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Episode #126 - Tariffs Anyone?
March 15, 2018 Fully Threaded Radio
Who’s up for some sweet new tariffs? Apparently, not the fastener industry, as Kerr Lakeside honcho, Mr. Charlie Kerr weighs in with his reaction to the news of tariffs on imported steel (13:08). During the second big feature segment, G.L. Huyett CEO, Tim O’Keeffe describes growing a thriving fastener business from humble beginnings and "in the middle of nowhere", while using his writing to connect with the industry at multiple levels (1:29:58). Industry editor Mike McNulty has good news for craft beer lovers, as he welcomes Bob “GQ” Baer to the Fastener News Report to evaluate the latest FDI reading (59:46). Fastener Fair USA is just around the corner, and Mack Brooks exhibition manager, Jessica Boweak provides one last update before the inaugural show (41:43). Plus, Carmen Vertullo teaches torque tuning during the Fastener Training Minute (1:23:02). Brian and Eric aren’t sure about the tariffs, but they know Bon Jovi fans when they see them. Run time: 02:20:49

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