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Year-End Giving Tips for Churches
December 11, 2018 SundayU

Justin Dean chats with Dean Sweetman and Frank Barry from Tithely about year-end giving campaigns at churches. Did you know more than 20% of a church's donations come in December, or that the majority of those come the last 2 to 3 days of the year? What is your church doing to take advantage of this?

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Speaker 1:0:01Learn how to grow your church and engage your community from Sunday to Sunday. This is the Sunday to Sunday podcast.

Speaker 1:0:14Hey friends, Justin Dean here. Thank you so much for listening to the Sunday to Sunday podcast. Look, I know it's been a minute since we've updated an episode for you, but we thank you for subscribing. Thank you for listening. We have some awesome stuff planned for next year, starting in January, some awesome episodes, interviews with experts in a church, communications and marketing, but in between, we're going to be putting out quick two minute, five minute episodes, just practical tips for you in a communications and marketing for churches. We know you're gonna. Love it. We're putting out a lot of different format so you can consume in a lot of different ways and it's all free and we hope you enjoy it. Uh, until then, just as we wrap up the end of the year, I wanted to share this interview I did with our friends, Dean and frank as tightly and we loved the tools that they're building for the church around a giving church management and apps and things like that.

Speaker 1:1:18Incredible stuff, all super easy to use and very affordable for every church and today I sit down with Dean and frank and we talk about year end giving, so I know a lot of you are already in the middle of this rolling out. You're giving campaigns in the middle of getting ready for Christmas services and wrapping up your year and things like that. And I know some of you are panicking going, oh yeah, we've got to figure out what we're doing for year end giving and how we can take advantage of that. And we talk about why you should take advantage of that and work around some of the misconceptions about asking for money during this time, a year and a tax deductions and things like that. So Dean and frank get into all of that and give you some practical advice of how to roll this out at your church, uh, in a way that's effective and meaningful and a biblical.

Speaker 1:2:05And it's all very practical and we love the advice that they're giving. So wanted to just drop this in before we head into the end of the year. If a I don't connect with you before then, hope you have a, a happy Christmas and a very merry new year and hope you enjoy this episode and I can't wait to show you the things we have planned with a Sunday you and with this podcast, with the conference. It's all so very exciting. Uh, so stay tuned to what we're doing over the next few weeks through the end of the year and some big things coming in January as well. Love you all. Thanks for listening. Stay subscribed. Awesome stuff coming. Enjoy this interview with Dean and frank at Tyler.

Speaker 2:2:53All right. I've got my friends, Dean and frank. How you doing guys? How you doing to see ya? Are you both at home and you're home offices or are you. You're always traveling. Every time I'm in my awesome Home Office that's fueled. It's amazing. Ridiculed. It's amazing. I see you've got a guitar there. That's, that's pretty awesome. The word we can break into some worship anytime. Apparently he actually plays it. It's not just a prop. Should play it really quick. You got to prove it. Oh my gosh. I feel like it's fake. No fake news here.

Speaker 2:3:39Simon and Garfunkel. Devil's music. Put it down. I'm a folk seventies guides. That's what I listened to. I only listened to Bethel. Sorry. Don't judge me in La. So deans out in La. I'm in San Diego both in the home offices, but you know, we, we make our way around a little bit. Yeah. So you guys have been super busy lately. Traveling everywhere because you just bought Elvanto we did your, your role in that, in the title to tell us more about that. What else is going on? So yeah, that we closed that in September and then just doing a lot of behind the scene stuff to make the two platforms kind of talk to each other. Some single sign on, lots of good stuff. But really it's, it was a massive thing for our company. So avanto has a couple thousand customers. They're very global, same as us, so it was just a really great fit.

