Used Car Dealer Podcast

UCDP Ep #51 - Interview w/ Jeff Martin - CEO of NIADA

May 16, 2023 Used Car Dealer Podcast Season 2 Episode 51
Used Car Dealer Podcast
UCDP Ep #51 - Interview w/ Jeff Martin - CEO of NIADA
Show Notes

In this episode of the Used Car Dealer Podcast, Zach is joined by Jeff Martin, CEO of NIADA, for a preview of the upcoming NIADA Convention 2023, they touch on key topics like regulatory compliance, overcoming used industry challenges, building stronger dealerships, and networking with federal agencies.

Some of the questions asked include:

Q) Why should someone think about attending the NIADA Convention this year?

Q) Who should be brought from the dealership to this event? General manager, finance manager, who else should attend?

Q) How long have you been involved with NIADA and attending their conventions?

Q) What is different about this year's expo for dealers?

Q) What can dealers expect to gain from the convention and Expo that will help them create a near immediate positive impact at their dealership?

Q) Could you tell us a little more about what else attendees can expect from NIADA and the Expo Hall?

Q) What excites you about the outlook for the used car marketplace this year?

Q) What are some other events in 2023 that NIADA puts on?

Q) If a dealer is listening and they're not yet a member of the NIADA, why should they join?

Q) How do they sign up for their pass to go to NIADA?

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