Non-Stop Rock Talk with Tyson Briden

Season 1 - Episode 24 - Nic Maeder - Singer - Gotthard, Ex-Maeder

April 10, 2020 Nic Maeder - Singer - Gotthard, Ex-Maeder Season 1 Episode 24
Non-Stop Rock Talk with Tyson Briden
Season 1 - Episode 24 - Nic Maeder - Singer - Gotthard, Ex-Maeder
Non-Stop Rock Talk with Tyson Briden
Season 1 - Episode 24 - Nic Maeder - Singer - Gotthard, Ex-Maeder
Apr 10, 2020 Season 1 Episode 24
Nic Maeder - Singer - Gotthard, Ex-Maeder

Non-Stop Rock Talk is joined by Gotthard singer Nic Maeder to discuss the band's latest release '13'. Maeder also goes deep into all that went into the writing and recording of the songs on '13' as well as discussing the reasoning behind the bands decision to do the album release party via You Tube. Stay safe and enjoy!!!

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Non-Stop Rock Talk is joined by Gotthard singer Nic Maeder to discuss the band's latest release '13'. Maeder also goes deep into all that went into the writing and recording of the songs on '13' as well as discussing the reasoning behind the bands decision to do the album release party via You Tube. Stay safe and enjoy!!!

spk_0:   0:08
street from Booth. Nonstop rock talk with Tyson Friday, Right. Good afternoon, Nick. Really Get this Octavia and welcome to a nonstop rock talk. How you doing, man?

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Haggle And how you think about me.

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I'm very good. Very good indeed. Um, I have to say that in North America we don't get enough press on Gothard. Um, it's funny, because the latest album 13 I actually came across the release party on YouTube. I was just kind of strolling through YouTube one day, and I was like, What the hell is this? So I watched the video, and I was like, Is this all the new music like, this is amazing. Um, and I have been a family in the past. It's just we don't get enough press on anything in terms of the band. So you and I sometimes you lose touch, right?

spk_1:   2:01
Yeah. I already should talk to my people that

spk_0:   2:04
Yeah, it's I mean, the music so good. And they have that. I mean, you guys, that this is the 13th album. And like, I tell my friends that are, like, who I'm like, Oh, man. Like there's this huge band and Switzerland in and yeah, nobody knows. A lot of people don't know who they are in North America. There are some that do And the ones that do. No. You guys, they absolutely love the band. It's just like the world needs to be spread more across here. So that because of music, is I think is so good that people should be here.

spk_1:   2:38
Oh, thanks a lot. Thanks. Yeah, I'd be happy to be fantastic. You know, I obviously we Andi, just come and play over as well. Great on. So yeah, absolutely. We were Yeah. Uh, yeah, it's always difficult, you know, it's ah, who loves world and how how the course of the band's based in Europe be touring here in Europe for so many years. So that's a kind of the four ways here, and everything is here. And I guess Ah, uh, I guess they all the primary people don't really push it in other territories. Maybe, you know,

spk_0:   3:13
Yeah, it's really it's really a strange thing. It's I mean, I think a lot of European Bansal that the that like, hard rock being because, um, hard rocks not huge here anymore. It was. It is such a weird dynamic in terms of music over and especially in Canada, I'm not too sure. On the States, I think they're a little bit more open because there's so many more. People were 37 million and their 335 million or something like that.

spk_1:   3:41
Yeah, yeah, yeah, sure. So, yeah, but I mean, the thing is, I mean, of course, in Europe, I mean, you know, I was I was living in a straight it's kind of, you know, you know, being Switzerland for that 10 years now, but ah, before the house in Australia for, like, 17 years. And and it was, uh yeah, very given. I mean, I had no idea the role kind of thing was still going so strong, you know, until I sort of joined the banner, moved here and realized that, Well, this this actually Europe is I mean, there's so many festivals in so many different countries here, and they're all probably old heartbroken, you know, they're all rock ones and stuff. So it's this a lot of these fans that you kind of thought, you know, from the IEA's or the kind of thought we even seventies, you know, that you thought didn't come to exist anymore. Well, it's still toward, you know, there's still here. And then it's so much kind of going on, even though I kind of, you know, in the mainstream on the radio, on reading, you're not really getting much hard Rock doesn't matter. Still, the these bands still is, too, you know, playing everywhere and some of the ones feeling estate. He wasn't stuff without any radio anything. So it's, uh, yeah, it's still it's still very much alive in Europe for sure.

spk_0:   4:57
That's fantastic. I mean, I love hearing that, too, because over here it's so like I said, it's just so different.

spk_1:   5:04
I mean, it's It's I think it's similar to what you're describing is probably very similar to Australia as well. I brought things not really means. It's quiet. It's pretty small. You know which women are always talking about this week. Actually a good friend of mine, the boys from label on, you know, And this was a sort of science. Anything is well, you know. So it's just kind of weakness is also falls rock, you know?

