Una's Podcast of The Lexington School

Book Chat with Una and Friends

September 27, 2021 The Lexington School
Una's Podcast of The Lexington School
Book Chat with Una and Friends
Show Notes

Join Una and a few friends in new roles as they discuss their summer reading book choices. New preschool Director Jennie Anderson, new Lower School Head Becky Johnson, and new 7th grade English teacher, Tim Souders share their favorite takeaways in a fun and casual chat that leaves the listener with some helpful and interesting advice and strategies.  Learn about neuroplasticity, how organic and factory farming relate to child development, how best to facilitate a thoughtful and valuable discussion, and the impact of teamwork in decision-making. No reading between the lines, you will want to take a leaf from all of these books. Click play, open your limitless mind, and enjoy a few minutes learning something new from The Lexington School. 

Thanks to Elizabeth Wooster, middle school music teacher, for sharing her students' digital compositions. Louisa de Beer's composition introduces the podcast and Kristian Middleton concludes it.


Leaders Eat Last by Simon Simek

Moments of Impact by Chris Ertel

Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni

Limitless Mind: Learn, Lead and Live without Barriers by Jo Boaler

Creative Schools: The Grassroots Revolution that's Transforming Education by Sir Ken Robinson, Ph.D. and Lou Aronica

Speaking Volumes by Barry Gilmore


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