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Epi. 211: How do you measure the distance of reasonable fear?
October 18, 2017 National Center for State Courts

Host: Jesse Rutledge
 Guest: Director Yance Ford

 On April 7, 1992, Mark Reilly shot and killed William Ford Jr. in an auto body garage on Long Island. Reilly admits to doing it, but the grand jury that heard the case didn’t indict him. The shooting and the grand jury’s decision tormented William Ford’s family and friends. His brother, Yance, decided he had to find out why things happened the way they did, and he had to let the world know that William was a great guy. The result is "Strong Island," a recently released Netflix documentary that has received rave reviews. Yance Ford joins us on Court Talk to discuss it all – the shooting, the role of the grand jury, and much more. 

Director Yance Ford
Movie poster for "Strong Island"
Snapshot of William Ford, Jr. and his sisters
 Image Credit: Netflix

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