spk_0:   5:29
Yeah, I mean airborne

spk_1:   5:30
and it's working, coming better routes out of the store and then, you know, he's got a weird That

spk_0:   5:34
is kind of weird. I mean, Airborne Airborne actually had a radio play here, I think, on the 1st 1st album, and then it. And that's another dynamic here is you'll get it. The Taliban will come. It will play that first album. By the time the next album comes out, it may not be cool anymore. Is so North America so trendy in terms of me here And it drives you crazy, right? Like but by bands like got clobbered and Motley Crue and poison like the bigger bands, they still sell it, like for for shows, right people. So you and everybody talks about it like they've been talking about that tour. This is going to be here in the summer if it happens of a thought for months and everybody's totally anticipating it. But, um, for a small maybe include a lot tougher, you actually did. So you came from Australia, were you? Um I'm kind of changing a little bit here, but were you? I'm assuming you were singing over there in a band.

spk_1:   6:34
Yeah, I actually I'm sweet. Rolls was born in Switzerland and most my family's for all my family released from here. And And we, uh, my appearance migrated to Australia. What else? When I was just after I was born sort of thing. So So And I really grew up between both countries, you know? So we're doing two or three c h er two threes there and can't just backboard always kind of being the new kid in school last. And, uh, yeah, well, you know, Yeah, headbands. I mean, my entire life here, like most bands also been doing this since, Well, for a very long time. So but yeah, but But that's why I'm being being in Australia for when I started auditioning for Forgot out in 2010 I think of lousy. And who doesn't tell you when I started with the additional process? Um, yeah, I'll still gonna be in Australia for something like, you know, 17 years or something. And, um yeah, I heard quite a few bands and sign sign A few major labels beings are be doing it for quite a while. That the band I had just before that was actually bangle mater, which I had with my brother. Okay, cool. And, uh, we were, Yeah. Want brothers signed band. And before that, I had some other things with my brothers. Well, we sort of always always been doing it since since we were kids Really

spk_0:   8:00
help. They only got her find you.

spk_1:   8:04
Well, we actually, funnily enough back vacuum, huh? Uh oh. Are backing, like, 94 or something? I was living in Switzerland that time on. I had a band. Ah, van der of the time We actually played in the same pistol together, though they were, they were headlining the fist of already. Yeah, And my dad were I think that this also is kind of So it was their first album and what you need to stand by, You know, I'm not sure, but we er yes. I mean, of course. You know, I I always knew now, God, being such a big, sweet, spanned and then kind of lived, illustrated. And shortly after that, for such a long time, I completely lost touch. We've kind what was going on in in Switzerland musically, Really? And it's focused on really well, you know where I was in Australia, and yeah, I mean, I've heard that that Steve Lee. Uh, eczema had passed away and and actually afraid of mine. Who was the drama? He was the drums, the crocus think Switzerland. And so he contacted me and Andi? Uh, yeah, I thought that I should audition, you know, So I can't Did you know, I I Yeah, I started the whole process, and, uh, and I think the whole audition well, being talked about, we'll fall together because that week, because I went back for quite a few, we even we'd spend some time, some running together before I was in the band as well. So we just just kind of like the whole forest is one of about eight months. Wow. By the time that I have a lot of people to go through that something like 400 people that apply that went topside. That's crazy. So, yes, I just took a long took a really long time. So Well, what seemed to be a long time, May I mean eight months? He's kind of law and actually going back and forth between Australians with some quite a lot to your family. You gotta do the truth three times in that In that space of time, you know, to just going back all you want to come back again, you know, Come back. You know, eventually eventually got the job in an old Saturday night at, like, three weeks to kind of pack my life up and leave. Oh, yeah. And then it was just rush, rush, rush, rush. You know, I was, uh, on then continent Really salt That's being almost in unison.

spk_0:   10:36
That's crazy. I was I mean, I was just I was just looking at about the other day. I was 10 years already. Holy cow. It's amazing. That flies, right? Oh,

spk_1:   10:46
that's crazy. Yeah. 544 studio albums. Me. Now again, it's like, Wow, I actually promised a lot, Believe Yeah,

spk_0:   10:57
and, um I mean, from watching that YouTube video, I just I just noticed the interaction of you guys and you guys just seemed like you were having fun. And it was like there was some funny parts where, like, where Mark goes and takes the picture of no audience. And he's like, Hey, you in the back and then you come on in. You're like, you're like, I don't know where he comes up with this stuff like E. This is I I honestly have lives like I haven't tried mill in my in my apartment, so I'll run on the treadmill and alter not on and crank the crop out of it because it gets me pumped out watching it, so Oh, it's not video, like 10 times,

