Overseas Life Redesign
Episode 88: The Incredible Benefits of Being a Global Citizen with Ridgely Goldsborough
Episode 88: The Incredible Benefits of Being a Global Citizen with Ridgely Goldsborough 42:02 Episode 87: Longevity and the New Journey of Retirement 23:59 Episode 86: How to Conquer Life Through Divergent Thinking with Dr. V 48:56 Episode 85: The Four Phases of Retirement with Dr. Riley Moynes 37:07 Episode 84: Dream Big and Act on it Daily 27:44 Episode 83: Independence Day: How Crisis Creates Breakthroughs 9:29 Episode 82: Paying the Price: How to Take Control of Your Cash Flow 34:13 Episode 81: Summer Solstice Magic: How Our Core Values Impact What Shows Up 32:35 Episode 80: How to fall in love with your work to live in purpose and prosperity. 28:20 Episode 79: Adios Corporate Job! Hola Work from Paradise Business: Our Tulum, Mexico Beta Test with Alex Agresta 40:00 Episode 78: How to Access Top Shelf Medical Care at Bargain Prices in Mexico 38:32 Episode 77: Crewing on the Winning Sailboat in the Classic Foxy’s Wooden Boat Regatta 28:04 Episode 76: What is “Work”? The Highest and Best Use of Your Life Energy 29:07 Episode 75: Embracing an Economic Satisfaction Lifestyle 30:26 Episode 74: Investing in Foreign Real Estate: Buying a Vacation Rental 32:38 Episode 73: How to Earn Over $200K a Year and Pay Zero Taxes...Legally! 42:12 Episode 72: Why Your Plan Flops: 3 Mistakes Every Overseas Retiree Needs to Avoid! 33:07 Episode 71: Longevity Planning: What's Your Return on Life? 39:51 Episode 70: Co-opting Culture: How Sugar Kills in Mexico Without Warning 42:11 Episode 69: Essential Habits for Perfect Health in Paradise & Avoiding the 3 Poisons 28:52 Episode 68: The Politics of Health Care: Why Taking Charge is a Matter of Life or Death 30:48 Episode 67: Redefining Retirement and Doing What I Love at age 78 34:04 Episode 66: Issues in the Tissues: Forgiveness is a Gift to Yourself 26:27 Episode 65: Stepping Up and Stepping Out: How to Take that Leap of Faith 32:42 Episode 64: All You Need is Love: 5 Steps to Finding True Love 28:27