Ep. 33 Down the Rabbit Hole Of Social Media

February 28, 2021 BizDev Jeff
Ep. 33 Down the Rabbit Hole Of Social Media
Show Notes

 A conversation with Graphics and Social Media Manager for E2E Studios, Eilidh Moyes

1hr. 40 minutes

Yes, this episode is a lot longer than most. However, as I was editing, every time I went to cut something out, I changed my mind. There is just too much value to miss a single word. Eilidh opened my eyes to a lot of the reality which is social media.  Her almost revolutionary ways and ideas will make you seriously think about your own behaviors with your social media campaigns.

Eilidh is well on her way, if not already, to becoming a social media expert. From her home in a little farming town in Scotland, she leads us down the rabbit hole of social media and explains many of the mistakes brands and businesses make when posting to social media. Mistakes that end with very little or even damaging results.

Key Takeaways:

  • Grow organically before using paid ads
  • “Likes” vs. impressions
  • Which social media platforms are the best for B2B or B2C
  • Are Google and LinkedIn ads with the money at startup?
  • Reflect on your own behaviors when posting to social media
  • Why Facebook and Instagram work for brand awareness
  • Hitting the wrong audience
  • Staggering content/no need to post daily
  • Also we take an indepth look at the role of the influencer and social media as a whole

If you’re struggling with social media then this episode is for you.

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