spk_1:   11:36
huh? Well, so you know what I mean. That that was again, You know what? It was right at the start. He's locked down. Start. Yeah, we Then we literally We still didn't know if how tour was gonna be cancel. We do. We have no idea. Was really just beginning. And we had this release date. I mean, we talked about, you know, we changed. Released the album? No. You know what? It was just everything was just sitting in motion, and we just thought, Now, let's let's just keep going with it. And then we were they can't they make us cancel our our release party. And then and then then we figured we could maybe try and do it in a radio station because there is this close to where our little Ramiz is actually on the attacking the Italian speaking side of Switzerland. Actually, really close to on the board revealing, which is one of the worst hit areas with the bars, right? Yeah, way. And so we was gonna We thought we would do this. This radio show that his great stage with cameras and things and we could have streamed it from there and then that didn't work out because of the whole, uh, you know, being sort of closed toe in all of Italy there. And everything kind of started shutting down there as well. And it was just as it was going on. So we just had to keep keep changing plans, literally daily. Yeah, Until until I think it was maybe Leo. Someone came up with the idea. Just said, I wanna just now rehearsal room, you know, Mr Scare. So we just got a feeling crew to calm down on. Duh. And you have just a little Hey, let's just all this system by economy by people into our room, I'm just going to lay back, uh, you know, you know, play a few of the new songs and stuff. Yeah. So really, I'm really happy I was a bit was sure about doing this thing. I thought I love and I we, uh you know, it really was right beginning this fall, streaming the most frozen on Boss, I'm so damn good. Now least we know At least it's coming. One thing that we're able to do before an intimate and literally after that, we we just kind of we haven't seen each other.

spk_0:   13:41
Oh, yeah, that was that was March 13th right?

spk_1:   13:46
It ain't the end. And then we, uh yeah, we literally we will win our separate ways and and let it weigh in. Any sort of started getting getting canceled. So we actually were supposed to start the European tour. Ah, you know, about like, five days Way was supposed to sign in Budapest and then, uh, you know, I think and then work our way through Germany and and then back down Switzerland. And we had Cem France and, uh, Italy, and so are places and literally was supposed to start that fire today. So that that was the first castle which we pushed Thio January. But this week's toe we pushed the world Toyota, which I am still hiding. No, having these Lakers, we now know how long these things going for and on. We gonna laugh. Actually, all the summer festivals had multi counsel get. It's still on like that. Uh, I've got Donna that honestly, we supposed the 1st 1 was supposed to play use 26 of June, but I know it seems quite close. I

spk_0:   14:58
know it's crazy. It's you're thinking

spk_1:   15:00
about going on.

spk_0:   15:01
I mean, it's the beginning of April, but we're thinking like the leak thinking late June, and you're you know, it does seem calls because because two months goes by so quickly, right?

spk_1:   15:11
I mean, it's so quick and with only stop and I mean the news is changing every day. Okay, being seemed to kind of be easing up a little bit. Still, I think by the time they actually let people, you know, gig like the gatherings happen again, I think it's gonna be I mean, you know, it's, uh yeah, we just had no idea.

spk_0:   15:31
Yeah, exactly. I mean, I'm not video, um, the first song, which was every time I die, Um, this when? When Leo starts chugging, Not like I believe it's a draw is probably drained drop D because it's just like it's so heavy. Um, it's just like your That is like the perfect lead off in the way you guys did it. Because different that on the album. There's more of an intro on the album just chugging on that d and then and then front comes in with the guitar And, like, that song just drives me. And that's such a good team.

spk_1:   16:04
Cool. Thanks. Thanks. Yeah, No way. Um, actually, that that that song was I actually wanted to open an album with that song on. Uh, we, uh we ended up going going for another one, but for bad use, obviously. But it's that it's ah. But I always thought it would be great Opener. And also a great opener for for the officials as well, you know, it's always right. You can have in the show with the only out. Yeah. Um, but ah, yeah, but we sort of tried it on, but we figured out that, uh, because we sort of said, you know, we were preparing for the tour, so we sort of spent, you know, a couple of weeks would already be in practicing for a couple of weeks and trying out all of you songs just to see which ones were gonna do line Which one's gonna work The best moments of stuff and ah, that one. Always Every time I I've always just sounds great. Just we're straight away Just doesn't need much effort, you know? It's like it just one of those songs, just kind of lacking in place works, you know? So and it's a great kind of fast, you know, with that song with great driving on. Yeah, we just thought, Hey, let's let's list this really drives and I would never have been shows. And uh uh, yes, I think so.

spk_0:   17:17
I mean, I work as soon as that comes on. I'm just like it captures your attention. It's just one of those. Yeah, I just thought just that riff at the beginning, and it's so simple, but it just yeah, it just captures you. And then the other part that comes in over top. It's just like it's such a great build up.

spk_1:   17:36
See a way. We're pretty happy with that, and hopefully we should we have before goes. Well, we could do the same same kind of thing. Like get one. When I was in a bit of God's great detective Gordon Father An audience? Yeah,

spk_0:   17:49
Yeah, exactly. You know what? What's funny is that I ordered I ordered the vial of 13 on Amazon, but, um, I won't get it, probably for I think it's coming from the States. So I probably for another month. But another funny story was I wanted to order the vinyl of silver on Amazon. So this was Wednesday. I looked at it. It was $33. Like through three Canadian. The day I went back to order, and they had they had one left and bumped it up to $140.