Speaker 2:4:43And so for us to now provide, giving, you know, church management events, like we've just got the whole nine yards and so yeah, it's been a big year and we, we like to talk about it like joining forces, right? Because technically whatever we, we acquired them but their whole team is still here. We've actually grown the team by like six engineers and data person, a designer, right? Like that. And the two companies just work. So their team is amazing. Um, all based in Australia. We've got a few odds he's already on the team. Of course, Dean, Mr Dean was the officer, just the cultures and the style and the people. It was such a beautiful fit and that was sort of like a three years in the making a deal. Right? That didn't happen overnight. That was a long time kind of thing. So, um, it's, it's cool like a church consent up to you guys now, you know, online giving obviously church management software, they can get an app and through you guys I can do event management. You guys are becoming like the all inclusive platform for churches. And I use a lot of your products personally and they're so to use and implement, so I think it's going to be a game changer for the church and in an area that's really needed some. Well, no, nobody likes their church management software. I don't know anybody

Speaker 3:6:13there, there are working in progress, you know, if we can keep making things simple, if we can keep making things at a price point that any church or any church can afford, that's alcohol. And uh, you know, it's gone good. God's amazing.

Speaker 2:6:29Hold on and riding this baby and you know, we have so much on serving church leaders and admins and it's, uh, it's phenomenal. That's awesome. Well, I love catching up with you guys because you're full of knowledge, just your church experience and things like that. And so, uh, it's coming to the end of the year. People are in the middle of a year campaigns and rolling those out over the next few weeks. And we know, you know, any nonprofit, particularly churches, most of the given comes in at the end of the year. Uh, you know, people are trying to get tax deductions, they're trying to just close out the year and things like that. So, uh, it's very smart for churches to launch campaigns specifically asking for those donations to come into the church because there's so many people these days that are asking for money. Even facebook, facebook now without, you know, everyone's birthday has a fundraising through it now, facebook's even asking for you to donate to different causes and they're all great. But, you know, if the church isn't out there deliberately and intentionally asking for donations as well, I think they're going to miss out on a lot. So want to talk to you guys because I know that you are in this space, uh, you help churches with this a lot. So, uh, why don't we just start out, uh, you know, why should churches plan for year end giving? Let's unpack that a little more. What have you seen, uh, that that's working and why they should be doing this?

Speaker 3:8:01So I think we can start off by stating that year urine giving is massive and there is a lot of asks, as you said, from every quarter on television, on social media, people are trying to raise funds and in North America as you know, in the United States, the tax deductible thing is a thing and so people want to get that giving in the calendar year to get that deduction. Even in a broader sense, you know, there's a kind of December sense of generosity. We've got so much God's, you know, we've had such a great year. People want to give so traditionally touches have missed the Mark A. Little and um, and not really being focused on year end. But we see last year in the last, frank and I were just talking about this, we saw in the last three days of the year, right? Twenty nine, 30, 31 just went off. We kept opening and we can see our down numbers and it was gone out of control until literally the last three days.

Speaker 3:9:03Like people are waiting till the last minute. Like the loss of really, it's like regular giving through December kind of cooks along and then you hit Christmas and then after Christmas it's like a feeding frenzy. So people are going to give. So the, here's the bottom line people are going to give, but you know, what do you want them to give to my, you know, whole premise is that people should be giving to the church first. Um, whereby kingdom matters. We're about saving the loss. We're about reaching out to community with the love of Christ, with in practical ways. And so I always believed that the church would be the first place you give to lots of other great charities. Love the Red Cross, loved all the beautiful, but you don't want as a Christian who is kind of very focused on the mission of the church, which is the salvation of the world through the preaching of the Gospel. And, and in its many forms. Um, I think getting people excited about giving to church at the end of the year is critical because they are going to give somewhere and amaze bdo trucks really liked from a church perspective.

Speaker 2:10:09There should be a teaching aspect to it too, of like, hey, here's what the Bible tells us to do with our, with our money and how to worship with our money. And so part of that should be teaching them, hey, it doesn't need to cover the church person doesn't necessarily have to be our church, but like I think that's important. The throat, like add a number in there because oftentimes like I don't, I don't even know if a lot of churches understand how big end of year giving actually is because they may not pay attention to it. It's not the thing that every pastor in the world is thinking about all the time. Right? They're thinking about many, many other things that they should be focused on. Um, but you know, in December for faith based organizations, churches and ministries in the US, it's almost 20 percent of giving for the entire year happens in December.

