Environmental and health impacts of residential wood combustion
Environmental and health impacts of residential wood combustion 11:12 The financial toxicity of multiple sclerosis 13:46 Effects of training on blood brain flow 30:21 Eyewitness testimony: how much alcohol is too much? 12:56 Securing Smart Contracts with AI and Machine Learning 11:50 Transient dynamics in complex systems 14:54 Could pollution from sweeteners be souring our environment?  11:39 Preventing opioid addiction in pain management with dopamine co-treatment 32:44 Can mission statement language influence workplace discrimination? 13:25 How did bacterial glycogen branching enzymes evolve? 9:00 Unravelling the Mysteries of Deep-Blue Luminescence 13:38 Investigating Sexual and Reproductive Injustice 14:20 Understanding Critical Race Theory and Anti-Racism 31:54 Robotic gastric bypass surgery 11:17 Inncelly Experimentation Chambers: Novel imaging of biological interactions 11:16 ‘Rock Star’ Theory: How to Explain and Predict Entrepreneurial Success 13:42 Will podcasts and social media replace academic journals? 26:31 A new practice for improving subsoil health and crop yields 10:00 Loneliness, Sense of Control, and Risk of Dementia in Healthy Older Adults 9:24 Investigating sexuality and consent in New Zealand’s residential aged care 11:47 Quantum society: The logic of decision making, economics and relationships 1:02:26 Climate change economics: A net cost analysis of the Paris Agreement targets 8:41 Stimulants and drug related deaths in America 24:19 Sleep loss and circadian rhythms 10:43 Encephalitis – when viral infections attack the brain 10:56