spk_1:   18:23
Oh, what?

spk_0:   18:24
Yeah. I was like, You kidding me? Really? So anyways, I went. I went on a disk. Cox. I don't know if you're familiar with this cox, but it's

spk_1:   18:34
no, no,

spk_0:   18:35
it's a it's a vinyl buying site and they've got okay, Got everything, and I found it on their brand new copy. Someone had for sale for 40 bucks was shipping from her, and I said, Okay, that's good. So it's just ah, it's like these times we're weird, even Amazon. You look at pricing and they're like bumping everything up, and it's really sad to be bumping up and album $240. Not just, you know,

spk_1:   19:00
especially. I mean, it's hard now I get a CZ. You know, the music industry in general. I mean, it's hard enough to sell anything anyway. No, it's with all the street. Get everything going on. So you hear that? Started it, Hutch. That's that's really magnet. Difficult.

spk_0:   19:17
Yeah, that's yeah, to me. That's not right. That means, actually, people are still buying music. Make it reasonable for them to buy it, right?

spk_1:   19:25
He Absolutely, Absolutely.

spk_0:   19:28
What? I also was really cool was You guys did top of the world on that video. And

spk_1:   19:33
there are

spk_0:   19:34
I think I prefer that song live than on then the album version, To be honest with you because of its just the way you guys do it live with, You know how, like the first part of the verse does the courts. What is it like? A B minor g A. And then you changed and progression of the courts in the second part of the verse, and it just built it up. So awesome. So and when you guys do it live, you guys are such a tight band like it's just it's just dead on, right?

spk_1:   20:03
No. Cool. Thanks, man. Yeah, I don't think I've ever the album. I mean, I heard the hour version, obviously, when I was living the songs. Yeah, kind of 10 years ago and on, uh uh, yeah, I actually be interesting to see. Oh, listen back.

spk_0:   20:20
Yeah, it's just not as powerful as it is life. It's what? It's one of those things. You guys. I mean, there you guys have such a good live band that I sometimes find that stuff that is on album. I like it when you guys do it live because it's just like so much energy, right?

spk_1:   20:39
Yeah, Uncle.

spk_0:   20:40
And not saying that the albums are great because they are. It's just there's just that that life dynamic and a lot of beings don't do that. There's a lot of beings that aren't his good life, as there are in l. A. So

spk_1:   20:53
yeah, I don't think way always trying to kind of Ah, we we don't necessarily do exactly what's on the out. May light will try. You know, some parts were great on, you know, another thing, but but live that could be either a bit misty. What that could be. It could be 100 reasons why Maybe this sort of bites don't work as well. So way Always really re adapt things to make work line. You know, you and we usually spend a good you know, a good part of the month. Really just nothing out. The new songs help how we could, you know, really make them translate to the best life I suppose. And there's none of the two is when When you know most, most of the time when you're riding out on the songs, that just kind of ran. Usually you don't really, you know, you do it in a certain way, but they can't that kind of old all the time, you know, So because well, you know, it's, uh, see out there is another thing as well.

spk_0:   21:52
Yeah, and it's funny you mention that kind of sake ways into this question because on the album there's the two demos for no time to cry and I can say I'm sorry and the way those songs evolved, like for instance, I can say I'm sorry. Um, the the demo version is ah is piano and then on the Elbe, guys actually switched it to acoustic guitar with you starting coming in right with the Volvo.

spk_1:   22:22
Yeah, well, it was initially that's that's right. And usually it was just I mean, I write that one. It was like just cannot, really. It was in a state of mind. I saw him for quite some time in the production as well. We sort of we kept it a piano. But we had it still full band as well, about the m r. And no, I kinda know hit guitars writing. And we just could we could never quite get up, right? You know, we we just don't know the build after the chorus or something I didn't didn't quite We would never have you with it and and has anybody. And we just saw the best I could completely different. First get rid of the hold on, I think. Let's just do you know how we have what we played in our guest room without without a people by just how we do it's a living. And, uh, yeah, we just want, you know, you could just kind of the same approach to remember with me. Yeah, we just kind of acoustic guitar start and then kind of build up that way, and we, Yeah, we were kind of prefer it that way. No. Let let's Let's let's go with that. Yeah, And because also, we had already the s o s t. There is a piano song. We thought maybe kind good idea not to have too many games songs, you know?