Speaker 2:10:59Twenty percent of the total for the year of the total for the year. Right. So it's, it's like almost 19 percent. It's like 18 point six, seven percent happens in December. And to Dean's point, a bunch of that happens right in the last few days. That's crazy. So it wouldn't be like, because I hear sometimes from churches, they're just like, well we really don't want to like take advantage, like if people are going to give, they're going to give. So why do we gotta have these huge campaigns around this? It just seems awkward and disingenuous and I know a lot of churches are uncomfortable with the fact that if someone's going to give just so they can get a tax deduction, are they really giving for the right reasons? Like to, like how do you guys feel about that? What have you seen? Have you heard?

Speaker 3:11:50So I'm definitely of the opinion that you should never be shy about talking about money in church. But that's just me. Um, couple things. There's a couple of audiences that you're talking to in December, right? Especially later in December. A lot of visitors, Christmas services, lot of energy going into Christmas services. You know, we used to the, these terrible children's productions like that went terrible riot. And like the kids are dressed up as cows and sheep and shepherds and they're the most ridiculously bad things on the planet. But guess what? Every mother, father, grandmother, four times removed. Everybody comes, right? My kids are on stage. I'm running to the front with my phone or my grandma, my grandma, right?

Speaker 3:12:43Yeah. So that there's a massive audience around visitors, right? So you've got those people and then you've got your regular faithful members grow up, you know, a lot of times working behind the scenes to make those services. Great. So you've got to think when you're talking about and finance, generosity, money, you got to think about your audience, right? So this is different than regularly through the year, but in my mind it doesn't negate the opportunity of going, oh my gosh, I've got so many visitors. I counseled him about money. It's easy to cite a visit as, hey listen, you know what? We're raising money for X. and it could be a practical thing like food bank staff. It could be, it could be whatever. It could be an external thing that you're doing as a church and the community, in fact, especially kind of in younger millennials these days, the fact that our church has some kind of mission into the community, something outside of it actually is, it resonates with millennials.

Speaker 3:13:39So that's a win. Right? And, but you said something about the mindset, oh, should I really expect, you know, listen, everybody is going to be pounding your church members to give like the ads are already on TV, social media. Facebook's like they're getting hammered to give their email every day I wake up, my inbox is full now, Ryan, for sure. So my view is they, they're going to give probably and I want them to give to something that is meaningful for the local church and something that could do something in the name of Christ, you know, that would ultimately help the church and its mission, you know, in, in a local community sense. So I think possibly to get through the fall and I'm not sure why should everybody else is apart from like, and you think about retail and the advertising and the shopping and the gift buying and all of that is like they're getting hammered from every quarter. Why on earth shouldn't as the church with the number one message that of the world, the best way to do right. Why wouldn't we give people an opportunity to give? And, and I'll just

Speaker 4:14:52let me throw in there real quick, justin, like you mentioned the whole end of year giving related to the tax break that people get, right? I mean look, we should be wise with our money, right? As individuals, like God wants us to steward our money and our resources. Well not be in debt, not overspend and not be greedy, right? All these kinds of things in the United States. It just so happens that there's a tax write off for charitable giving and in other countries there is not. Right? So in Australia, all, it's only a certain parts, right? So it's not a matter of um, oh, I only give because I get a tax write off. It's people being financially smart about what exists in their country or their city or whatever it is and knowing how to be smart about using that and if I can use the tax write off and give to my church and it makes sense financially all the way around the church benefits my heart's in a great spot because I actually want to use this to benefit the kingdom. Like what? That just makes good sense, right? Like, it just makes logical sense for people to understand that and take advantage of it because it's, it's a law that we all get to keynote, take advantage on. So it just makes good sense. I think.

