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Episode #133 - Failure to Communicate
October 25, 2018 Fully Threaded

The message is clear: What we have here is the latest installment of predominantly fastener-related talk radio, as Solution Industries’ Frank “Balboa” Devito succinctly communicates about his thinking on recent industry developments, his newest team member, and his long time source of inspiration (58:40). Mr. Marc Strandquist shares his reasons for the big move at Würth, as he joins Fastener Technology International editor, Mike McNulty on the Fastener News Report to discuss cooling FDI readings (24:48). Plus, industry educator Carmen Vertullo discusses zinc plating alloy steel socket screws during the latest Fastener Training Minute (52:14). Brian and Eric relate their ongoing challenges with branding, and given a rash of recent communication snafus, half expect to begin receiving inquiries for greasy fried chicken. Run time: 01:52:45

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