spk_0:   23:32
I mean, and then no time to cry in the demo. It's the drums. It's like it are allowing your voice to ring it more. But then in the elbow version again, it changed the guitar is more prominent and creates this like, really cool buildup. Well,

spk_1:   23:46
this this was this was a big thing from actually composed, Lenny, you know, who was a co producing Lelio and then when he he sort of came in and we were already, you know, we'd already recorded all the songs we had all the demos, and ah, and then he likes to just, you know, you, Tommy beyond well, will place on women, and he will make some some notes and then, uh, kind of have some suggestions, or sometimes just leave it as a diesel but he's no shot. I mean, he hated that one. Really? He's he sort of said, you know what way? All well, quite like that, actually, the way we're really happy with it. Actually, I just sort of came and said, Well, you know what? I hate that song. That is just so so data and so lonely. So now McIntyre report the beginning Awful. You know, he was just bagging machine hell, so we just were Oh, okay. And he just it Now, let's let's just really heavy. Let's try completely something completely different listers to re kind of heavy version of them. Yeah, And then we just jammed, you know, because at that point, what we do is is he coming to the studio and we'll all be set up and ready to go, And then we just play the songs where she just first released to do it, and then we'll just playing the song. So we kind of have to weigh, have to learn as well. And then and then from their own group will start, uh, just from jacking around with him in the ring, we will start to change things around it, and yeah, that was probably one of the ones that had the really made a change.

spk_0:   25:20
So how are you

spk_1:   25:20
gonna happen? Our little few sums? That was That was the major. The major change.

spk_0:   25:25
How did he feel about the song after?

spk_1:   25:29
Yeah, I really liked it. He did. The only thing he wasn't so keen on was, uh, strings in that song. That that's one of one pot which he wasn't so keen on. How many bodies, you know, he tends to prefer things that are kind of really roar on. Yeah, on. Do you know he doesn't want to overproduce, which, you know, which is great. I mean, that's exactly what what he's all about getting by getting the feel right and getting, you know, it's going to be really it's got It's got to be, uh, yes, it's gotta You gotta con fuel is, uh, magic. You know, he's going to capture that magic that wearable than you know, adding, adding on all those stars. So which is you know what we want. In a way, we're really pretty conscious about fact that way. Wanted to feel your rule sounding album. Yeah, we knew that he could do that. I mean, we work with them, obviously, with me with the first time, the five earth albumin. And that's exactly what he delivered a CZ. Well, you know, I mean, just really bold hair an album, you know, And that's kind of what we want to beat him as well on this one. So I mean, we even talk about not having any people. It's in this our middle. Oh, he actually wasn't keen on having any balls at all. So of course, we we wanna, you know, gays, pa the the young. The family is kind of a bass sound you know as well. Even if it's in the background is a wall of sound have got out. So we we definitely way we talked about you and, uh, you know what? It's something anyway. But but obviously it's just kind of it's know as in front, you know, But it's definitely still in there. Yeah, yeah, that's something. That's that's That's what I mean. That's one of things. A lot about the way the producer like that is when I actually really like when they're coming, and I sort of say, you know what I think that's all Or, you know, just kind of running the friction as well. The friction kind of makes you rethink, you know, takes you out of your comfort zone, and it makes you rethink what you doing, Andi? Think for us. It really, uh, has worth. Well, I think, and in the past him as well.

spk_0:   27:46
Perfect. Um, like working with him on mysterious. I mean, that's that's a great leadoff charge. Um, kind. I love those Indian style phrasings. The company of a song? Kind of the intro, the grooves. Really simplistic. Yet I think if it's not approach probably, you know, like again going back to the tightness of the hand. Um, it's kind of like that. Like, pour some sugar on me by dot Flaubert is like It's such a simple song, but if it's not executed, probably it's not going to come across. Um,

spk_1:   28:20
yeah, well, that was a funny one as well, with all these kind of this Oriental kinda. Um um ah. Female voices on there and stuff. I mean, out of And I was from He was Well, I mean, I was completely we did. We never planned that we had We had that song finished. And, uh, we had our backing vocalists from the two girls from now from apparatus to because we were still, while we will make use out when we're still, we still have a few vegetables Were touring the defrosted, the acoustic tour as well, which, which we have, you know, you're backing singers and so on. We just nothing with them. And they were around. We thought, you know, one of you guys just come come around and get get you guys to seems seal some choristers and kind of, you know, get some quiet happening of things on this album and on one of the girls, she's Egyptian. And, uh, uh, pole just sort of said, you know, I'm just just trying You just improvise anything. Just let's just run the song from talked about it and just just improvise anything, just anything that comes to mind. And she just tried all these Oriental things on there, and we just we also Wow, that's really different. Yeah. And, uh, yeah, we kept it, you know, But it was never planned that way. Always just kind of just happened, You know, just that the song just kind of took a lot of the sun named as they all kind of you know, that? Uh, yeah,

spk_0:   29:45
yeah, it's a really interesting really get video to video school. Um,

spk_1:   29:50
it was fun.

spk_0:   29:51
So now let's talk about it s O s. No, I So I I had originally I had the first time I ever heard that song was you guys doing it on that video? And I was actually watching it at my at work before we were all shut down because I think we were after Europe and being, you know, people. Yeah. So anyways, the something's playing and the guy I work with, he's like, I know that song. What do you mean, he goes, My mom used to play that song all the time. It's an abba song. I was like, What? So I had no idea. And I'm like, Wow, he's like all he didn't know they had a really good job with it. How did you guys and doing that song?