Speaker 3:16:09Yeah. I don't know anybody who doesn't,

Speaker 2:16:13you know, take the tax deduction or enter those forms and when they do their taxes it's like no one is consciously objecting to that. And so let's, you know, why, why shy away from now? I hear that from pastors pretty often though. They just feel awkward with it and I think it is just kinda thinking through the bigger picture of, hey, you know, even if some guy shows up and he's like, Hey, I'm just given a check or on or on donating online to get that tax writeoff, uh, who, who cares as long as his money is going to, you know, the greatest cause that, uh, that is out there. What does it matter? Like we, we can do a lot to teach about what the Bible says and you know, let me tell Ya, help soften people's hearts to what God wants. But

Speaker 3:16:59listen, let me tell you the best thing about the texts that up to you notice it is when you go to do your taxes in January and you look at your income and you look at what you gave like. So tell me if I'm wrong, theologian Justin, is there, is there a better measure of my obedience to Christ? Then the measure of my generosity?

Speaker 2:17:26Yeah, I'd, I'd say not like that's one of the best ways to measure, you know?

Speaker 3:17:32So the beautiful thing about the tax deduction thing is an I actually get to hold myself accountable because you might think, oh, I'm generous, we'll actually, I earned x and I gave why now. And I just think it's a phenomenal moment of truth. Private. Oh yeah.

Speaker 2:17:56Seventy percent of my income as has been given away. It just feels great. Yeah,

Speaker 3:18:00yeah.

Speaker 4:18:06When you don't bring it up, like when you don't say it, I think the Dean's point earlier, like people are going to give somewhere else or they just might not. They might not even think about it. They literally might. It might not even cross their mind. So they make

Speaker 2:18:22everything's going great. We're growing. Everything was great. Nobody talks about the bad stuff at all. And so it's not in your mind of like, oh, this church needs money to actually do these things and then reach the Gospel and reach the community. And so you do have to talk about it. You do have to remind them and every time you ask, you know, you guys see in your charts and stuff when there's asks, the money comes in. It's just how we are, we need that push, we need that, a enticement to actually take action on things.

Speaker 3:18:54Yeah. And I think that goes to probably, you know, how do you frame the OSC, which I think is very important. So it's my understanding through both experience and understanding the Bible people give to vision, people give to things that are tangible and real. So just saying, hey, you're just going to give to the church and we keep the lights on. Not a great way to kind of raise money in the church. Um, but saying, hey, we're gonna do a toy drive it in December and we're gonna we're gonna rise, you know, 20 grand to go and buy toys now. That's something you can get a bought off and people can get excited about that. Hey, we're going to go deliver 300 Christmas dinners to the local charity food bank. Now people combine, you know, and I'm really kind of capture that. So naming things around vision and things really moves people in the community and not just 100 percent shiny for your church. Yeah, exactly. Now, now sometimes you need more kids facilities, sometimes you need to, you know, do things in the church. Yeah, frame those up, you know, maybe not at Christmas. I would use those as other giving opportunities throughout the year. Um, I would make December giving beyond just regular tithes and offerings and keeping the lights on and paying the staff, which we all know is a reality. But I would keep, you know, kind of December giving about external things that serve the community because people definitely get excited about that. So, you know,

Speaker 4:20:27things pop into my head and I think with the vision, like we talked about this quite a bit recently, like telling stories tied to your vision is a really massive part of this. Right? So there's a church when my, I'm from Las Vegas, so every Christmas we're back in Vegas to visit family. My Grandma's 99, so we were rolling around and the boys are hopping on the wheel chair and you know, it's a big thing. And so we, we go to church out there with my sister in law and her family and every year, uh, this particular church does such a good job telling Christmas stories about how people's giving has given this family or that family a Christmas right. And it could be decorating the house, it could be presents for the kids, it could be getting, you know, mommy or daddy home because they're in the military.

Speaker 4:21:18Like they just tell these stories but they tie it all to the giving of the church is what made this happen. Right. And they do these like home make-overs and all this kind of stuff. So it's, it's super cool and they're smart because they're telling stories around giving, but they're also tying it to the season and what is going on. Right. So it, it gets to your heart. So I think the big vision that Dean's talking about and then practical stories of how the impact is being made like go hand in hand. Yeah. I think like during this time of year two, we're also a pitted against. Everyone's in a different financial position this time of year. A lot of people are stressed out for presents for the kids. How do we make this a magical time of year for the kids? Uh, know there's a lot of pressure for vacations and things like that around this time a year, um, you know, let alone just paying the bills and things like that. And then you got every which way asking you for money and making you feel guilty for not being generous. Like what are some practical ways that churches can communicate during this time knowing that there's different levels of givers. Some people have never given us the first time or coming to church for the first time. What are some tactical things you've seen churches doing that?

