. Everything around my life crumble in my desire to be a musician and, you know, with the way I looked and you know, the type of thing that I did. The only band in the world that would have signed is Alice Cooper, and they found their way to my door. It's crazy, You know? You don't mean so So I always say that to, you know, musicians is What's inspiring is if you become great enough and you just keep hammering away, you're going to make some noise. And if you just do something really great, I always say, the fan's air really smart. They can tell. They can tell if you're doing something great and you'll get people that will be, you know, your fans, you know, forever, you know? So

spk_0:   1:2:21
that's cool. I mean, I'm gonna let you go on a second. I just have one more question for you.

spk_1:   1:2:26
It's okay. But I just want, you know, the drugs are just kicking in. So I'm not gonna know where I am in minutes. No, I'm good.

spk_0:   1:2:32
Okay, I actually, I, um, was on YouTube, and I had never seen the video for Rock doll until last week. Last week, I had never seen it, and, uh, I never thought to look it up, and I don't think much music ever played it here in Canada, Probably ever seen it on TV. So it wasn't a little bastard. It's no joke, but actually, on a side note, I was. We have this channel on her cable, and every Sunday and Thursday they play metal for, like, two hours. Yeah, and they played freedom the other day, which was cool. Yeah, yeah, it was really cool. And that's

spk_1:   1:3:17
that's sort of that's the video where he dropped my pick. Well, go ahead.

spk_0:   1:3:20
I have to watch that again.

spk_1:   1:3:22
Yeah, because watch my fingers to do it. I did. They did, like five tanks and drop me pick every time. No, no, no, wait. I'm sorry. I dropped my pecan tune takes, and that's the footage they used. So I have no idea.

spk_0:   1:3:35
That's Florence, and the filming honor is different. Like it's relief. It's really bright. It almost looks. It almost looks like hideout before high def. It's like it's really cool filming on.

spk_1:   1:3:48
Yeah, I know they have. It's really funny because I don't know if I should tell you this. Ah, let's put it this way. There were some budget arguments going on record company management Yeah, and no, I can't tell you. Okay, I realize it's a little The Andy is a little too so way We had a great crew in there. And by the way, lan friends was a very famous right, you know, for a run. He brought Jaime Summers there. The star from the porno star from the brat. Siri's right. So if you're right and you know what I'm talking about,

spk_0:   1:4:32
I don't think I D'oh

spk_1:   1:4:34
admit to that to a 1,000,000 people might not be liquid, but so, Yeah, he, uh, Jaime Sommers, if you look it up Jamie Summers. Summers. I think it's eight s o. M. I'm not sure yet, but I had a major crush. I Her. Yeah. Uh uh. You know, not that I look at porn. No. Okay. You know, But I just I just fell in love with I think she didn't pan out staying as is it. So they walk in together, and I was like, What? Oh, my God. So, you know, I ended up taking her to a couple of advance and stuff, and we sweep me. Became send my friends there for a while, so that, to me, is the other memorable moment other than the fact that I dropped a pic. But you know the rest of it, Uh, it's kind of a blur.

spk_0:   1:5:24
Cool video. It says. I did it. I ain't seen in a long time.

spk_1:   1:5:27
Well, Alice is just so amazing on it. I mean, like, if you just take everybody else out of it, you just look at his parts. You talking about telling that guy? Just Budi turns on. It's just it's well, you know what happened the first night. It welcome to my nightmare tour, where you need it's on tape. He walks out, is just owns the world. It's his first show when he's not high, you know, incredible. And freedom is an incredible example of that. It's like, you know, we're gonna shoot go and Alice just explodes every time Spitting is breaking. Cain's not me, but he didn't break okay, but he's like he's breaking stuff on stage and, you know, just amazing guy. Really amazing.

spk_0:   1:6:15
He's I mean, as soon as he comes out, he's like his stage presence is just so big.

spk_1:   1:6:20
This is crazy, man. He I remember that first night looking at actually, you know What was it? Uh, ready. And I'm ready. Was ready. Festival. I can remember. We felt festival. I think it was ready. Um, I was one of those times I was standing on my rise, and I'm looking at school. He's reaching the person like thousands of thousands of people waiting in the back palace is able thio communicate with just about every individual in the audience. It's pretty amazing.

spk_0:   1:6:56
I mean, I don't I love going to see Alison. Probably seen him six or seven times in different.

spk_1:   1:7:00
So you, you you you take see Alice. You know I do, too, once in a while,

spk_0:   1:7:05
okay? I had to get, you know, Well, you know, you know, I

spk_1:   1:7:11
I started a student, came round and said, You know, you just have fun with that. Didn't back since I was 15. No way you're telling me that way we'll keep that in. No. So So yeah, so anyway so? Well, I'm not arrest. So any other questions? You

spk_0:   1:7:31
know, I just I wanted to get back to the rock doll video because I'm kind of went on the other tangent of going to freedom, But watching that video and, um the part where you pick the female up by. I guess it would be her bra or her shirt.