spk_1:   30:38
Well, actually, it was the Swiss television was doing Ah, fertile for Christians for last person is actually why we're doing this tribute. Not And they asked me thio me for wanting to come in and and do whatever song I'm doing my version of another song. And I'm not a big fan, you know, kind of. I mean, I'm a fan of song, right? Yeah, but, uh, obviously amazing. Amazing sunrise. But, you know, it's kind of Yeah, same thing was my mom's favorite. And when we start, so you kinda what was my single? But I thought about it while I just kind of listened to a few different adult ones, and and I just sort of thought only, yes, I wished I could do something. And I just recorded of just piano and voice version of it at my house, and and, uh then I had just sort of figure it out. You know, actually, this could work quite well, I So I decided to do TV shop. And then I just, uh, during the writing sessions with the guys that just told what I was doing herself around doing these is out of the thing about line they shot in the recording. You know what I've done? And they they loved it. And then Leo, he turned around and said, Well, you know, actually, we wanted to recall these family, Steve, that this song with state years ago. And, uh, because that apparently they were gonna do that. We're gonna do it now. The covers out of which they didn't know I have to do the end. But apparently there's a wasp kind of, ah, demo version somewhere of where they actually did a version vessel this But it kind of really fast, faster. Come on. Of all our kind of fast punk And, uh, yes, and he was really king. And the guys really came to a Let's record it, Let's try it. So we actually get a few hours. We did that as well. Did come fast, punky version of it on Did this version and tragically things. And we settled on this one in the industries that come out of the most. I suppose the most, uh, the one with the most power and emotion. And, uh, and and the one that's the more far away from ever as you possibly can. No, and probably the most. It's the most gold a way you know, standing when I'm doing it for us. So yeah, way We really tried a few buildings before. We have to get a ride. Yeah,

spk_0:   33:02
I like the, you know, starts with piano thing, and then you guys got really do it. You know, it gets heavier what gets you And it just it just sounds so great. And it matches so well together since the great.

spk_1:   33:18
Yeah, I just love it. Had a kind of, you know, I think the kind of guitar chords canyon on any between you still about the piano doing that scene, you know, it's it's just the blend are really, you know, really?

spk_0:   33:29
Yeah, it's ah, really well done. I'm goingto getting 10,000 faces. It's funny because in the YouTube thing, there's a part on the l a minute it and it says right on Amazon music explicit because this is old. Fuck ya. And then laughing Well, in there there's a little lot is pretty funny.

spk_1:   33:52
Yeah, yeah, yeah, Just just one of those things, you know? You know what else? I was actually a song usually coming from from advice wear from Mark and he he was sort of telling you, you know, you should you know, let's try and do something where you could kind of write a song about how you felt, uh, you know, the first kind of before The first. Very good. Shorter than I did with guys. Yeah. No. Uh, yes. I was just going about on bitch with that kind of a funny twisting And we actually we were tracking the vocals. It was for the demo, just just Leo and I, And we just call to write the lyrics there. And then as we were as we were recording it really pretty parson, we? Yes, Leo loved did you are? Cocky is. And what is that?

spk_0:   34:41
I love it because, you know what I assume is that I'm waiting for that part. I don't know why I'm like that, like, a 13 year old kid, and I'm like, Oh, I can actually say the word fuck because it's in the song. But but But then in the in the video you. But I mean because people are watching. So you didn't do it, and I just kind of laughed at that. I didn't do that. But another part of the song is I'm assuming that in the studio you didn't use a megaphone. It was just a cute on the board. Differently.

spk_1:   35:11
Um, no. Well, actually, actually in the studio. What we did is actually, actually, that's pulls idea was he wanted He actually wanted me to see a full set up the whole kind of super high. It all said everything. And so So that was a big debate within the band because, um, it was really little parting from got out to do that. And, um, we, uh you know, you know, that kind of false that I would be a distortion going on in the kind that is, there's a few few people have done it. And we that was he really thought that that was the way that the bank that song should sound, you know, And, uh, of course, half the guys in the band really didn't like a little And, uh, and the other half feet, so we were kind of in between. So so in the end, we we we did also a version where I seen it at the octave lower, and then we just blended the three voices together on then that's that's actually how we get that. That that's actually how that sound came about, you know, But, uh ah, and it just seemed and I just thought, Well, I could, You know, the needle phone would be kind of a way to reproduce that light.

