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Episode #135 - Testers and Jesters
December 14, 2018 Fully Threaded

The fastener industry knows how to laugh, but bolts and nuts are serious business. NFDA president, Kelly Cole clearly grasps this as he surveys industry operating conditions, previews an upcoming landmark association meeting, and explains his unique wardrobe selection (1:26:42). Rob LaPointe and Carmen Vertullo of AIM Testing Laboratory share the genesis of their new (and hot out of the gate) enterprise, assisted by a little help from their friends, including a surprise industry legend (27:28). Fastener Technology International editor, Mike McNulty speaks with Baird analyst David Manthey about shifting sentiment among FDI respondents during the Fastener News Report (56:51). On the Fastener Training Minute, learn to become aware of the nuances of specifying salt spray coating (1:18:55). ALSO: Is another major bridge project suffering from hydrogen embrittlement? With nary a chortle to be heard, from their non-palatial digs, Brian and Eric share a breaking story, and also review the annual Best Booth Awards in denouement of IFE 2018, and the current podcast season. Run time: 02:24:23

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