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Episode #129 - Disintermediation
June 20, 2018 Fully Threaded
Should you be concerned about impending changes to California Proposition 65? How can you position your distribution company to thrive in a world dominated by Amazon Business? And who won the FTR Busch Light 30 pack at this year’s MWFA Open? Industry expert, Carmen Vertullo offers practical advice to the fastener industry as it ponders modifications in labeling requirements that could impact all levels of the supply chain (15:09). Modern Distribution Management president, Ian Heller, discusses “the Amazon effect”, why distributors are terrible at marketing, and why you should be adding value as you serve your customers (1:39:36). Mr. Rich Cavoto of Metric and Multistandard reports on the recent MWFA table top and golf outing (57:16). FDI numbers remain strong, although the trend may be cracking, as Baird analyst, David Manthey and industry anchorman, Mike McNulty explain during the Fastener News Report (1:08:58). Plus, the Fastener Training Minute (1:32:17), and a bonus segment with more of Carmen Vertullo discussing Prop 65 affected materials in detail (2:26:05). Mindful of all of this, Brian and Eric decide to start sharpening hooks before they're disintermediated. Run time: 02:34:08

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