Speaker 3:22:32Yeah. So whenever, whenever you talking about the asked and told him to the judge about generosity, you know, my rule of thumb is you always start with scripture. So you lay a biblical foundation first, um, and you, you allow the Bible to, you know, teach and live a holy spirit to convict people from scripture, number one, right? So, and that, that's not a what you're raising money for. So that's Kinda the first thing, and then I think it's um, this kind of sense of the has to be both, you know, this is too late this year, but next year I think the church has to take responsibility for instruction around the stewardship of money seriously. And so if you're in December and you don't have enough money for gifts, doesn't have to be a lot of gifts, but to me getting to the 15th of December and worrying about how you're going to pay for your gifts is a little bit of a problem.

Speaker 3:23:33Yeah. So, you know, it did back in July, you start thinking, oh I want to spend x on Christmas and you know what, that's different for every family and you know, want, maybe I'm nick, I'm going to need to give up starbucks for six months or I'm going to do x, Y, and z. So make sure that I fund my Christmas and Mike Try don't do it on a, on a credit card. Right. So I'm a total debt free guy. I hate credit cards, like for debt, you know, we, our company, you know, you can give with a credit card, but we kind of preach responsible giving with credit card and an old church the credit card for the points. But it's like saying you gotta have a plan around that day. Exactly. Don't put it on the card. Right. So that kind of goes to the stewardship thing. So I think I got to use scripture, but I think definitely the opportunity for the church to step up. You know, I heard a stat the other day take out the political talk radio, you know, the number one radio station in America is Dave Ramsey Ramsey. Wow. It's about money, right? And it's handling money and that guy's brutal. He gets right to the point is blunt man, he rips you a new one, like seven ways when, when it comes to handling money.

Speaker 4:24:53So obvious,

Speaker 3:24:59holding a starbucks on their thousand dollar phone going to afford this year. It's like. Exactly, exactly. So

Speaker 4:25:09mortgage or what, you know.

Speaker 3:25:11Yeah. So maybe that's not for December. Maybe that's a summer series that you've got to do around stewardship and budgeting, but definitely probably plan it out now, you know?

Speaker 4:25:23Yeah, yeah. It's almost separate from that kind of stuff is so like dean and I in a lot of ways to talk about like, well what we do at Title II is like the last one percent of giving, right? We want to make it easy, but the 99 point nine percent or 99 percent before that is is is people's hearts and their faith and where they're at in their relationship with God and part of that is stewarding your money well and so that you can give and it's not just about Christmas, it's about being a generous person and giving in lots of different ways and financial. Just one of those Christmas comes around and that's not already who you are and your heart and your faith and your journey that Christmas isn't going to change that. Right? It might be a moment of. It might be a moment where you make take stock, right, and you, you do hear something that moves you to go next year. I really need to get it on straight, um, because I do want to be generous and I did look, maybe there was some sort of sermon or something that talked about your finances or something and it, that moved you onto the next year.

Speaker 3:26:27Yeah. Honestly, like January is probably a good time for churches to start financial peace university type of classes, things like that because everyone's in that mindset of I've got to be a better person. I got to start going to the gym, I got to start giving regularly and things like that. So, you know, give them the tools

Speaker 2:26:45and start the year off. Right. With that, you know, you mentioned, uh, most of the donations at the end of the year come in the last two to three days in the year. And so to me that, that means that's, that's a panic of people talking with their CPAS. That's, you know, they're looking at their finances, they're going, okay, we've got, we've got a few days left here. I gotta I gotta get this stuff. You know, people are joining Roth Iras and stuff like that. The last. So given that mindset that people are in and that we know we talked about, it's okay for the church to Kinda take advantage of that and encourage, hey, this is where you should funnel your money. What are some ways that we can make that super easy? Because no one's setting up accounts and doing stuff like that last minute. No one's, you know, what, if they can't make it to church, Sunday doesn't fall now.