spk_1:   1:7:46
They put a special bra harness around her. Yeah,

spk_0:   1:7:52
I just I was like, That's so eighties. That was like, I think

spk_1:   1:7:56
it was so easy. You know, the model waas

spk_0:   1:7:59
I don't. And I was just gonna ask you that, actually,

spk_1:   1:8:01
Ginger Miller. And she was penthouse pet of the year.

spk_0:   1:8:05
She was a beautiful girl.

spk_1:   1:8:07
Oh, my God. I remember when I was talking to somebody, you know, she came in this it cane. This is This is Ginger. This is Cane Roberts, do you said Hey, how you doing anyway? Pretty good. How you e It was just like, wow, you know, So I

spk_0:   1:8:25
mean, it was she played a good part of the video because, I mean, that was I mean, I remembered you on stage, and then I remembered

spk_1:   1:8:31
for her. That's that. Yeah. Like, you know, the thing is that, uh um I'll never forget I said Thio. The guy that directed it was weighing I should Yeah. And you know what that is?

spk_0:   1:8:45
Yeah. It's a motley stuff. I think he said.

spk_1:   1:8:47
Yeah, I did need thio crazy from the heat or it's the video. Steve, I and I think that was Wait, I should know that

spk_0:   1:8:57
I am not sure.

spk_1:   1:8:58
Yeah, with, uh, with daily rock any anyway. So So yeah, I just you know, And by the way, another story on that shoe Waas, um were there was shooting for a few hours and everything that I was sitting there and Joe Perry came to the shoes. No way. If he knew that I was from Boston, What he said Hi. I mean, he was probably there to say See Wayne Isom yet, But he came up to me and said, Hi, I was like, Wow, you know, because I'm a fan boy as much as anybody with some of these people and, you know, he was like Joe Perry compared it. There's there's nobody that ever play riffs like he did on those albums. Those earlier albums There's Nobody's Ever Come close. So

spk_0:   1:9:46
angry. No still cares for Aerosmith albums e don't wantto self titled

spk_1:   1:9:53
Nobody had any idea what they were even was need thio just how great it was, you know?

spk_0:   1:9:58
Okay, so I think that your wings is probably my favorite one, but I love Yeah, yeah, yeah, apples there. Killer olives. And I mean, that would be so cool too. You know, there's Joe Perry. That would be pretty.

spk_1:   1:10:12
Oh, yeah, He said you can. You're from Boston. I went, Yes.

spk_0:   1:10:18

spk_1:   1:10:18
the same voice I used for Ginger Miller. Just This isn't great, Actually. You got that? Yeah, but

spk_0:   1:10:28
it's okay. It's funny. Well, I think that's pretty much it for what I've got for you tonight. Cane in.

spk_1:   1:10:37
Well, I think the only thing that I like to say is the Watch out for the director's cut. Okay for beginning beginning, you know, watch out for the director's cut for beginning of the end. You know, it's it's a radical change from the video that's there. We have another one coming out called Lead Me in the Dark that deals with some very painful and dark issues that are in our culture today. And then the last one is gonna be I can't can't mention her name until they do it. But you know, a pretty big you know, so kind of a celebrity from a different world will be in instead of like that And then then you know I'll see if I'm gonna keep recording is staying at it. I mean, my whole thing is my relationship with fans. And so that's the main thing that I want to preserve More than, uh, you know, I got a request to duel monsters of Rock Cruise, and it's just it's just getting didn't opinions, you know, the way I'm looking at all of this and, you know, and and by the way, monsters of Iraq, it's fantastic, you know, business model. It's a fantastic opportunity for people. I just really respect those guys. Well, what they're doing. I mean, they're they're similar to the frontiers, you know, guys thing that thinks a very core belief, you know, t put these things together and and seldom manage, you know, try and make money off of it. You know, it's pretty awesome, but, you know, so So my point is that I've got a bunch of videos coming up and one kind of special event. It's probably less than a month away. So, you know, just told everybody hangs in there with me and that's it.

spk_0:   1:12:16
Yeah, I'll be watching for love, new video and whatever else you're doing because I'm always kind of paying attention to what you are doing, so

spk_1:   1:12:23
All right. Thanks, man.

spk_0:   1:12:25
Okay, man, Have a good night and

spk_1:   1:12:27
have a good night.

spk_0:   1:12:28
Okay, take it easy last night, and I'm glad I didn't hear the phone rang because your voice still shuts me down. Just you still bed where I can do now? I know. I was at my when I gave you everything and falling down, turn around and learned to walk away.