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Pastor Ordination Service - 1 Peter 5:1-5
August 20, 2017 St Rose Community Church
This was a special service at St. Rose Community Church where we took a short break from our study in Colossians to discuss God's design for the local church in providing his people with pastors, deacons and faithful church members to carryout his mission in the world. Throughout the New Testament, particular men are recognized as uniquely qualified and called to serve in the role of pastor. These men are called elders, overseers, shepherds and most commonly in our day they are called pastors. Until this point in the life of our church, Brandon Langley has served as the only pastor at St. Rose Community Church, but on Sunday, August 20th, Austin DeArmond was publiclly appointed to the office of elder and began to officially share the load of overseeing, shepherding and teaching.
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