spk_0:   36:24
Let's get because it's funny because there's actually another. There's a American vehicle bullet Boys just reunited and they did a live show, and the first song they did, they come out and the singer's got a megaphone and you know, you you can't hear it. You can't hear him like it didn't it didn't come a problem,

spk_1:   36:43
All right? Yeah, yeah,

spk_0:   36:46
yeah, it was It was kind of They said the experience. I interviewed the guitar player and he said they just kind of experimented with it and unfortunately, it didn't work. But when you did, you guys take dating, Practice it prior like that, or you just went in and,

spk_1:   36:59
um, I just I mean, here we I was doing at rehearsal. Yeah, I mean, I was doing there then, and then we we gave it a try with, uh, on the day we recorded that that, um, the release party and we do actually, we had a sound guy era, and actually, I love the guy and we, uh, and he's off. Nothing total finally said, You know. Definitely. That will definitely work. Go on stage as well. So he was? Yeah, he was fine. And he made a working west, so

spk_0:   37:29
it was cool. It's cool to see that. So bad news. You you during that video as well, you've mentioned that you guys didn't write that song.

spk_1:   37:38
We wrote it with with Eric. Brazilian from loaders. Yeah, Yeah, he spent a few days. He's bloody minds while I made a few years back with Leo, and I actually wrote a few songs with you actually in the past, and we we Yeah, I just thought it would be a good idea for you to come down to Switzerland for a few days and see what we could come up with. And yes, I'm about bad news. Was Was was the one that sort of the 1st 1? We did it. He in idea that he had way, sort of finished that one off, and then he had another idea of which, actually, he he wasn't an idea. Actually, the merit Mary used on was a song that he had two years that was actually he actually wrote that one recorded himself and played it to his wife as a marriage proposal on Duh. So it's been rather quiet while being married ever. Seed spoke enough for quite some time. And, um, anybody never did anything with a song because it was kind of, you know, like a kind of more of a personal song exposed. And, uh, we were just talking about songs, and he showed that the western we wait, Leo sort of really jumped on. It was like, Wow, we got record the song. We've actually only record this song. He just loved it. And then by that stage where it was like, four in the morning And we have, you know, former for whiskey by then. And Wei thought, Hey, let's just got So we just went walk down in studio and record their then I mean, it was like I said on the recording on the Arby's. Actually, that literally four in the morning. We after about a little, you know. So we, uh I know we just added some soon's dreams toward later, but the recording is basically Yeah, yeah,

spk_0:   39:26
that's cool Song, too. Um, get another last time. Um, I think of who might be my favorite track on the album? I'm not sure. I mean, I like them all that, um they're also get I love your phrasing going in, and then you go with the baby baby, and then you bleed it right back into the into the into the courts like it's baby baby, and then back into the course, and it sounds so cool.

spk_1:   39:50
Oh, yeah? Well, that was actually that was thinks that, um, that was actually the first, uh, that's a first on media. I think that's the first song we write the album. Actually, uh, it's got yeah, for actually. Freddie came, came to my house, and he he had this reform. We just started. And we we, uh yeah, we just, uh, way. That's really how solid. And then we we had. It's funny because as we with that starting to kinda was looking vocalize and Freddie just sort of said he just kind of mumbled Mother Mary something, and that's a lot of my very fun. Okay, so I said that I just called here. I played around with that with with a few Carter, you know, very normal words. Let's say

spk_0:   40:38
you know, it was the first time I heard as I did he just say, baby, baby, Because you don't have a pop song. Usually hear that but not like a lot of hard rock beings will say, Well, put out in song And I I just thought it sounded It seemed natural And it just fit with the way the song went is cool And now I find you wanna have it on And like if I'm driving in the car and I've got the album on I just want sing along to it Because that part so

spk_1:   41:06
go Uh oh,

spk_0:   41:08
This is funny. Now, um, save the day. Now that's that's just like a common term people using. And I was kind of surprised that it became it was used in a song. Did you write the words to that song?

spk_1:   41:22
Uh, yeah. I'm trying to remember what we, uh, saying. I think that was that the actual saved Save the date? Yeah. Was, actually, Yeah, that was Leo. Actually, he he wanted to do something with that yet on dumb and Ah, And then I had, uh I had to write. Was around.

spk_0:   41:50
Yeah, I know. That's why I say it's so silly. Save the date. Okay, Because Because, you know, that's a term that we use, Like, you know, we're getting married. Save the date. We're getting married on this state. You know, you brought something in the mantle or an email when I saw it on a song, It's like, Oh, that's kind of interesting. But I mean, the song is great. So I

spk_1:   42:11
think this is another one we played around with a bit as well. Um, Had extra pass initially, I think. And we kind of seemed a legal heir. Pull one of just kind of chop it off. Being example. Fire as well, That one. Yeah. And the intro as well was it was very different. We didn't have that in the beginning either. So yet another moment sort of evolved.

spk_0:   42:35
Yeah. I mean, um, I'm gonna let you go on a second, and I really appreciate your appreciate for coming on the show. Um,

spk_1:   42:42
George Kirby,

spk_0:   42:43
I was I was actually watching the maid in Switzerland DVD the other day. Um, yeah, I go back and forth to what it, you know, like, I can't watch the same one every day, but I'm just curious, like in Zurich, like that arena is is is packed. Is that the way it is in Switzerland For you guys all the time?