Speaker 3:27:39So now you're in our wheelhouse, right? This is the number one thing the prop team can talk and I'll just. First of all, it's human nature to do the things that the last minute we all know that like try putting on a conference and getting people to register beforehand. It's like, yeah, I knew that wouldn't run with a ptsd moment. Um, so the, the, the most key thing is by far and frank, you is like frank said, this is the last thing as far as the whole giving thing happens, happens in the moment, is you've got to make it easy. And so we know that a mobile first strategy is the fastest, quickest, best, most consistent way for people to give. You've got a great level of strategy in place. And that could be a free app like we do. It could be a competitor of vows.

Speaker 3:28:34I'm preferably not. Um, it could be a custom app that we build for you that has the podcast, the bulletin and all that other good stiff stuff in it. It has to be, it could be at one of our techs giving solutions. It has to be a mobile first strategy. So people in the moment, because they're going to hear it on Sunday. I think it's Christmas, the like the 23rd, right? So, uh, I think so they're gonna, they're gonna hear stuff. But you know, if you don't have a mobile strategy, you, I'm missing out on so much because the best intentions for people to, you know, the second obviously is to have it on your website, which, you know, company companies like us do. But that is the dropoff between having something in your hand, doing it in the moment or getting an email on their phone, which is how most people read email now. Um, you know, and they see the amount, they see the button in the email that takes them to the giving form. I mean, if, if you're not doing that,

Speaker 2:29:33you're really behind the eight ball. Pastors need to think Amazon in a way. Yeah. Amazon

Speaker 4:29:43changed the whole ecommerce game and a lot of ways because they made it so easy. I could create my account, I could store my card or my bank account or whatever I needed to do. And then next time I wanted to buy one click payments. Right. That was their first big hit was the sort of one click buy now button with whatever's in your shopping cart. And obviously they've evolved a ton and do a lot of stuff really, really well. So that's not the only thing. But that was at the core. Right. And now they've got obviously didn't had it for years of mobile APP. So I can go into my mobile app and I could see what I've done recently, I can rebuy things, all this kind of stuff, but it's so, so simple and I can do it as soon as I think about it. I don't have to go back to a computer, I don't have to be in service necessarily. Like all kinds of reasons. It works really well. Same, same is true for digital giving, mobile giving. Yeah.

Speaker 2:30:33Well, and again we're competing with now facebook, like if someone's thinking about sitting on the toilet or the couch or whatever through facebook and it pops up one click give to Red Cross, that's where they're going to give their money if they're trying to get in, you know, at that deadline. And so, you know, we need, we need to be there, you know, we need to be there with the facebook posts. This is one click give to our church from your APP.

Speaker 4:31:08Well, in giving outside of Sunday, right? So you have this holiday season, you've got Christmas services, but then after that's over, you know, Monday through Saturday, people are, maybe they're dealing with their taxes and they're visiting their CPA and then they sorted all out and their income is sort of happens in a non steady way. So they, you know, or, or Dean always brings up people that own businesses, right? So it's at that moment when now they're ready because they've sorted all their finances for the year and they know I've got this access and I want to give to the church, they should be able to do it right there because they're in the mode. Right. Or maybe they got a paycheck or a bonus to be able to get outside of Sunday. Um, you know, because Sunday hits on the 23rd, there's not another Sunday before the end of the year. Right. So they're not going to be back in

Speaker 2:31:55service before. Do you think they should make a big, big ask? Like on, you know, that would be like Christmas services, Christmas, Sundays for churches. You're sharing the gospel. It's all Christmas. The during that.

