Used Car Dealer Podcast

UCDP Ep #31 - Inventory Marketing with Chris Lentz of AutoSweet

August 17, 2021 Used Car Dealer Podcast Season 1 Episode 31
Used Car Dealer Podcast
UCDP Ep #31 - Inventory Marketing with Chris Lentz of AutoSweet
Show Notes

In this episode of the Used Car Dealer podcast, Zach Klempf interviews Christ Lentz the CEO of AutoSweet and an auto industry entrepreneur with a previous exit. Chris discusses with Zach how dealers have adapted their inventory marketing, Facebook, Google Adwords, best practices with dealer marketing.

Some of the questions asked include:

Q) So let’s get started and for those of us listening talk about your previous experience as an automotive industry entrepreneur pre-AutoSweet and how you got into the business?  

Q) What problem in the industry-led you to start AutoSweet? 

Q) As we are battling the inventory crunch and getting out of the pandemic what have you observed from dealers when it comes to the way they have changed their inventory marketing? 

Q) How has Facebook grown over the last couple of years to become an important part of dealers’ inventory marketing?

Q) Shifting gears, when it comes to Google Ads, what are dealers missing out on when it comes to running successful inventory marketing campaigns via Adwords? 

Q) For dealers listening, discuss the importance of joining an association, and how it can help them become successful? 

Q) Why is reputation management important for dealers in today’s market? 

Q) What are your predictions for the rest of 2021 and what’s coming down the pipeline? 

Q) How does AutoSweet uniquely help independent dealers succeed in today’s marketplace? 

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