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UCDP Ep #27 - Nathan Fox on Used Car Inventory and Merchandising in 2021 + SnapLot 360

April 28, 2021 Used Car Dealer Podcast Season 1 Episode 27
Used Car Dealer Podcast
UCDP Ep #27 - Nathan Fox on Used Car Inventory and Merchandising in 2021 + SnapLot 360
Show Notes

In this episode of the Used Car Dealer podcast, Zach interviews Nathan Fox of Cox Automotive who is the Senior Director of Business Development for Cox Automotive’s Inventory Management Solutions brands which include vAuto and Kelley Blue Book Instant Cash Offer. In this role, Nathan leads the development of all inventory merchandising solutions. 

His primary focus is helping dealerships grow their business by having all the data and tools they need to ensure their inventory investments pay off.  In this episode, they discuss a variety of topics around inventory and merchandising as well as the launch of SnapLot 360 for vAuto. 

Some of the questions asked include:

Q) The current inventory shortage is arguably the biggest challenge facing most dealerships right now.  Your team doesn’t produce inventory, but as I understand it, you’re working to help dealers sell the units they have at the best possible price.  Tell me more about that connection between merchandising and the inventory shortage?
Q) Why is inventory management software so crucial for dealers, especially during these times? 
Q) What are your predictions for the rest of 2021 for the used car market? 
Q) You recently announced a new imaging tool that’s been incorporated directly into vAuto’s new and used car inventory management platforms.  Explain how this technology works and why it’s valuable to dealers?

  • Is this technology or functionality unique in the marketplace?
  • Who uses it within the dealership and how is it making their job easier and generating better results for the dealership?
  • Why was it important to bring Snaplot360 into the vAuto Provision and Conquest platforms now?

Q) As we come to a close, what final advice do you have for a dealership who’s starting to rethink their approach to merchandising?

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