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Other forums ( they all started here)

January 23, 2020 Keith Smith Season 2 Episode 2
Keith Smith of
Other forums ( they all started here)
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My opinion of other forums and why we are the absolute best.

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Keith Smith:   0:00
So listen, Keith here from Beat The Casino. I just got back from traveling from San Diego, and, uh, you know, I wanted to thank everybody for 2019. We had a great year. We grew. We have more members at the beginning of 2020 now than we had at the beginning of 2019.  Oh, that's always a good thing.  A lot of great players left us in 20 19.   We're sorry to see them go. They all started here. I wanted to add, um you know, just in case everyone thinks they get a little too bigheaded, which is usually what happens.

Keith Smith:   0:38
Anyway.  We have more players now than we've ever had, and we continue to grow.  You know, I see a lot of things go back and forth with this method and that method and this guru and that guru in this player and, uh, and that player, you know, as we start 2020 I always caution you, Uh, there is no one who knows it all. I've played with more players probably than anyone. I've played with the players who say they are the greatest and not necessarily say that. Say they're the greatest, but assume they're the greatest. I've seen them lose all more than one time, and I've seen them all lose big. I've seen people win big some great players, you know. No one has the magic formula, but I think what folks need to know about beat the casino is I've started it.  

Keith Smith:   1:34
I know it started. I mean, I started playing with Ellis in 1988 I think. And, uh, you know, later, a couple of years later, when the Internet evolved is when we really started. Beat the casino with a list server and other things, and we've seen many, many great players come and go, and they always follow the same course. They always evolved the same way, with rare exceptions.  I kind of wanna give you the heads up because it is really critical, I think, as a player not to let this happen.  And I always mentioned it to, because it happens with musicians, too. You start to play and you start to learn in playing could be music or baccarat gambling. You start to play and you start to learn and you start to win and start to get some, have some success at it and your head gets big. You know, I remember the words of Stanford Wong, in his book Professional Blackjack, he said, Don't get overconfident when you win and don't lose your confidence when you lose. I think what's most important is that you maintain your level set and an eye on your goal, and that is to know and learn as much as you can about the game. Look 99% of what we talk about And what we learned so to speak is we learned what isn't relevant, most of the time.  I would bet that that's 99% of the stuff that we talked about. Most of it isn't relevant, but at least now we know that that isn't relevant. I mean, over the years, look at all the alliterations we've been through with Beat The Casino.  Look at all the players that have come and go. I mean, I could. It's endless. All the players who were great all the players who thought they were great. All the players who thought who started off learning what we had to teach, and we had to talk about and took it. Tweaked it, put a little twist on. I called it their own. Now I'm I'm a guru, and I know more than you, and I can't share this, and I'm going off on my own. I can't tell you how many times that that's happened. It's natural. I guess I've come to accept it and, you know, they always grab one or two players kind of riding on the coattails of You know what I started. And, you know, at times it's it's sad because I know that someone is probably gonna miss something then.  

Keith Smith:   4:05
Now, look, I don't mean to say that everything there is to know is that beat the casino about baccarat. That would certainly be silly, but we certainly have much more than anyone else. And we certainly have an atmosphere that is welcoming to talk about players. I guarantee you that most of the players have about the same I Q. We all come from the same place we all play in the same casinos. We all have, you know, diverse backgrounds. But we all have, you know, a level of common sense and experience that lends itself to digging into the game as anyone can. There's no magic pill. There's no insight that only five people in the world know about. I mean, think about that. People tout that they know how to play better than everyone else. I mean, that's such nonsense. Think about that for a second.  There are five or six players, you need to come over to my forum because we know much more than they know. We're much better. Yeah. I mean, it's so ridiculous.  

Keith Smith:   5:04
What makes our form great is that we have the most players. We have the best atmosphere. No one is going to make fun of you. No one is going to ridicule you in this forum. And if they do you see what I do, I simply get rid of him. I don't really care who they are, and I don't really care what they think. This is a place where you can learn. Listen, post, if you want to, ask questions, you could even say stupid things, things that we've talked about 100 times and you're still welcome.  Okay, because that's what it takes to have a great think tank it may trigger someone else to think of something, but like I said, 99% of what we talk about probably has no relevance anymore.  

Keith Smith:   5:49
But you want to stay right on the cutting edge because all you need is an edge. You just need that little bit of an edge. Okay? I listen to math guys until they're blue in the face, you know? And as we talk about, they all want to know why. Why? Why? Why? Why? You know what? We really don't really want to know. Why anymore. I just want to know-how. And I really don't care if you can prove it to me, the proof is going and playing and winning. You know, I see some. I tracked what we call BTC bets. And I see some people ridicule that as not the real statistic that proves that our statistics are correct. I got news for you. They are. If I can pick 70% winners on a bed, I'm pretty much proving that what we're looking at and what we're watching wins. There's no better statistics than the head rate. Now think about that for a second. I had someone say that that's stupid to track that. You tell me how that stupid to track that. I'll believe you. But if I can collectively come up if we collectively come up with the best way to bet even if it takes five people to sit there and hash it out and I able to identify those statistics and it wins, it's 70%. What could be better than that? So those, perhaps they're jealous that they didn't think of that? I don't know what whatever it is, it doesn't matter to me what they think. But anyway, my message today is you know, I guess what promises I see people, someone got pulled away because I've got invited to this forum or that forum, and I've decided to leave this one. Well, leave at your own peril. You know, go to the egomaniacs. Um, who start their own forums who ridicule you if you say something that is contrary to the way they play. And I've seen them all lose more than one time, even though they say they've won. So, um, you know, I would say stick around here. This is where it's at. This is where it's at because this is where they all started. And this is where we'll continue to get better and better and better. The secret is just to keep your attitude correct. Always be in learning mode until tomorrow. This is Keith from beat the