A trust-based approach to the use of facial recognition technology
A trust-based approach to the use of facial recognition technology 9:26 Actively using neuroplastic methods to develop inner strengths 11:13 Deciphering the role of time and space in ecological systems 9:23 The heart of the matter: Clinical electrophysiology and beyond 18:22 X-ray histotomography: Characterising every cell of a whole organism 13:45 Using patient datasets to track COVID-19 prevalence 8:49 Greenhouse Gas Emissions of Organic Strawberries 9:25 Integrative oncology: Improving survival odds in breast cancer 10:55 Advance Elements of Laser Circuits and Systems 10:41 Embodied emissions and engineering in urban design 35:31 Understanding what drives Corporate Social Responsibility 10:45 The collapse of the Polcevera Viaduct – an avoidable tragedy 10:55 For pregnant women, new mothers and those who love them: the latest updates on postpartum depression 31:00 How can we make robots evolve autonomously? 11:42 How play and learning can increase educational equity 13:17 A novel plant-based source of Omega-3 29:56 The past, present and future of cancer care 35:59 Perceptions of safety and maintenance in cycling infrastructure 30:57 To trust or not to trust: A psychoneurobiological framework 10:09 Adaptive Heritage: Creative thinking or abandoning our values? 55:48 Regulation, prevalence and impacts of cannabis consumption in the US 46:49 'Rebooting' retired endocrinologists to provide vital diabetes care 9:35 Could nanomaterials be an alternative better treatment for COVID-19? 10:07 Smart charging of electric vehicles 8:04 Making strides in veterinary pathology 14:33