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What’s driving the volatility in markets?
What’s driving the volatility in markets? 6:57 Is U.S. wage growth starting to slow? 6:28 More than meets the eye? Unpacking the first-quarter decline in U.S. GDP 6:26 Is China’s 2022 growth target still attainable? 6:44 Is U.S. inflation peaking? 5:28 FOMC meeting minutes: What do they tell us about recession risk? 5:33 The U.S. Treasury yield curve briefly inverts. Should markets be concerned? 5:54 How is the Russia-Ukraine war impacting Europe’s economy? 5:44 Bank of England announces third rate hike amid mounting inflation worries 6:12 Deep Dive | Investing for income in today’s environment 39:57 Energy prices soar amid Russian invasion of Ukraine 7:22 Could Russia’s attack on Ukraine turn into a macroeconomic event? 6:50 Key takeaways for markets amid the Russian invasion of Ukraine 4:39 Deep Dive | How advisors are transitioning back to the office in 2022 44:46 Inflation cools in China. What could this mean for other countries? 7:19 Red-hot: U.S. inflation surges at blistering pace 5:52 Back-to-back: Bank of England raises rates again 6:15 U.S. Fed, Bank of Canada signal rate hikes likely in March 8:46 Deep Dive | Next-Generation Clients – New ways for advisors to connect & retain their next generation of investors 39:42 Is the global economic recovery slowing down? 7:31 U.S. inflation hits 39-year high. What’s propelling the steep rise in prices? 6:10 3 potential factors behind the spike in U.S. bond yields 8:17 Fed speeds up tapering process, Bank of England raises rates 5:45 The U.S. November jobs report: Good news or bad news? 4:38 Inflation, China’s economic slowdown and COVID-19: 3 key concerns for markets 8:15