The New Business Paradigm with Elaira

Ep. 6. Money and Business (w/Oracle Girl)

February 06, 2020 Elaira Tickute Season 1 Episode 6
The New Business Paradigm with Elaira
Ep. 6. Money and Business (w/Oracle Girl)
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Show Notes

I just love to have conversations with non-conventional thought leaders but Dr. Jacqueline Hobbs in my eyes is beyond even that. She has an extraordinary ability to purify the blocks and patterns sabotaging your success - switching on your own innate superordinary abilities. She says she is one of a group of 5 others in the world, all with similar abilities. I couldn’t hold myself back but invite this truly unique person to my podcast again and this time, hear the wisdom she has to share around MONEY AND BUSINESS. In this episode, we talk about how the financial paradigm is changing, why the "conscious business" concept is not enough, what money really is and key misconceptions around it. At the end of this podcast, Jacqueline recorded a special “purification track” just for the listeners precisely on this theme. It starts at the end, right after our conversation, at 49 minutes. It is highly recommended, so please make sure you stay on to hear it. 

Episode notes:

  • Jacqueline's extraordinary abilities and why this is not a typical podcast.
  • Why did money become such a fundamental definition of success in business?
  • How is the dominant financial paradigm changing?
  • Why is the "conscious business" concept not enough?
  • What really is a family pattern, where does it come from & how does it influence us?
  • Why do people stay in their miserable jobs and how is that a deep form of slavery?
  • Is company success mostly influenced by its leader's patterns or can the team balance it out?
  • What are the "self-healing abilities" we have, how do they work and how to listen to your body to be successful?
  • What are the most common patterns people have, related to money?
  • What really is money?
  • What is the true definition of pure love and what are the misconceptions about it?
  • Where does the concept of working hard and time pressure come from?
  • What is the role of business role in the future?
  • What is the role of business regarding the money paradigm change?
  • Why does shifting from a profit-based business to non-profit not always work, ending in disappointment?
  • What is a "zero value organization"? Or in other words, what is the role of donations?
  • Is money going to disappear in the future?
  • What you should do right now if you are struggling? Practical tips
  • Jacqueline's contribution and focus in the near future for helping businesses.
  • Purification track (starts at  49.02 min)

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Various Jacqueline's BUSINESS AND ORGANIZATIONS tracks for doing better business. 

Information about AFTERCARE which is important if you were listening to this podcast.

Contact here if you would like to work with Jacqueline on your business & organization.

Listen to our first interview together called "Future of Business and Organizations".

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