Speaker 3:32:12So, you know, thinking about my two audiences again in December in the service where you're doing the big Christmas with hopefully the, as you know, half the judges full of visitors,

Speaker 4:32:20I wouldn't go. Okay. Right. But

Speaker 3:32:25it maybe tell a story. I got to have a testimony, um, and talk about maybe some of the things as a church, what we've done, um, you know, in, as a church. But I would definitely be behind the scenes talking to my members lie social

Speaker 2:32:40email, you know, and whatever means I communicate with my membership. I'll be talking to them, to the Max from all groups, that kind of stuff. Yeah, for sure. I'm having an issue with my video now too, but, uh, we're, we're, the logo looks great though. It's all good. Has, doesn't, isn't that beautiful? Well, before we wrap up here, I know we're, uh, we're, we're a little like, we should have released this months ago. Like we show when churches need to be planning for this stuff, but that's not how church works anyway. And we know that everyone's kind of scrambling and going, Oh man, you know, we, we got our Christmas services plan, but we didn't think about your end giving. We just weren't thinking about this. Maybe it's a smaller church and I just don't have the team and the resources. And so they're hearing this, they're seeing other churches pop up with stuff and then we need to get something together for our year end giving to kind of capitalize on those last few days. So what's like the one tip that you guys can get one or two chips for that church that's like panicking at the last minute to put this all together?

Speaker 4:33:53Frank, this is more than mine. Well, I mean the one that just came to mind and there's probably a lot and we've covered some stuff, you know. So I think if you don't have some kind of great story of impact at the end of the year that you're telling him your Christmas services, I think there's an opportunity there. You got to do it well and you got to be thoughtful and all those kinds of things. But telling the story of impact, um, that God's made in your church all through Jesus, like that fits very well and Christmas services. And then secondarily, really the easy one is okay, let's say you don't have any digital giving at all. At least put something on your website where you can say, hey, go to the website if you want to give right now. Right? Like maybe you don't want to roll out a whole new giving the solution and a mobile app and all this kind of stuff. It's not the right time to do that. What if you had something on your website? You'd at least have a means to say, hey, if you, if not giving cash and check in the plate and you can go to our website and go, right.

Speaker 2:34:51You can be live in. If you set up with us on your website, we can get, get any church up in five minutes to be getting, you know, having a great donation form on your website. That's going to say they can know, they can roll out all the communications for, Hey, we've got a new giving platform that can do all that later, but I'm going to stay if they just want it. If they didn't have online giving at this moment, they could sign up with tightly, grab that button, grab that link, throw it on their website really quick and just direct everybody there and say, Hey, we know you're thinking about giving to the end of the year. Go to our website and our support team. We'll even put the button on foia like you know, we do a lot of text message number two, right? You guys offer that. You can just give out a number and texted the amount to. That doesn't cost anything, right. That they can sign up for that. Literally right now there's no setup. Costs are monthly fees related to this because some churches are going to go, guys,

Speaker 4:35:55yeah, yeah. Some people even go there. It's too late. I've got too much going on. I can't really digest all this and put it into action then that's fine. Maybe take this moment as inspiration for getting started next year and think about what are all the areas, you know, God is working in our church so that I can categorize those and maybe think about 2018 and what happened. So then I go into 19 with like a plan of how to measure the impact that our church is having. Right? So now you start the year off, right? With how do I want to show the impact of my church come December 2019 and maybe even throughout the year.

Speaker 2:36:38Yeah, for sure. Well, I know, I appreciate you guys making easy tools for churches to do this. I've, I've seen the impact of online giving, digital giving tools and uh, you guys have put out some fantastic reports that go more in depth with this stuff too. So if any churches in that panic moment definitely go a tip h, e dot lys or website and you can get all the tools that they have. They're a fantastic company. I support you guys a 100 percent. I think you're the best solution out there. And you know, people, people listening to this, they know I don't just say that, that's, that's truly what I believe and we use it ourselves. And so thank you guys. Spread and your wisdom. That's what I love about you guys. It's not just, hey, here's some tools that we built that's, you've truly got a passion for the church. And, uh, you guys put great content out there as well. You guys have a fantastic blog and a tightly TB has been great. Uh, some awesome interviews with, with some big leaders. Uh, and me too. I don't know why, but, uh, I appreciate you guys. Thanks for coming on. And you guys have.

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