spk_1:   43:05
Um, yeah. General Gap there were speaking it, Um, it's I mean, swim slowly is our biggest. You know, it's really our biggest territory. So it's way we're actually conceded in our mainstream here in Switzerland. So it's Ah, yes. I mean, it is step definitely. Here is Germany's also quality that Switzerland is definitely the biggest, Um, on because you know territory for sure. Yeah. Um and I mean, I say I mean streak because we're way get a lot of low depress years. Well, way quite often in newspapers or magazines and TV and a lot of things. So it's it's ah ah, a little bit more like, you know, like a bad word or something.

spk_0:   43:55
Yeah, it does. I mean, um,

spk_1:   43:58
yeah, but that's pretty particular. That that's just it's really more just once on work where it's really like that, you must know.

spk_0:   44:06
I mean, the first time you went on stage and I saw that it must have been quite the feeling.

spk_1:   44:14
Yeah, well, I mean, the thing is, I mean, when I I mean I knew that our be bad when I joined. Obviously, I didn't realize how be. Yeah. Not realize the rules get myself into Yeah, Yeah, it was It was kind of crazy, but I think that the craziest thing was I mean, we were keeping it all very secret when I joined. And, uh, from all the press and everything because it was me. That was always to be question on. Who was gonna Ripley replaced easily. I mean, he was He was a very deep personality in Switzerland and heavily immediate ties when when he died. And obviously it was going to be very major ties when you know where the boat was going to replace him. So it was Yeah, it was It was, uh I mean, we we sort of prepared everything. We were ready. We have Song called, remembers me. And the first we had Vieira take down, everything was ready to go. And that's how we planned. Sort of introduce it. Amazing. You seeing always to just kind of put put the vo out, and then just just Come on. Hey, this is a new guy. Here we go. You know, Esso, out until that point. It was a well kept, very kind of house trash in, um and, uh, and and really way we released it. And the next day I mean, I could No, I couldn't walk in the street. Yeah, just He was insane. He's I know it was everywhere. I mean, it was just absolutely everywhere. Only used on. I mean, it was crazy, crazy like

spk_0:   45:45
that all the time. They're for you, then.

spk_1:   45:47
Now settle down. Now, You know, I think it was it. Sort of really the 1st 1st 1st year was really was Really, uh, was was really super intense and in, uh, yeah. And obviously, things kind of kind of, um uh, well, you know, just went back into car normality. Yeah, but I mean, that that was that was so, so incoming from nothing. So that was was ah, little bit, a little bit scary. Gonna be weird, but Well, yeah, but it's a little bit, but I mean oh, also way had so much work. And we just spent, you know, the next few years, just working our arses off, kind of rebuilding the band, and, uh, very, very lucky that the we had so much great support from from the fans. And they they are estimation, you know, they were really, really encouraging and and really helped me a lot, actually, because it would finds way on sleep was it wasn't too short for felony again, you know? So, yeah, I just think we were just very lucky that fast. Start with us. You

spk_0:   47:03
Wow. And then And they embrace you, Obviously. Which is You know, that had to be a little bit scary to that blinker they're gonna embrace me, or how is it going to go? You know, And like he said that Steve was such a, um, big figure over in in Switzerland.

spk_1:   47:20
Yeah, man, that was the whole thing. And, you know, you did. All you could do is just doing the best that you do on Galactica. I mean, luckily, we have also so much work that just didn't think, you know, you just don't think you just this kind of work your ass off and put your head down, put forward, you know, just just go forward and, uh yeah, but I'm definitely Ah, we times very real, Very weird times.

spk_0:   47:45
Yeah. Yeah. And I can't imagine I mean 10 years later. Here we are, four albums later, and, uh, you know it is still going and they're still loving the band. And it's funny because when I explain to people in North America, but it got heart. We have a band called the tragically hip and unfortunately, they're sitting or passed away of brain cancer a couple of years ago. But they are. They are Canada's biggest fan, but no one else knows him and the rest of the world. It's It's crazy. Yeah, they were

spk_1:   48:23
legal. What's up? Yeah, There you go. Yeah,

spk_0:   48:27
it's where we get different cult like different countries and what Not what they you know, it's It's cool. It's cool for Canada that we have the truck because he was such a, um his name was going down. He was such an ambassador to the country, and Love can be wrote songs about hockey and wrote songs about, you know, like but in a good way, like he was poetic. But and, you know, it wasn't like it wasn't like a cheesy like, Oh, I'm gonna write a song about hockey was actually about a hockey player who had died in a plane crash, and they didn't find his body until 11 years later. And the hockey team drama may believe that won the Stanley Cup that year. It was just kind of a really good analogy of song.

spk_1:   49:13
Oh, wow. Yeah.

spk_0:   49:14
Yeah, so that I mean, that kind of thing. But anyways, neck, I've taken up enough of your time. And, uh, I appreciate you talking with me today because I was really looking forward to this, and I, uh, cruise it was an honor, so thank you very much. Okay. Well, you have a enjoy the rest of your day. And, uh good luck, man. Hopefully we can all go eight soon. Thank you. Thank you.